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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Making The Most Of Your Situation

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Making The Most Of Your Situation

Welcome to carpet dim podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And the day we’re going to talk about some of the frequently asked questions we get when we are out there, getting carpets, taken care of, uh, both helping our technicians and our customers to better understand what is the, who provide the type of solutions that we provide and how it is that we go about taking care of those solutions for Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpets. It was called a day at night, 1-849-470-NINE three. Get on the road. You haven’t carved, but again, your kind of soul is your home. Enjoy coming to home. Some people come home, they rush home. You decided you want to get back. You want to be where you want to be. Other times you try to stay away. We’ll have that time, or had a friend, a buddy, somebody that came over for poker night and came over to see a movie.

And the end of the day is done and you’re ready to kind of pack it up. Let everyone kind of naturally gravitate, go home. And there’s one guy who just doesn’t leave. And you’re like, okay, we are all finished up here, Bob, what is it that I need to say to get you to go home? And you realize they like your home better than they like their own home because there’s something about their own home. It could be that it’s the way that it smells. It could be that there there’s a pile of laundry that needs to be done. That could just be that. There’s nothing interesting happening there. And so everybody should be excited about running home should set up your home in a way that you’d want to vacation to it instead of vacation away from it. And part of that can be restoring the natural feel and looking at your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow is going to make the biggest difference in your home in just a couple hour period, you’re going to take and how’s that looks, it looks dingy, might smell a little funny.

You mentally just wiping out the mental cobwebs of all the things you know, that have happened in the last six months, a year on your part, that you remember the time that you walked in with a little dog poo on your shoes, or you remember the time that your kids spilled some milk and it still smells a bit like sour milk, or, you know, the times where, uh, you know, your kid was sick and they threw up at the corner and you’ve got to really thoroughly cleaned it up. So mentally you’re carrying all that baggage with you and you get the carpets cleaned. And now you know that it’s clean and sanitary, not everything can be cleaned out in carpets. Carpet is a dyeable fabric. So if I put ketchup all over the carpet, he is just going to be carpet with ketchup on it, or take it out of the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow that, uh, category this move over into your little girl.

Your little girl comes into the house and she’s got ketchup all through her hair. You’ll probably smile, maybe grimace and laugh a little bit. Didn’t think, Hey honey, just wash the ketchup out of your hair. But what you’re trying to do, she won’t go out of my hair hair to be red. Like catch up is not going to make your hair red. Yes, it’ll make it sticky. And it’s going to turn kind of a Brown color as it dries out, but that’s not how you make your hair red. Now, if she comes in and she’s you get in the kitchen, you see that six or seven different, uh, Kool-Aid packets, Hawaiian punch. And she’s got a picture of it. She’d been soaking her hair for 30 minutes in the Hawaiian punch and she pulls it out and she was like, look, I made my hair red and he’d be like, you are correct Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow.

Your hair is now reddish pink. And that’s not something you just wash out. You’re going to let that grow out because it’s physically got another diet that can do that with unfortunately, with a whole lot of different Kool-Aid packets, do they have major dyes in the drink itself? It will physically shake danger, alter the color of the little girl’s hair. Same thing happens with carpet. Yellow mustard is really strong. There’s lots of different ones, Hawaiian punch. They’re just regular old hair dye. Some people will be adjusting the color of their hair. They walked through the house, the drips fall down on the carpet. And of course now you’ve got these drips that are in these specific pattern throughout the, how that is now. Unfortunately, a new color apartment carpet itself is kind of a tan color. It’s just a, it’s just the nylon fiber raw in the factory.

What they do is they take that fiber and they will die to be the color of the carpet. They call them dialogues. So each Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, the color that it is, is one batch of die for that long run of carpet. That’s why typically you want to make sure that all of your carpet you’re installing your home is all in one single dialogue. Otherwise the color of the carpet will be different for the room. Even on a single dialogue, the front of the bolt to the back of the voltage can actually vary in color enough that you don’t want to seem them together because it will be too far off in their color scheme. Uh, this is due to just natural dyeing variations. The fiber itself is not that color. It is a white fiber. That’s been been dyed that color. And so the amount of the dye absorbs into the carpet can be changed the same way.

If you pour bleach on your car, that you will take the color out of the carpet, it’s going to restore, return it back to the natural fiber color. And so anything you put on your carpet while walked on or left too long, will eventually change the color of the carpet over time. Uh, with this in mind, if you do spill something on your carpet, if you grab just a towel, you don’t want, sometimes people jump into renting right away. If you don’t want to jump into renting first, you want to jump into removing first. If you rinse it, you dilute it and spread it. You actually add more moisture to it, allow it to keep spreading out. Whereas if you tried to remove it first, which is our four step process, or we tell all our customers to be able to clean their own carpet, number one, remove what is there and try to suck it up, dry it up.

Uh, did you got shot back because the best way of not use towels, just to try to absorb as much as you can, once you’ve removed what you can physically remove, then you want to rinse whatever is left. Once you try to rinse, what’s left there, uh, just with pure hot water, you then can move into step three, which would be she breaking down. Use a little bit of soap. A lot of people jumped right into step three as their first thing, something spills. They grabbed the perfect painting chemicals and they just start scrubbing the spot, the spot itself, still liquidy or still clunky puppets. And as you add the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow solution to it, it will then actually spread the spot out before it’s broken it down. It’s better to remove it first, rinse it and then use some chemical to break it down. Now you’ve broken it down. You break it down so you can remove it. So you need to come back with a final rinse, final rinse, removes the chemical and all the rest perfectly. We are complete.