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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Are You Looking For With Us?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Are You Looking For With Us?

Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today we want to talk to you about nothing. Yes. Nothing is what we hope to have left in your carpets when we are finished with your carpets, but how you get to that space. I want to go over some different tips of how to end up with nothing in your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Since 1998, carpets are good. It’s called the date (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. So here’s one of the things that we end up with that we forget is that everything that starts needs to finish. A lot of times we start things. We move on to something else. We’re a movement by nature. We always want to keep perpetually to be doing something new and different. It’s new and shiny things that the movie up you, I have a little dog was walking around and all of a sudden squirrel, and they see a squirrel to the left.

They go running to the score and like, whatever it is that currently is new and shiny and fancy catches our attention. But we also need to have, uh, built into our systems of discipline. Some ways of doing things that will benefit our lives in the long run. For example, we’ve all done this at one point in our time Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, one point or another w we’ll walk into our kitchen, we will, uh, look around and we’ll find the food. So we, we spend the work figuring out what food do we want to eat. We then take that food and warm it up. Make it, turned it into a sandwich, turned into a bowl of cereal, turn it into some type of collection of foods that we ended up eating. We’ve got the milk. We’ll got the cereal. We’ve got maybe a little honey or sugar on top.

We’ve got, uh, we’ve got the coffee, we’ve got the cream, we’ve got the tea, we’ve got the sugar. You’ve got baby. The, uh, decide to make a plate of pasta. So you’ve got oil spaghetti. You’ve got the spaghetti sauce. You might have added some to beat. So you sear up some meat, add giddy sauce, chop some onions in there, and then collect those together. And he said, not just pasta, maybe some carrots or maybe a little salad to go with it. So you got some lettuce and some tomatoes, some celery, and maybe some shredded carrots, a little bit of cheese on top. So you’ve collected a lot of different types of foods. You spend some time bringing all of these food together, and now you put it all together on your plate. When you spend some time consuming the food. And typically for the average person, it’s at least 10 minutes of eating your food Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow.

Maybe you’ve got that super fast guy who just annoys you, that he can finish his food in three to five minutes. And you’re like, you didn’t even taste her, enjoy the food. You just inhaled it. But for the average person, you know, 10 to 20 minutes of eating the food, probably another 10 to 20 minutes of making the food. So you’re 30 to 40 minutes in on creating, making, doing everything with your food. And then when you get finished with your food, you push your plate back and that’s it. You’re done. And you walk out, it’s similar to, if you went into the restroom to go to the bathroom, you walk in there and you go to the bathroom. And then when you’re finished, you just walk out with your pants still down around your ankles. And like you took the time to find the bathroom.

You took the time to, into the bathroom. He took the time to go to the bathroom, but you didn’t wash your hands and you didn’t pull your pants back up, which we you think is just ludicrous and less. You’ve had a small child that was learning to go to the bathroom Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And it seems like at least once a week, they come walking out and they come walking down the hall and their pants are down around their ankles. And they’re like, I’m finished and they just come waddling out. And you’re like, well, no, actually there’s more still to be done. There’s a, there’s a very key, important thing here. We need to pull your underwear back up and put your pants back on, wash your hands and see where you wash your hands. You got to say the half sing, happy birthday twice. And so in our lives, sometimes we forget to do those very simple things.

Not because it’s hard to do probably the easiest thing to do at the end and of all of your, uh, food creation and all of your food consumption is the food cleanup. And at that point, literally, maybe 60 seconds more, you take your plate, walk over to the trash. You scrape off the excess food. You don’t need, you walk over to the sink, turn water on your rinse water, across the plate to rinse off all of the remaining stickiness off the plate. So it doesn’t dry out and get all caked in place Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And if the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, you just set it into the dishwasher, maybe 90 seconds at most, but you’ve spent 30 minutes doing all of the prep for the food, eating the food, talking to people while eating the food. And yet somehow we leave everything on the counter to Hartman and dry.

We leave a dirty environment for that supplies and for smells to accumulate because you don’t want to spend that next two minutes to finish the project we’d started. And so finishing that project, you had started making sure that there is nothing, making sure that you’ve concluded what you started can make the difference between walking around a house that has thousands of little burning pliers or a house that has nothing for you to do, because it’s already been done. You don’t leave these piles of things for you to do later. You just knocked it out right then and finished it though. This past Sunday we spent about two or three hours just going through and not deep cleaning, but finish cleaning our house. So we went around and finished it to make the house have nothing. There’s no projects that are just laying out, sitting around.

Uh, and, uh, I’m, I’m as guilty as anyone, you know, I’ve, I’ve had times where I will walk in and I just, most of the time, it’s because we’re, absent-minded, we forget to end on nothing, but if you could create the habit pattern that you don’t leave the bathroom until you’ve washed your hands where they don’t leave the bathroom without my pants on, I make sure I put my pants on and I wash my hands Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And so if you could find the parts, the washing of the hands, as you walk out of here of the bathroom, you’re in the bathroom to wash your hands, you got to sing happy birthday twice. They tried. It’s a don’t bug me save people from the flu, wash your hands twice. I think happy birthday. And if you sing happy birthday twice, that’s about 20 to 30 seconds worth of hand-washing. So most people will give up hygiene for only 20 or 30 seconds of your day. And then I say, make sure you do that extra 20 to 30 seconds. So you end with nothing.