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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | More Than Just A Cleaner!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | More Than Just A Cleaner!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today we are going to talk about, about, um, what you need to do to maintain your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call to date now 1-849-470-NINE, servicing Tulsa. What do two years? Uh, so get on your road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, simple part of that you need to do in between your major cleanings. Obviously, uh, there is, uh, most warranties for carpets, have a requirement of professional carpet cleaning somewhere at the 12 to 18 month. Mark. We recommend to people as it is dirty. Sometimes that means that you need to do it every month. Sometimes they will do it every three months, every six months, maybe every year, maybe every up to two years, I tell people don’t go past it two years, because even at that point, at least here in Oklahoma, with high humidity, low humidity, even your dust starts to get a little crunchy and kind of starts to build up.

And so you want to give at least a spring cleaning every year or two to your carpets because some people just don’t use their carpets too much. I just did a carpet, uh, customer yesterday, um, where they’re upstairs is where all the carpet is. The downstairs is all hard surface Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So in their case, the upstairs doesn’t get used. But a couple of times a year, uh, really the only people that go up there are the kids. When they come in back from college to play ping pong and pool, and the cats when they get up there, which is why I was there because the cats had gotten into two rooms and they were trapped themselves. I exactly the cats had the capacity to sneak into an area and then only divided. They are stuck there all by themselves. It’s just beyond me. Now, the second part that they almost always do is probably 50% of the patches that I need to do are from pets.

They get into a room and now they feel panicked and trapped. And so they want to get out of the room. And so they do it by digging underneath the door. And we’re like, what you do see those like these cute, you can see a cat that gets into an area and there Paul would come out underneath the door. So you figured out that you can barely fit one pot underneath the door and not exactly sure how you’re going to get the rest of the body, but they will sit there and just keep clawing and carry at the carpet dogs Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Full-sized dogs would do the same thing. Let it sit there and just keep digging. Um, I’m sure in an outdoor situation where nature would kick in and you’ve got dirt, they go, okay, I can claw through the dirt, go underneath the fence. Okay.

Maybe that makes sense. But inside a house, you would think that it’s a, like something would guess maybe eyeballs, like some type of logical precedence presidents would set it. That you’d say, okay, I tried digging at her door once before it didn’t work, but it seems like if you’ve a digging dog, then there are digging dog Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Um, so you get in there and you need to repair that area. And that’s why they called us out since they were there to call us out to get the patches or the repairs done. I figured let’s go ahead and get the carpets cleaned again. Also as a routine maintenance that patching in this particular case, we, uh, you wonder where do you get the patch material from? And so we will go into the number one place that we go for is a drum roll, please. There’s there’s no drum roll nights.

Oh, it’s just me. There’s no, not up to capacity. There’s no extra sound effect guide, add in the drum roll. Um, but unfortunately I’m just too lazy to go back and edit this in post. So what you will get now instead is me making a roll drum roll sound of drum roll drum, roll drum, roll drum roll, because it will be transcribed as makes sense to do the actual sound of the Volcom crossing the transcriptions. I’ll just say drum roll drum roll drum was rumble kinda like, uh, is, is a really entertaining story when I was a, uh, Oh, when I was in, I think high school and I hadn’t been younger than high school. So I had a bit like, uh, early teens, maybe preteen. I tried out for a part in a movie. And uh, when I went there to do the screenplay, they had, they gave me part of the movie.

They give you some part of the S section of the script and you have to then, uh, read it. It’s reading. It’s all. They’ll sit there. And they’ll have you go over this area and you ribbon park and this whole area was a monologue. So I read the parts. I had not done this before. And this is why when you want to do something, um, you need to prepare and you think, well, I can just wing it, which is what I thought. And I was like, well, I had prepared on how to talk and how to kind of present and how to talk about myself Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I’d done everything except for how to read a script, inevitably in a script. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this before. So if this is your quick crash test lesson and what to do, when you’re reading your script, you need to be able to communicate two things.

One, the words that are on the page and to the knowledge that not all the words on the page are descriptions Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Some of them tell you who is talking. Some of them tell you what you should be doing. And some of them are like stage prompts. So like where you should be on stage while you make this statement, what you should be doing, where you should be walking to. And unfortunately, I was nervous and nobody had described to me that the strips cause all the scripts I’d read up until that point, all they had was just the words you were supposed to say, whereas they’d never included the blocking there. The director would tell you what to do while you were saying the words. Cause I had just had a purely word script. I’d never had a blocking script. And so I, here I am, I’m saying, and then he said, don’t come near me as he walks across the floor to the X. So I didn’t, I did not get that spot that day.