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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Read Our Google Reviews Today!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Read Our Google Reviews Today!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina say, now we’re just going over our checklist manifesto Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. All of the different texts. We have our checklists magnificent checklist. Um, magnanimous is not a good word that goes to a checklist they should use. I think it’s just, just, we’re doing the checklist. Uh, so we’ve gotten through customer walk-through gets the grand tour. We’ve reviewed our job notes. We’ve called ahead. We’ve told the person we’re going to be there. We’ve told them a couple of jokes. We’ve gone through our van set up. We’ve cleaned the filters. We’ve made sure that the spotter, the pre-surveys are ready. We’ve got the van up and running. We’ve carried in our hoses and our wands. We got everything set up. We did our cleaning. We’re going through, we’ve gone behind the doors. We’ve gone into the hard to reach areas.

We’ve cleaned the bulk open areas and we’ve kept moving our way back to the front door. We’ve gone over any areas that were of concern with the customer. Obviously we’re going to try to clean it out, but sometimes things just don’t come out quite right Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And so that, that point you need to go and show the customer, talk to them and show them what you’ve tried to get done. Show them what we have done. Show them the success that we had. Um, and sometimes, uh, they’ll come back and show us an area that they think could look better. And sometimes it’s true. It is an area that could look better. We just didn’t see it. We didn’t know about it. It’s something that they know is there and they know what it was. We didn’t know what it was. So we just assumed it’s a shadow or it’s a grounded thing.

You tell us, Hey, it is washable paint. Um, then we said, okay, well, we’ll try, try some more on it because, uh, we try our best to get something clean, but we also want to be efficient and not take up your whole day cleaning the carpet. So we’re going to try the things that we know to do it based upon our guesses of what’s there. Sometimes you’ll tell us something that’s more specific or important, and then we’ll address it in a new and a different way. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So let’s go on to the second, the last half of the job of the last third of the job, and that is the machine break down and clean up and then the customer close. And so here, we’re going to go through, and first, before we do anything with the machine, we’re going to go back to the customer and confirm that everything we’ve done, we did the master bedroom.

We did the two bedrooms down the hallway. We got the hallway, the living room, and then the staircase and the upstairs bonus room. As there anything else that you’d like us to do, sometimes those people are watching you clean. They have, they think of other stuff that they want to get done, stuff they hadn’t really thought of before. But now that you’re here and they’re looking at the way that is to say, Hey, can you do these rugs over here? Or do you guys also do tile? Well, yes, we could also do some tile. Let me see if I’ve got time today to do it. If not, we can come back and get it done. Typically try to do it right then if we can. And so do we have some time today to do it? Yes. Well then let’s knock it out and get that taken care of.

Um, if not, then we’ll okay. Well then we’ll come back at another time to get that done for you. Uh, and so we try to have these different items and make sure that you are totally satisfied and happy with everything, or honestly, the big side is every now and then we’ll be like, Hey, did you get that room in the back of the, of the garage? I’ll be like a room in the back of the garage, guests, the room that is in the back of the garage Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Well, no, honestly I did not remember. There was a room in the back of the garage, so let me, my machine’s still running all I gotta do. Just pull the hose over there and just instantly start cleaning that room. That’s behind the garage. Uh, sometimes there’s places that we just hadn’t thought about, or I cleaned one half the house and just had a total brain fart, just forgot to clean the other half of the house.

You know, there’s like, did you get the, you didn’t mention the master bedroom through the kitchen. They’re like, Oh, that’s right. Cause I cleaned all the rooms and the other half of the house. And I don’t know why I just totally spaced and forgot it. So it helps for that confirmation with the customer to say, here’s what I did. Does that sound like everything? And they’ll say that does sound like everything or no, I never saw you go back to my master bedroom. Are you going to get that? I’m like, yes, absolutely. Sorry. I forgot that. Uh, so we go over all this stuff that we’ve done. And though it’s hard to take everything, put it all back in. So it roll back up the hoses. We grab all of our wands. We put them back in each time we use something, we try to put it back anyway.

As long as we’re using it, we hold onto it until we’re done with it. Then we put it back. So we use a stair to when we’re finished with it, we go put it back in the band. This does two things. One, uh, you know exactly where the item is and it’s in its place. So the next time you need it, it will be sitting in the place where it should be so that you can use it. And two, you do not have to remember where an item is. You remember where the item goes, but not where the item is. I know that sounds like the same thing, but they’re slightly different. Remembering where an item goes is remembering one spot in a van where the items should be, or one spot in your kitchen where the items should be. If you remember where an item is, is different, because that could be on a counter.

It could be on the floor. It could be at the entry, it could be behind a door. It could be anywhere. Somebody could pick it up and move it from the place that it is to another place. And now you just, you know, totally missed out. Or we’ve all had that time where we walked in and were like, it was here. I know it was here. Where is it going? And somebody looks at you and said, well, your sunglasses are on your head. What are you talking about? They’re not, Oh, that’s right. I, I did pick them up Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I moved him and I forgot where they were. It is not where it was. And so we want to make sure that we always put things back that way, your brain doesn’t have to remember anything. It just remembered the one spot where it will be instead of where it currently is floating around in the ether.

So if it’s in your hands, then you’re holding. You know, that wherever it is is where you are until it goes back to the place that it should be remove. One more item for you to try to remember. We bring the machine down, let it cool down, suck up the rest of the moisture, roll up the hoses. Um, put away the pre spray and the spotters. We turn the machine off. We’ll go into the customer. We’ll do our clothes. We’ll address any problem. Areas that the word to make sure that we, they know everything and how well we were able to get it cleaned. We give them a bag, clipping a magnet, a little gift with some popcorn. We’ll collect the payment and explain the savings, how much they saved today on this current job they’ve done. We’ll recommend the next time for the cleaning.

Typically six months, two years for most carpet cleanings, go get done then, and then we’ll ask them for a Google review. That way they can let the next customer know what to expect from us. And then we’ll clean and disinfect all the stuff that we have. We wipe down the, the hoses we wiped down the phones. We would try to make sure that from one point to another one, we don’t want to bring new dirt to the next place. Also, we don’t want to have too much problem with the current customer Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again.