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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Do You Need Done?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Do You Need Done?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I want to thank you for joining us today. We help to make sure that your carpets are looking fantastic. We want to maintain the health and wellbeing of your Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Everything after it’s been installed, we can do to help you do. Um, keep that up as you go through. Um, if you were trying to get through your life, and this is a difficult season and for our country, cause there’s, a lot of people have lost her job and a lot of people gained a job. I think we’ve had 27 million jobs lost in like 11 or 12 million new jobs created. So we’re at a net deficit, but it’s a huge increase and a decrease at the same time. So there’s a lot of confusion stuff out there. And I wanted to give you four steps that will get you to be able to have the best chance of the best shot at what it is that you’re currently doing.

There’s two ways to go after things. One is just to take what you’ve got and to go through. So you could go out there and say, I’m going to get this job in this field. I’ve got my education. I go out there and I do what it is I need to do. That is one path Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Number one, that you just get the education, get the job, and then just work the job, the rest of your life. There’s a second path that people can do where you go in and you say, I’m going to get a job that I normally couldn’t get because I don’t have the education. I don’t have the other stuff. So I’m gonna have to compensate for the lack of education or the lack of experience by willing to work cheaper. So you say that step number one, I work for free and this is your internship move.

This is where you come in there and you say, you know what? I just want to be around this place because I know that this is the place in the, give me the experience in the industry and in the area that I want to be. And so you work for free. Your friends are winning because they are, they’re getting paid to do something little and you’re losing because you’re down. So step number two, um, you need to work below market. Now you’ve got that experience for working for free Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Now you’ve got a six months or a year’s worth of experience. You now can say, I’m willing to do the same work everyone else is doing, but I’m going to do it for cheaper than everyone else to do it so I can get my foot in the door. They want to keep me there. And I am building life experience, not just school experience, but actual physical life experience out in the marketplace here. Other people are still winning against you because they have, you know, they’ve taken all their regular job. They’re getting paid at market value and you’re a little bit below, but you’re getting that experience. You’re getting that real world experience. And then next you work at market value and you now have created this,


Collection of experiences from your past where you now have, uh, now have value in your marketplace and you now can give over to somebody and show them what exactly you need. You have your unique value set and you’ve been doing it for awhile. And so you’ve got all this back experience and now you’re moving forward. They are now moving into their market. They’re getting their stuff. They’re making the same amount as you were making, but they’re now in that same vein of, Hey, I’m not earning or making as much as anyone else we’re all in even. But then after that, you eventually will be able to beat out the market because now you’ve got not just, you know, value, you brought up to them, but you also have all of this. Whereas they’ve just got school and book experience. You’ve got real life experience, real world experience, and I’ll take real world experience.

It’s over, um, uh, Booksmart experience almost every day. Uh, now I want to give you, uh, two quick tips that will help you as you’re going for your job search. Um, these will really help everybody as they’re going through, as you’re looking through it, you’re wanting to maintain your, um, the current place where you’re working or you’re looking to get a new job. Um, step number one is show up, uh, early, um, be there before you’re supposed to be there Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Uh, showing up on time. In my opinion is being late. If you show up at nine o’clock for a job at nine o’clock, um, then you need to either be totally ready for that. Just walk in and be able to take, knock it out. Most people show up at nine o’clock for a job at nine o’clock walk in and then Ben start to get ready.

They’ll arrange their desk. They’ll go and get a water break. They’ll go and use the bathroom and go and do all this other stuff after nine o’clock that they should have done before nine o’clock. So it’s like, uh, Oh, it’s like the guy who has yet to you do his hair and he shows up to work and then does his hair, or it’s like the guy that, um, uh, the girl that has yet to do her makeup. So she shows up, sits down at her desk and starts doing the makeup, spends 10 minutes primping and making herself look good Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. You know, she’s on the clock, she’s there at her desk, but she is not ready for the day yet. She’s not on the phone, right at nine, o’clock ready to go. She should be there at eight 55 or eight 50 sitting down and have walked around, set her hellos, done the stuff connected. Well, and then, you know, he’s ready to go at the time.

So this is, uh, this is step number. One of being able to retain and do better work is just be there a little bit early and stay a little bit late so that you’re always bringing more value than getting paid for so that people, if they need to let somebody go, they’re going to let go of the person that gives them the least amount of value that they need. Step number two is do more than you’re asked. Most people say, well, I’m only getting paid 10, 15, $20 an hour. So I, I’m not going to do that extra stuff because I’m not getting paid to do it. Do the stuff you’re not getting paid to do everybody throughout all of your life. No matter if you make $10 an hour or a hundred dollars an hour should feel, you should always feel like you’re giving more value than, than you’re getting paid for that way.

You’ll always be valuable to the person that you’re working for. If you feel like, Hey, this is a very famous example in a Steve jobs book, people did not want to get in, in an elevator with him because he would ask you during that elevator ride, what value do you bring the company? And what do you do here? And why do you do it? And if you’re going to articulate that in a way that convinced him that you were valuable to the company Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, by the end of that elevator ride, he’d fire you because if you didn’t know yourself, how you’re bringing value to the company, well then obviously you weren’t bringing value to the company. And then he’s, he trimmed out a lot of people out of there. And honestly, people were really scared to get into an elevator ride with Steve jobs. But if you didn’t concretely know how much value of what you did and what your purpose was, well, then you shouldn’t be there. You should go fine. So make sure you’re always finding your value, finding your purpose, you’re working above what it is, um, so that you can be the last person to leave a company.