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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are So Excited To Help You!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Are So Excited To Help You!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas today. I want to talk to you about some tips and tricks as you’re moving in to your new home. The trick is not the thing. It’s just purely tips or guidance, uh, Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. I wanted to go over some things that we always tell our customers that are moving into a new home sales can help you in the home that you’re already in, uh, getting prepped and ready to show your home or getting your home ready for the market. Or you’re wanting to move in to enjoy your home for the first time. So many times I’ve seen customers that get into their home and they are now going to, I get it sold. And so they start fixing it up and they get it fixed up so nicely that they kind of bemoan, or they kind of feel bad that they’re actually moving.

Cause if it had looked this nice while they were there, they probably would have kept the home. And a lot of times we do not remember to do our regular maintenance, to maintain the home that we’re living in. A lot of times we just used the home. We’d been there for 10 years and we just consumed, but we’ve gotten used to a lot of the broken parts of the flaws of our home without thinking, Hey, maybe yeah, you should just fix this so I can continue to enjoy my home each and every day. And I think a lot of people should do that as they are going throughout their, their year. At least, at least once a year, if not more times where you to stop and think, Hey, if I was to buy this home, what would I want fixed? What would I want to improve?

Do I want to have the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow cleaned and the tile looking a little dingy or grumbling that would just make the furniture look. Is it still in good shape? Uh, it’s sort of like, as you do with your clothes, you have a closet full of clothes and you get in there as a college teenage boy, you go over to get into sniff Jack. Then you can rewear it because you haven’t gotten enough usage out of it. The reality is is that you don’t want to re wear it and you don’t want to get as many easily out of it. And you just haven’t done your laundry. And so you’re now stuck with trying to just take the best of what is left. Uh, whereas with a, uh, you’ve got, say, let’s say there’s a made in the home. Well then you’d expect your clothes to always be clean so that each every day you’d have her just go through.

Like if you had somebody, you paid, you paid somebody to care for your house, what would they do with it? Would they vacuum or would they, uh, wiped down the counters, but they do the laundry and make sure all the laundry is finished and make sure all the dishes, there’s no dishes in the sink. It’s all the things that you think you’d pay somebody to do, dude, because that’s the way you would enjoy your house to be Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. But sometimes we don’t give that gift to ourselves in our daily routines. So what are a few things that you can do that will help that house and really pop and shine and be fresh? Well, if you’re buying a new home, obviously getting the carpets cleaned is probably task number because we don’t want to have to move in on somebody else’s dirt. You’re gonna put all your furniture in place.

You’re gonna place all the things throughout your home. And you’re going to have people come over to see your new home. You don’t want them to come in and smell. Somebody’s old home. You want them to see your new home in a similar fashion. Uh, if you were going to sell your home, you want to do the same because the people coming in to buy your home, they want, they want to see what this place could look like for them, not this, what this place looks like for you. Uh, a lot of times we’re proud of our home, but the reality is we don’t want somebody to be proud of our home and we want them to be able to look at it and see and say, Hey, I could see myself living here as opposed to Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, I could see that they live here. And so it’s a slight difference in the way that you approach it and look at it, but you want to make sure you’re having that distinction so people can come in easily and look around and not say, wow, look, it is, uh, it’s messy McMahon McPherson.

And, uh, they’ve just left all their stuff everywhere as opposed to wow, this place looks so sharp. I think I could move in here right now. And so getting those carpet clean as a first impression makes it change. The atmosphere changed the look of change, the feel of the entire place. So the second thing that you’ll want to do or accomplish or work on is, uh, when you are, um, coming into a home, it is going to have a scent or a smell to it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And so that scent or smell is something that will be, uh, important as you’re moving forward, because that is something that is going to be either off putting or good. And I tell people, as you move into new place, your scent of the smell and your home is what is going to be, um, from something. So if you’ve got a really, uh, grimy, dusty, dirty area, then the, uh, uh, they’re going to have that prime and Dustin dirt floating through the air.

And if you have a, a space where you are working on the, uh, uh, working on coming into your new home, well, then you need to change out the air. Sometimes that air is just priming and dirty and dusty. Other times it’s actually full of contaminants. So one of the tips and tricks that we give people is that you need to go in and swap out your air filter, not just the standard air filter. You go grab the $20 air filter from home Depot or Lowe’s. And that way you can get in and change your home, turn it into a whole home HEPA filter. By doing this, you will have, uh, changed up the air quality throughout the house. And this will help to make that home. Your home is supposed to be dead air and dirt from the previous home, you’d be really surprised over two or three day periods of switch the air from auto to on, and then, uh, put a on a $20 filter from home home Depot or Lowe’s into there.

And after two or three days, that filter is going to be Brown or a dark gray color Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. It’s going to collect all the dust and dirt from the previous people that have been living in that home. And at the end of the three days, switch your air back to normal or to auto, and then put in a seven to $10 filter. You don’t want to use the $20 filters all the time because they will wear down or break down your system, creating too much drag and drain on the system so that you’re aware on your AC system before it’s time. But you can use this as way to freshen up or change out the air for your new home. Now that you have taken advantage of your opportunities around you. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today.