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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Can You Find A Better Way?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Can You Find A Better Way?

Welcome to the [inaudible] podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s and I wanted to touch now on, uh, what makes, uh, your decision pattern? Why are you making the decision that you make? The majority of us instinctively judge a book by its cover Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And this is a, a natural path that we do. We kind of just flow in. If you put me in a room, if I go speed dating and I walk into that room and I say, there is 30 women, 30 women in there, I’m going to guess I’m a pretty picky dude. So my guess is that if I ran across 20 women, there’ll be, or 30 women will probably be two or three in there. Uh, maybe, uh, you know, 10%, I probably, that’s probably a generous, I’d say 10%. Then I would be interested in talking to you after first glance. Um, not that they are not amazing, awesome people, but I’ve got a pretty tight, specific skill set is deliberate, specific behavior pattern, a specific look or, um, way that you carry yourself.

And we can all tell, you’ve seen the guy who walks in and you can tell he’s not shaven or showered or cared for himself is a personal hygiene side for days. You know, it’s not like it’s, you know, uh, afternoon shadow. Like maybe he forgot to shave today is that he has not shaved in many days or that he has his beard and it’s not kept, you know, it was like, obviously he grew the beard out so that he would never have to shave, but he didn’t, you know, there’s, there’s bits of food in the beard or the shirt and the tie still have, you know, other there’s sweat stains, still sitting on the, the shirt underneath the, you know, the color of the shirt is got some extra stuff, kind of still sticking to it. And you can tell that this person has a certain level of hygiene that they’re maintaining or a certain level of personal care that they’re maintaining.

Or you can tell by the expense of the items, how much money they’ve made or how much they want to know that the reverse is true too. You can see some people are way too high maintenance. They are putting way too much time and care. And you’re like, okay, there’s that right? Medium, where you are accomplishing stuff in life and still maintaining. And then there’s the other side where you obviously took so much time maintaining that you didn’t accomplish anything Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I’ve known many people who take multiple hours to ready themselves because of the extra attention that they spend on themselves. And then there’s other people who don’t, who need to spend more than say three passing seconds as they pass the mirror to think. Yeah, I don’t think I see anything in my teeth currently, or at least that I can see. So I’m good.

I was like, no, no, no, you still need a brush just cause you don’t see spaghetti in your teeth doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be brushed. It means that you, you know, the need to pre, I love our pastor before he used to say that all of life going to church is like taking a precinct shower. Like if you’re waiting until you smell to take your shower, well, then you’ve got a problem Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. There’s an issue there. But if you are out there, making sure that you take your showers before you bump into that smell. Lovely. We’ve all, we’ve all had it. You’ve walked by bumped into somebody and you’re like, Oh wait a second. Yes, that is noticeable. And uh, I tie that in to saying that people do judge a book by its cover. And so how, what is the cover of your book looking like at your house?

Obviously on the exterior side, you want to have a, a yard that’s generally, uh, maintained, you know, you don’t have to keep it, uh, golf course level. Absolutely perfect. But at the same token, uh, there shouldn’t be like a, a dilapidated bus with a tree growing through it in the middle of the front yard. You’re like, well, you see, that’s actually where the, where I drove to one night. Uh, I gotta tell you, I was, I was a bit drunk that night, but I, you know, at least I got, at least I got the bus home problem is I don’t know where the keys are. So I’ve not been able to move in since, and, uh, I I’ve mowed around it. And yet you can tell the grass is coming up to about the windows of the bus. But again, I can’t, I don’t have a weed eaters again, Mo under it.

Uh, of course I was probably no grass growing under it since it’s blocking all the sun. But you know, you’re, you start when you start having to make excuses for why things are the way they are. Well, then you’ve let it go. And a lot of times we would enjoy something that is really nice and, and doing well Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. And most of the time that we don’t have nice and doing well is not because we don’t like nice anyway, well, we’ve let it get too far away from us. And what do I mean by that? I mean that you’ve let it go too far to where you mentally think it’s going to take a more effort than you either have the time and the capacity to do, or is it just disheartening? It’s like the team that gets a big enough lead. If you get a big enough leave, you lead, you demoralize the other team.

And by demoralizing the other team, you actually can coast on to victory without the opposition, because the other team will just let you win there. They no longer are trying. And then there’s other teams who never give up. They know that they lose the moment they quit trying to win. You don’t lose at the end, at the finish line, you lose at the beginning or in the middle where you stopped trying to win. If you don’t try to win, you won’t win. It’s that simple. The moment you quit. If I do not finish the race in life is not about finishing a race. It’s about keep racing because as badly as I can fail as badly as I can screw up, I can also tomorrow get up and start over Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I can then accomplish something more again. How many times have I have you known or, uh, run into somebody who is in their forties or their fifties before they hit real success or have got started their first business in their fifties or sixties. And it turns it into an amazing success story. The, uh, we are always trying to find that next great success. So make sure that you never give up. Never let it go by never step back, but always press forward. Always press in to what is going to happen next, because there’s always an opportunity. There’s always a window. There’s always a door that you can pass through.