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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are Excited To Show You The Ropes

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are Excited To Show You The Ropes

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas and we’re going to continue on our tour as we make it through our checklist Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. This today is going to be an amazing journey. I know that you’re thinking checklist. These are the most magnificent, fabulous things that you’ve ever seen. Like if I could give my right arm just to be able to spend the rest of my life doing checklist, I think I will keep my arm. So as we go through this exciting journey through we’ve made it through the job notes and the call had script connecting with somebody cause a good connection keeps everything moving or maybe it was maybe it’s sugar is good. Like a medicine that, Oh, well just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. That’s that’s what we need for this particular checklist as we try to get through.

But you are a customer walk-through we want the grand tour. We want to go through and see what things are in the way we want to talk about the pets. We want to talk about the slippery floors. Can I make a joke about both of those Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow? So we can kind of have a good connection with the customer. Uh, we want to update the pricing so we know that next time we come, we know what to expect. Uh, make sure that everything looks and aligns with what we’re going to accomplish and do in that job. And now we get to the band setup. This is, uh, the important part because it gets you prepared for what you’re about to do. And this will reduce the amount of time needed to do the job. Also, the less time you are needed to do the job, the more energy and the more alert and connected you are to getting the job done.

So first we’re going to go through and we’re going to check and clean. The filters want to make sure that the filters are clean every single job. That way you have your maximum amount of suction. The van can operate at 100% efficiency. Even if the van is working at say 10% less efficiency Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, you’re going to work six hours a day. That’s 360 minutes, 10% of 360 minutes. It’s 36 minutes. So you’re going to lose 36 minutes or you’re going to gain an extra 36 minutes of work because the machine is going to work a little bit slower. And if you can obviously compound that as it gets bigger, if you go to 30 and 40% slower, um, cleaning capacity over a six hour day can jump you all the way up to like eight, nine hours worth of work. If the machine just can’t remove the dirt out because the suction is not being able to pull it out because the whole thing revolves around using the right amount of water and soap to the right amount of suction to pull it back out too much water and the, um, and overwhelms the suction.

And so you’re just spreading the dirt into the carpet, not be able to suck it up, uh, not enough water, too much suction. Then it just sucking up the stuff, but it’s not liquified yet and it’s not coming out. So you want to find that right balance. We want the thing to be matched properly. Uh, you want to check your water, uh, cause you will definitely want to add a lot of time to your job is running out of water in the middle of job. You’re like, I’m thirsty. I needed to get a drink. There’s no water in the machine to get a drink from. And so you want to get in there and say, okay, how do we get to this? So this problem doesn’t happen again. You check the water before you start the machine. That way it can be filling up with water if needed while you’re working.

But if you run out of water, it’ll take you a solid five minutes to have to refill that back up. And there will be a point there where you realize I’m in the middle of almost done. I’m down to like the last room of the house. Now I’ve got to wait about five to 10 minutes for me to fill up enough water to bleed the air out of the system. Cause if it sucks air, well, then you’re stuck. You have to fill it up. Reprime the pump again. As long as you just fill it up to begin with you pull a hose over, connect it, turn the water on and you, and you can just instantly start cleaning because there is no loss of water. Uh, you want to make sure that the, the van won’t run unless the emergency brakes on and it’s, uh, the AC and the heat is off.

So want to make sure that’s all set. I want to mix up the pre spray and the spotter that we have a full bottle. As you go into the job, you’re able to just go through and do the job and not have to stop and go back and make makes up more pretty spray and spotter Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. It’s better to have all of your stuff in ducks in a row instead of having to create it. As you go along as you start the machine, it’s important to check the water pressures. We talked before about checking the air filters, want to make sure that you can suck properly, but you also want to make sure that you’re putting down the right amount of water. The water is too low. It’ll be take a while to clean. The water is too high of over what the carpet and will take a long time to dry.

We want to make sure that the exhaust for the van is sitting away from the grass. The exhaust is hot and it will burn grass or it’ll wear out to the areas around it. Maybe we want to make sure we keep those areas looking great for the customer. Uh, we want to make sure we’ve brought in our hose. We carry in the first 50 feet of suction. The reason we carried in that, because that way it doesn’t drag across the ground or the leaves of the grass or the dirt Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And we, anything that drags across is now going to be brought into all of the house. Cause we needed to bring that first 50 feet throughout the whole house. So we carry that up and that way it is in a place that is safe and clean and it doesn’t bring in more dirt for the house.

Now we can obviously work our way backwards to clean it out, but no need to add more work to ourselves. That’s an unnecessary, uh, we want to turn the machine on. We just turn it from up to vac pump from, uh, turn it from off to up to back pump Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. That means the vacuum and the pump is running at the same time and turn it from low speed to high speed. That way we have our maximum amount of suction. We bring in the first 75 feet a solution, making sure the solution stays off the grass cause it gets very hot in and of itself and it can have the capacity to, um, wilt the grass that it’s just sitting there on it. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. Uh, next section we’ll go into with cleaning the actual cleaning part of our checklist.

I will tell you about what we do and the process that we use, but getting your stuff prepared. It’s always about having some type of, I mean, yes, you could do something and just wing it. But if you’ve got a checklist and you Mark off all the main things that are going to slow down or be a problem for you as you’re doing the work, that way you have everything already prepared, a rhythm is one of the greatest things you can have. Um, yes, you can have the knowledge. Yes, you can have the experience, but if you can get into a rhythm, things will move along much smoother because even with poor experience, even with poor things, if you can set up or establish a rhythm, you can then slowly micro improvements, every single thing that you do and get better and better over time getting better and better every time. And that way you will be able to do your best work.