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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Looking For A Better Place?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Looking For A Better Place?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan spurious. And today we’re going to talk about the four facets that you need to be able to get your carpets cleaned and what you need to do to know that you are doing the right steps, the right process, the right way of approaching, getting your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. And give us a call today at nine one eight to four nine four seven zero nine three. Get on the road to enjoy your castle again, your home is your castle. You should enjoy coming home. Shouldn’t be a place that you are afraid to go to is a place that you would run to you. Be happy to get back in, uh, in this time of our life, in this season of our life. There’s a lot of things that we need to do or accomplish that sometimes don’t, weren’t normally on our priority list, things that had been put to the back burner thing that we hadn’t really thought about, uh, had a customer told me earlier this year that it was a really interesting or funny way of addressing it.

Just, she said that, uh, before all of this time, she just didn’t have the time to clean her house. She said, after a week off of work, she realized that wasn’t the reason she wasn’t cleaning her house. And, uh, it humorous, you know, obviously, uh, but the parts of that Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, I think that does strike us as that. We are set with a certain level of skill set, a certain desire, certain imp impetus, a certain push to get something accomplished or done in a certain fashion. Uh, and the reason I over state, the certain aspect of it is that we do have a purpose. We do have a place. We do have a plan. We do have a way that we’ve been designed or put together, or may we’ve. I believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made. And so there is something that you have been given a skill set for you.

If you give me an Nintendo switch, I don’t go out there trying to find all of the X-Box games and wonder why they don’t play on the Nintendo switch. It’s because it’s a switch. It’s not an X box. Or if I had a, um, uh, if I have a diesel truck, I wouldn’t go out there trying to look for gasoline because my diesel truck requires diesel gasoline. It makes perfect sense. When you know that it was constructed in a way to operate in a certain type of fuel. People are the same way. They’ve got certain inhibitions, they’ve got certain aspirations, they’ve got certain ways to they approach and look at the world. And those are given. Those are set and we have a whole collection of different people that all of those things together work into something very beautiful, something that works great for society and, um, all the things that large.

So there’s certain things you do that have been given to you, and that is the way that you will operate at all times. Um, yes, we can learn a new skill sets and yes, we can have the capacity to do more. So in other words, do you have the capability or do you have the, uh, desire? Do you have the skillset Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow? All of us are capable. Some of us are not trained or have yet to put the perfection into place yet. And I think that we could go outside of our skill set and do amazing things, but it’s not something that really resonates well with us and not something that we do it, and we feel satisfied at the end. We do it. And we’re like, Oh man, I’m so glad that’s over. It’s the things that you rush away from old void doing as opposed to stuff you run to you find something that matches with your core feeling and desires and you just gravitate towards it.

Cause you’re just darn good at it. Other things you don’t do because you know, it takes a lot of work and you’re not that great at it. And so we want to give structure and framework to overcome the thing that we’re not that good at. Also the grace as the, uh, um, alcoholic denominates anonymous has the, their, uh, their prayers Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Give me the grace to handle it, to know the difference between the two to know the things that I cannot, you know, to allow to give up on the things that I can’t control and to control the things that I should and know that if it’s between those two things, make sure that we have that defining line between the two. So here’s the thing that you can do to help control, to be able to maintain the order in your house. And obviously if you get into it and it just, it just drives you nuts and you can’t do it.

And that’s why we’re here for you can always call us in to be able to take over other things. You want to pass off to somebody else who this is their expertise. This is their area of things. So if you’ve got a spot in your house and you’re wanting to address it here, or our quick four-step process, I’ll just break it down in two minutes for you. Step number one is to remove what you can out of the carpet, dry vacuum, absorb blot, to try to remove what you can with a towel, paper towel, maybe a vacuum cleaner, maybe a shot back something, a little Dustbuster or something to remove all the contaminant. You can offer the carpet. We don’t want to break it down and spread it. We want to remove it as best we can capture it. Uh, stepping number two, we need to rinse out what we can with just straight hot water Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow.

Uh, and again, we want to rinse, not poor, uh, light misting, a wet towel, the wet cloth, sort of like you would do on a counter top. You grabbed that wet sponge and try to wipe up what you can, uh, that way you can remove what you can get out off the fiber before we dilute it and spread it or break it down. Step number three is to soap it up. We need to break down. Whatever’s now left. Now we’ve moved all of the main bulk of the contaminant. We’ve rinsed out what will come out with water. And now step number three, we’ve got the remaining contaminants sitting there in the carpet. Now, whatever is left could not be sucked out and it cannot be rinsed out. So now it needs to be broken down. And now that you’ve broken it down, we need our last final step is do finally rents.

You always end with the rinse. The reason you always end with a Rinsta, so you don’t leave. Whatever you couldn’t suck up. Isn’t left there, whatever you couldn’t rent out, isn’t left there. And whatever you couldn’t break down with the soap is not still there. You need to rinse all of that out so that the fiber is left chemical free. At the end of the process, if you do not leave the fiber chemical free at the end of the process, then there’s some layer of chemical coating, the kart carpet, and then every dust, every bit of, uh, just natural air that’s moving around is going to stick to that carpet. If somebody walks across with their shoe, if there’s any speck of anything on their shoe or their feet, it’s going to kind of pull off like tacky tape onto that soap. That’s sticking to the carpet and now you’ve got the dirt sticking to the carpet or sticky to the soap on the carpet and it won’t back them off. It won’t come off. Literally you vacuum over it with your vacuum. And th the sticky spot will actually clean the fibers of the vacuum to clean the, the vacuum on your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow it’s 1998.