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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Else Can We Offer You?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Else Can We Offer You?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas with complete Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. We’re going to continue our, um, topic from last hour or last, uh, episode about, um, if you’ve done it once you can do it again. Um, and I want to encourage whoever’s out there. Who’s going through just a, a life altering, a life changing events that happen. Uh, it does, it does suck. I mean, it’s not supposed to not suck. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to have the problems, but all we keep in the back of your mind always remember that if you’ve done it once you can do it again, there is some way back through the field. There is some way to make it happen. Again, there is some way to make all of this a reality back into this fantasy that has happened. This, this tragedy has happened to re put the pieces back together in some form or fashion.

Now it may be not the same picture because obviously the first picture got broken. Uh, first picture may not have been the best picture that you needed, or you know what? Life just happens. Sometimes. Sometimes the tornado hits. Sometimes lightning strikes Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Sometimes there’s a storm and life. Isn’t about us having a perfect life. Life is about us taking the imperfections of life and helping to, to massage them, to make them more beautiful, to make them more perfect. A yard looks its best when you care for it and you mow it and you fertilize it and you weed it. And then sometimes you’ll have a drought and then your whole yard dies and you go back and you know that you can rebuild it again, but it will always look better than if you did nothing at all. If you did nothing at all, you end up with waist high grass and it’s just in shambles and it never has this nice groomed.

Sweet, nice look to it. It ends up this chaotic, you know, uh, overgrown, um, place. Uh, for example, a garden, the garden is not going to happen all on its own. You’re not going to have rows of carrots and then some strawberries and then some watermelon. And you know, you’re not going to have these section off court enough, nice, neat areas that produce the fruit food that you want. It’ll just be random. And maybe there’d be a strawberry that grows here or there, or there’s going to be some, you know, uh, walnuts here or there. You’ve got to have something where you add structure and you, you care for it. When you care for something, things will bloom and work much better. There’ll be in proper control. You take the chaos out and you add some, um, comfort, some connections and control so that you can get a better produce, a better harvest, uh, with that in mind as you’re going through.

And you’re looking at the things that happened in your life, remember that where you’re at right now can be replicated fairly easily. If you, if you had a, let’s go big, let’s say you had a, a million dollar business Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If you built a million dollar business once, um, you can build it again. It will take time, but let’s say it took you 10 years to build a million dollar business that every year you increased it by a hundred thousand and you eventually got up to where it was doing a million dollars a year. Well, I guarantee you, if it took you 10 years, the first time, it’d probably take you five years the second time, or you may be able to do it the first year. There’s some guys out there. I’ve had some customers that they will sell a business and they will start another business from scratch and do a million dollars in their second year.

And you’re like, how do you get to a million dollars in your second? There are certain companies out there that they do a billion dollars in their first year or two because the people know the infrastructure. They know the things to put in place. They know the proven paths that work because they’ve proven them out. They’ve done it over and over and over once a surgeon knows how to do a heart surgery Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. He then can knows that he will be able to do a heart surgery. If you’ve never done a heart surgery, there’s no way you’ll make it through the heart surgery. But once you’ve gone through all of the prep and gone through all the schooling and gone through all this stuff, eventually, you know how to do the heart surgery. Then it would be weird for him to say, Nope, I’m going to have to go back to school and start all over again.

Well, no, you know how to do heart surgery. You, you know that if you get in there and do this specific set of steps, you will get a successful thing. And the transplant will work. The valve replacement will work. The bypass will work and you know that it will happen that way and translate that into your regular life. Whatever you’ve done, no matter what calamity hits, no matter how bad it gets, you can rebuild it. Now it may take five years. You know, let’s say I get in bad debt and something really hits the fan. And I can’t quite get to where I want to be. Um, I can turn that situation around, but I’ll have to undo all the work that I’ve done to get to there. Or it’s like losing weight. I mean, you can, there are people who lose weight in six months to a year and they just have this massive switch though, or in sorry, six, three to six weeks and have this massive shedding of weight and you know, 20 pounds in two months.

But really if you want long-term success, you want to do it over a long time. It took you a, I love the comedian, Jim Gaffigan. He jokingly says all the time as well. Like I’m glad he’s, you know, making fun of his own weight. He’s like, look, I know that you’re looking, Googling my body. I know you’re looking at my, like my body. And I want to let you know, I’ve spent about 10 years building this body up to get to this size. You know, he’s kind of joking to how big he is compared to how much time it took him to put the weight on. But the reverse is true too. If you want to take the weight off and it took you 10 years to put it on of your probably only take you, you know, one to five years to take it off, you know, it doesn’t take as much time to build something up as it does to tear it back down.

Um, so I, I encourage you to say that when you’re out there and you’re looking at the things that you’ve accomplished in your life, um, have hope have, uh, inspiration have, uh, know that you have been able to do at once. And that the second time is easier. The second time will be a simpler process because you will have the benefit of experience. The first time you did it. You did not have the benefit of experience. You now could be somebody’s mentor to help them go through it. And it may take them a while and they can learn from your experience, but then you have that benefit of experience. And that’s what that cumulative knowledge is. Everything that we do always be perpetually learning. Even if you’re doing nothing, you’re learning about something you’re taking on. You’re seeing, but just through osmosis, being in a company, a Domino’s, won’t let you buy a Domino’s franchise without working, I think six months to a year in one of their locations. So you have to work for them before you can own one of the locations. Like I have the money to own it does it. Yes, but until you’ve worked in it, you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t have that lived experience. You don’t know what the day-to-day is like so that when you go out there and do it yourself, you, there’s no way to teach that quickly outside of doing it and getting the experience yourself, Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrows since 1998,