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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Are You Looking For A Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Are You Looking For A Cleaner

Welcome to the copy DM podcast. I am your host. Nathan Sabrina said today, I want to talk to you about, uh, getting those a little bit ground in or deepened spots. How to work on getting them out on a fresh spot. Maybe you got a fresh spot in your carpet. You need to try to do something about it right away. Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So you’re sitting there and something has happened on your carpet. At the moment, somebody walked in with mud on their shoes. Somebody took a plate of French fries and flip them over. Maybe some spaghetti fell off the thing. Someone’s got a bunch of Cheerios and they all fell out of the bowl. Somebody’s walking around the house with goldfish, whatever the item or the thing is, it’s now on your carpet.

And so you need to get down and find a way to what, what are the steps? How should I approach this? A lot of times people’s first step is to grab some type of cleaning, chemical, some hopefully Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, chemical, but sometimes it’s not a carpet cleaning, chemical. And so they go over and they do their best to try to just use a rag and a chemical itch, rub it up and wipe it up. Uh, and this typically grinds the source into the carpet a little bit more. It dissolves it. It’s a wet to make it a little bit more liquidy and it’s kind of making a larger, bigger smeared spot. So we give you this four step process to be able to get those carpets clean again. Step number one is removal. This is typically some type of a suction. If you can, if you’ve got a shot back, that’s the optimal way you take the shot back and you just start sucking up.

What is there that way you could physically remove it off of the carpet you bought to try to remove what you can. Sometimes. If it’s thick and clumpy, it may just want to physically pick it up. Let’s say even an ice cream cone. I said, I used to put falls over a big, pull up a life glance at the carpet before you anything physically grip grab and pick up the ice cream and pull it off of the carpet as best you can or anything that doesn’t still liquid wise. Liquid takes time to pour out of something Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. If you take a cup and turn sideways and pour it into a sink, it typically takes four to five, six seconds for it to all pour out of the cup. And so you want to try to catch that cup. You can catch it just a second, or do you like, Oh, shoot and knocked over company.

You pick it right back up sometimes half or more of the liquid, still sitting in a cup. So reaction time is a essence. And if you can pick that up quickly, but then you have a much better shot at not getting it to soak and deep into the carpet. The faster that you respond to it and say, you don’t have something that’s a pure suction to pull it off, but it is liquidity. Put something there for the liquid to transfer to instead take a dry towel, throw it over the top. And they’re just going to step on the area to get it, to absorb up into the towel. Or if it’s thick, you might use a dust pan or a paper plate, or you can just use a, your hands to just kind of scoop up and pick up what you can. So physically try to remove whatever you can off of the spot before you start any type of cleaning process.

So, number two, we need to try to rinse out whatever is left, whatever you can’t pick up is now stuck to the carpet in some ways. So let’s just use hot water and another dry and get the area kind of gap. Well, we’re not trying to get it wet specifically to break it down. Can you put, get it too wet? It will spread, but you’re getting it wet enough that it can now be in a liquid form that can be absorbed into the towel Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So you spritz it, get it wet. And Pat it dry. Typically trying to blot have you scrubbed. You may be able to get some stuff out, but you also will take your fabric. It gets to the fabric of the floor, which is your carpet, and you will start twisting it untwisting to breaking up the fibers. So you scrubbed back and forth, which unwinds the pirate.

It gets them to end up fluffing and moving into place. And then you will end up with this big, uh, looked like the back of the cat, where the hair is all standing up is your carb. Carville have this Warren area that you’ve rubbed on too much. So what you want to do is block. You want to just put it down and put downward pressure so that it can get to absorb into the rag and then change the rag. Every time you go to absorb so wet it, absorb it, wet it, absorb it, wet it, absorb it. Now he’s still have a shot back. He’s still got that instruction. Well, then you could choose that directly. So first suck and just dry backroom. Anything you can get off the carpet so that you’re not going to spread anything next, sprayed a little bit and get it wet, and then suck that off.

Now you’re sucking the moisture out and using it as a rinse. You don’t want to use too much moisture, so you don’t want to spread the spot, but you want to get it wet enough because if it could suck off dry, it already would have. But now you’re needing to break it down and get it wet so that then you could suck it back up in the shop back and be able to remove it. The shop back in the spray bottle is a very small version of a Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow machine. The carpet clean machine is a giant shot back band size shot back with high pressure water. That’s heated up to over 200 degrees so that it can help to break down the items here. You could replicate that with a hundred grit, a hundred degree water and a little small shop back at a, a small three or four inch head on the shop back.

You can make the same type of pack your spray and the carpet. Get it down, sucking it up with the towel. Now come step three. And this is the step that most people start at. And it should be your third step after you’ve removed what you can and rinsed what you couldn’t. There’s probably going to still be a little bit of something leftover. Sometimes the rinsing water is the universal solvent will remove everything, but sometimes you now need some product to break up what is left, as opposed to adding the product to begin with where you break it down, what is there and spread it around. Now whatever’s left. That could be rinsed out with just water. You now break down with the detergent and now you follow it up with a fourth step. So this soap will break it down, but all it does is break it down and get into the suspension.

You still have to follow with one more rinse cycle and that vital red cycle does two things. One removes the remainder of the dirt, but two, it remains the soap that you use to break it down. If you don’t remove the soap that you used to break it down, then you’re going to have soap left in the carpet is going to dry into the carpet. It’s going to be sticky and it’s going to track new dirt. So you had to put these gray spots around where you’ve tried to clean it up and they keep getting bigger. Because every time you go back, use soap again to clean the soap with you. Leave soap in the Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow’s it’s 1998. We are complete carpets that give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.