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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are Able To Help You!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are Able To Help You!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas uh, I appreciate you coming through. I know we’ve been veering off the topic of carpet cleaning, but I feel like there’s so much more in life that you need to understand the backend basics of what you’re doing, how you’re accomplishing and what you’re trying to get to outside of just what you’ve already accomplished or done in your life. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. Um, I think that a lot of life is about showing up. Uh, so many times we don’t, I was just talking with one of our guys about this earlier today, is that you don’t want to say yes to something we will argue. The whole point of argument is so that you don’t have to say yes. Like we think that we are making these logical great arguments.

The reality is we’re just coming up with absurd obscene reasons to not do something, right. If you broke it down, if somebody asks you to do something, you just go do it. I guarantee you, by the time you finished just going and doing it, that it would already be. Yeah. Like it wouldn’t be any need to, uh, to even have had the argument because you’re putting off something. So you spend the same amount of time with the item that you could have just by getting it done Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Whereas we argue about it, doing it, like, you know what, just knock it out. And it’s a, it’s an amazing thing. The power of your words. And here’s something that I’d like to talk about. The power of your words. Life is about just showing up. That’s that’s my whole concept right here, but the power of your words, when you say that something can be done.

When you say you will do something, you for the most part will move heaven and earth find some way because you believe it can be done. Thus, it can get done on the same token. If you don’t believe it can be done, virtually no force on earth can make you do it. Virtually no force on earth can get you to do it because you don’t believe it’s done. I haven’t literally with my kids said, here, walk across this bridge. They look at it and they’re like, no, that bridge is scary. You can not walk across that bridge. So I walk across the bridge. I walk to the other side. I didn’t walk back across the bridge again and said, see, it’s safe. It’s just a swinging bridge. It’s bouncing. It’s fun. They’re like, Nope, I can’t walk. Right. I know that they saw me walk across.

They know that it’s safe to walk across. They’ve heard my advice to know that they could walk across. And so I said, you know what, here’s the deal. You don’t have to walk across this bridge. I will carry you. You pick the child up and they turn into like some type of a Howler monkey that just is going to do everything to escape your grass. Cause you are going to walk across that bridge. 100% safe, 100% secure, but they do not believe they can cross that bridge. And so they will literally climb out of her arms potentially to the detriment of themselves. Because if they walk, if you’re walking halfway across the bridge and they try to climb out of your hand, they’re leaving the realm of safety where you’re holding them. And they’re going to the realm of danger where they potentially fall off the bridge because they’ve jumped out of your hands.

I’ve had a small animal. We haven’t got a rabbit in our house and every now and then I’ll pick the rabbit up and it’s just a calm. It just trusts me. It just sits there. And other times something spooks it and it wants to run and jump it. And yet it’s five feet up in the air. Cause I’m holding it in my arms. And if it jumps out, there’s a good chance that the fall is going to kill it. And yet something inside of it doesn’t make any sense to it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. They just believe that it’s more dangerous to stay here than it is to fall. Which of course logically makes no sense. You know, for my child, it’s more dangerous for them to stay in my arms as I walk across the bridge than it is to, uh, uh, but we know that it’s more dangerous for them to jump out of my arms as I’m walking across the bridge.

So sometimes in life we get these things that squirrel into our heads and say, you can’t do it. And no matter what people say and about what people do, even if they can carry you there to prove to you that it can be done. You, you can’t do because you don’t believe it. Even if you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll turn back, look back at it and just say, Nope, can’t go across that bridge. And so there’s a power of first is life is about showing up. There’s a power about you believing you need to verbalize and say the power of positive thinking. Obviously there’s the secret and there’s all these other ways, but really you need to look at something and say, what do I believe? And make sure that your beliefs match your core values. Sometimes we get into cognitive dissonance where we have a belief, but we don’t match it up to our core values.

And so we need to look back and say, okay, here’s what I can do. Here’s what I know I’m going to do. And then every now and then I just need to not psych yourself up, but convince yourself of what, you know, find all the research, do the research that you know, concretely, that it’s possible. Finding the people that have done it before and ask them how they did it and then watch them do it and then start telling yourself, this is what I’m going to achieve. I am going to achieve this Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And the first time you say you won’t believe it the second time you say you’ll start to kind of believe it. After a while, nobody will be able to convince you otherwise, if you’ve got somebody who knows that they can walk a tight rope, no matter what you say to them, you can jeer them.

You can do them. You can try to knock them off, push them out of the way. They’ll walk the tight rope because they know that they can do it. You know, uh, once you have that confidence that no one could shake the confidence once you have it. So life is about showing up. Why does that life about showing them so many of the times we don’t show up. We won’t admit or say, I’m going to do it. We make the argument and we leave it in the gray area where it’s a maybe Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And as long as it’s, maybe then if I don’t do it, I never said I was going to do it. So I’m not breaking my word. But once you do my kids, when they’d go in, they’d say, look at them and say, Hey, you tell your mother. Yes, mother. And once they say yes, mother, they turn around.

They go and they do whatever it is. But until they’ve said, yes, mother, then they’re still arguing. They still don’t have to do what it is. But there’s something magical that clicks. And I do this myself. My wife tells me to do something. I first instinct is to argue about it or come up with some other things. Instead I need to stop and just say, yes ma’am and just agree to do it so that I go get it done. I tell her, yes, I will do that. Not I will get to it. I’ll try I’ll. Maybe those are all things where I’m trying to wishy-washy Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Cause I know I don’t want to do it. And I’m trying to give myself an out. So that one week from now, when she says, why didn’t you do it? I say, well, because I just didn’t do it. So I want you to say in your life, I’m going to see the things I want to do. And I’m just going to show up. I’m just going to get there and just going to do it. I’m just going to be there and I’m going to accomplish the things I’ve set myself out to do. This is going to be the time that I accomplish the thing I know that I can do. Cause I’m going to show up there and just let the event happen as it needs to happen.