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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Kind Of Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | What Kind Of Cleaning?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. Uh, we will be talking to you today about critical thinking and truth with a capital T like your big truths perfectly. And in Tulsa, since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. There are some overarching big truths that are out there. And a lot of times we have lowercase truths, like things that are only true to us. Uh, there are, there are things they’re only true to you, like in your house. Uh, your, uh, I was talking with my son and, uh, he, uh, he believes that all toilets kind of made a, a, an F Phillip sound once or twice a day. He just believed that’s the way that, that toilets operated. So to him, that was his truth. That was his truth is the way that he viewed the world.

That is not the truth, though. That is not the capital truth. That is just the way his presumption of what the world is based upon his limited data set of just the toilets that are in our house. And we had two of them that had just a little teeny, slight leak, went back down to the wall. So every now and then it would fill back up because it was draining some water out. And so I told him that Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, uh, I needed, that was assigned to me that I needed to fix the toilet. That’s not assigned to the toilet was off your property properly, that just signed that it wasn’t working properly. And then I was talking with Mike, uh, daughter, uh, I R powers, um, our windshield wiper, the power fluid that comes out to be able to wash it. The windshield, the windshield washer fluid was the little pump for the power pump was not, it’s not working.

It got bad. So I had ordered a new one in, and I was going to replace it, but it’s in a fender and a wheel. Well, and you have to take a lot of stuff apart. And so I read what the directions were. I knew it was a solid one to two hour long project. And then I just got dismayed and just didn’t do it. And of course, I should’ve just spent the one hour or two hours right off the bat and not had to worry about it, but it had been a good, like to my daughter. She had never seen our car with the windshield washer, fluid working. So she always thought, it’d be great if there’s some way to clean your windshield easy, and you didn’t have to stop a quick trip and use a squeegee when I replaced it. And she started using it, my wife started using again.

My daughter was like, what? Wow, somebody made this. I always thought someone should make that into a hurricane. She never saw any way to use it. He thought it was a great invention. Somebody should do. And so her truth was that somebody should invent this Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. There’s a big, great thing, which has really helped humanity. The real truth was that was broken. It wasn’t operating the way that it should, and that daddy needed to fix it so that he would, it would work properly in that vehicle. Um, and so sometimes we have our lowercase truths truths that are applicable to our surroundings, but they are not capital truth. They’re not absolute, they’re not real truths. Uh, there are Jews like gravity. Um, I also believe that sir, Isaac knew there’s a little known fact that I believe sir, Isaac Newton also, um, invented Apple sauce. It happened right after the Apple fell to the ground.

It also kind of hit with a splat and just kinda S you know, splattered everywhere. And he thought, you know Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, if you just add a little cinnamon to this, so it makes them great Apple sauce. No, that’s a lowercase truth. Cause it’s, it’s non-truth. But the uppercase truth is that there is gravity and that he discovered there, there was a universal concept of something that was pulling things to the ground. Something that was holding things to the ground. And they always went to the ground, no matter what you did, if you let something go that it did now later on, we’ve discovered that not everything goes to the ground, if it is lighter than air. And you’re like, huh, certain things, if light of the air will go up and gone down. So you have a strong, uh, you have another force that wants buoyancy.

So buoyancy can beat off gravity. For example, if you’re in, if you’re lighter than water, you will float on the top of the water. You’ll be pulled down to the substance that is denser than you. So the ground is dense than me, so I don’t get pulled through the ground, but I do get pulled through the air because the air is lighter than me. So you end up with all of these understandings of gravity, but it its core. Something is pulling everything down. The thing that’s denser than you is still being pulled down, is being held down in place. And so there’s certain universal truth that we need to embrace and look at and think of in the way that we address how we do stuff. And that comes from you doing some critical thinking. A lot of times we want to just accept data and our brains are wired that way.

We don’t want to have to go back and relearn how to make a wheel, how to see how fire works. We don’t wanna have to go back Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. We don’t want to find those that we understand and find those that we trust so that we can make the same, uh, we can build on their knowledge and we don’t have, I have to reinvent the wheel every time, but you want to make sure that you take enough time to research as a, I love when I grew up at his kid, I grew up with reading rainbow and reading rainbow. The thing that he always take at the end was that you didn’t just have to take my word for it and he’d have other little, it was a cute little gimmick and that other little kids talk about the book or how they liked a book, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that whatever source you have, no matter how great that source is that you go and you vet it because sometimes even the brightest and the most diligent people didn’t take enough time to research something before they pulled it.

How many times did we heard of a story that turned out to be a, uh, a gag or a, uh, you know, it was just, somebody was doing a practical joke. You know, they weren’t really doing it. It’s trying to see if they could get people to believe it because they thought it was funny. Uh, there’s a website called the Babylon bee and they do this all the time where they look at the regular news stories of the day and then make a farcical one. That’s funny. Um, so that, you know, people would laugh, but sometimes people post them as if they’re true.