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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Enjoy Cleaning Carpets!

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | We Enjoy Cleaning Carpets!

Welcome to the carbon DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan. Sabrinas welcome to another wonderful day Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Uh, you know, there is a, we talk about the power of positivity and all these other things. Uh, if you go back to Pascal’s, uh, problem with cost Pascal’s quadrant, where you’ve got, is there a God or is there not a God? And am I going to live good justly piously or am I going to live? He mystically or evily or selfish, selfishly and evil really at its basis just means to live for your self, to be self centered, to be Naval gazing, uh, in, in Latin, they call it in crevasse, which means a, uh, that your turn in on yourself, we also get the same word for Wicker. For Wicker furniture, it’s whipped, something is wicked, something. It’s something that is curved or bent in on itself.

Um, instead of going towards the thing that is supposed to be used for, it ends up creating a loop of self-harm and most things that go wrong in the world are things that end up affecting themselves badly. Sometimes they affect others badly Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, but most of the time, in fact, themselves badly and cause harm to others in the process. So off of that small tangent, we need to make sure that what we’re doing is outward facing and can help others so that we have. And part of that is that we say, if I start to get negative, I will bring everybody else around bad company can corrupt good morals. So you start to get a spinoff effect of that corruption. If I’m too close to fire, I smell like fire.

If I’m too close to, um,

Electricity, there’s a chance I get shocked or I get burned. If I’m too close to, um, Oh, let’s say the sun, I’m going to get a tan. If I state indoors and I never get a tan, well then I I’m going to get pasty white and potentially have a deficiency of vitamin D because sunshine gives me something good. So there is good. We need to use it in proportionality and in parts, but there’s a difference between what we consider to be morally or justly good Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And what you would know as being good. And I think the two are being happy or having a goodness. And sometimes we conflate the two thing that, well, if I just do good things, that’s good enough. And I want to get, I want to challenge you that you can, the power of positivity though. Take it out of perspective.

For most people is not wrong. Now, if you only do it, the power of positivity all the time to know available, then you create something that’s wicked because you, you take it beyond what it’s supposed to. You’re standing in the sun until you end up with skin cancer. There’s a part where you do need to get the sun and you do need to stay positive so you can stay radiant. And then too much, you end up with cancer, not enough. You ended up with some type of deficiency. And so find that right balance, but every day, get up and make a decision that today is going to be great. If you decide today is going to be great. You’re going to spend the whole diet whole day finding the things that are great about today. If on the other hand, we all know we’ve seen all the cartoons.

Uh, there is ER, from Winnie the Pooh and there is, um, Oh, what does that, uh, the little dirt guy from, uh, the peanuts. And everybody’s got somebody in their group that is a Debbie downer. That is a, um, a perpetual, uh, miser. We’ve got Scrooge from the Christmas. Carol, you got Scrooge McDuck in the DuckTales. You’ve got all these different characters that are just a, somebody who looks through the world as what can I get from it and not what can I give to it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow? And having perpetual option as being somebody of having power of positive thinking says that I can give something to the world. I can affect the world today. I can actually improve. I can read good the world. I can do more for my fellow man than I get to receive from him. And by just changing this and do this as a test, try this for the next week, go out there.

And every time you go up to a, um, a drive-through every time you talk to somebody on the phone, every time you interact with somebody say, I’m going to be a, like a carnival Barker. I’m going to be a little miss sunshine Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I’m going to do something just over the top and crazy. I’m excited just to see the reaction you get from people. And you will find that for the vast majority of people, you will be given back what you are, given, what you sow. You shall reap the way that you treat somebody as the way that they will treat you do unto others. That you’ll have them do unto you. I know I’m giving you a bunch of different little slogans, but the reality is when I call somebody a you’ll get them and they’ll kind of sound som, or there’ll be down. They’ll be like, hello.

Or they’ll be like, what’s up. And you go, Hey, this is Nathan with complete carpet. Uh, you know, how are you doing? Do you have just this positivity, this up, this excitement in your voice, and you’ll hear them go, Oh, Hey, it’s you? Because now they’ve realized they’ve met somebody. That’s a friend or somebody that they’re connected to, or they just feed off of your positive energy. You also can use your negative energy to bring the whole room down. We’ve all had that time where somebody walks into the room and a gray cloud just jumps into the room and everyone’s like, Ooh, avoid Bob. Bob is not having a good day. We need to stay as far away from Bob as we possibly can. And the reverse is true too. If somebody is just a little miss sunshine, you naturally will just kind of be drawn like a magnet towards them. And it might get irritating. You’d be like, why are they just always so positive? But at the end of the day, who’s the person you’re going to go ask for advice or opinion on something you want Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Somebody is going to give you a good opinion. You want, someone’s going to give you a good report. Someone that’s going to think positively what’s around. So go out there and try it for just one week and say nice things to people.