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Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Can You Find Our Help?

Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow | Where Can You Find Our Help?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. Thank you for joining us as we go through another podcast series talking about, um, things that you can do, um, in this age and in this time, there’s always things that are universal truths, universal principles, uh, like the declaration of independence says we hold these truths to be self-evident. Um, that man was created and endowed with daily indelible rights from his creator. And some of those are life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Uh we’ve you know, you can go through all of history and assign different connections to it Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. I mean, there’s different ways of approaching human nature and the way that we do things, but there are some universals that overarch, all those things. Sometimes we come to the best of our decisions. I love CS Lewis. He described it this way.

He said that in all of human history, we have always seen or looked at, um, governments and the people that govern people and always said that these are imperfect. Like everyone is always striving for something better. There’s a utopia. There’s something that we believe that could be perfect out there. They can be at least much better or, um, a finer way of handling or dealing with stuff. And the question then remains, if, how is it that you know, that there’s a better way to do things? How do you know what’s implanted inside your soul? How do you know that there’s an absolute truth because if you are out there and you’ve eaten a steak and it’s the best steak that you’ve ever had, then how would, you know, if there’s a better steak? Like there wouldn’t inside of you Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. There wouldn’t be this itch saying that, ah, there surely can be a better steak because you’ve just eaten the best steak you’ve ever had or the best ice cream you’ve ever had or the best, um, the best rollercoaster you’ve ever been on.

You don’t finish that rollercoaster thinking. Yeah, it could be better. I’ve, you know, unless you’ve written on a co rollercoaster, that’s better than that. Then that is the best rollercoaster to give a good example of this. You watch TV from 20 or 30 years ago, and you look at the special effects there and you look in hindsight and said, Oh, it was a great movie. Then you watch it now. And you’re like, wow, this was so cheesy. I can’t believe how bad the graphics were Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. Now. The graphics are just perfect now. And then it was just so you know, so I can’t believe how awful it looked. And so you have these, these times of these, uh, spaces where you realize we have improved and you didn’t know at the time you could improve or what it could be like, but now that you’ve had it, you couldn’t imagine it without.

And so those are the parts I think that are the indelible parts of our nature, where we need to hold fast to certain truths, hold these truths to be self evident that we have a proprietary, uh, hold the things inside of you. That can be kept to the whole, the thing that can be used for a proper purpose. Uh, for example, if you have somebody take your stuff, well, that’s just, there’s something inside that just doesn’t feel right now. If I sold my stuff or I gave myself, like I choose out of my free will to say, I want to invest, or I wanted to give something to you. Well, then I can do that. I’m giving, I can do that investment. If I have something where I say, Hey, uh, I want to donate this well, then I allow somebody to take it. Or if somebody comes and offers me the right amount of money, I then let them have the thing because I’m, I’m giving to them so that they can have, uh, then I don’t need to have a, but if somebody comes and takes it without my knowledge or without my permission, well then I just, I I’m incensed.

I get, I get hurt. I, you know, I can’t take this anymore. I’d done. It’s not what I wanted. And so we need to have some of these things. And some of those are also what we do while looking around in society. What kind of world do we want to grow up in Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow? What kind of world do we want to be? Um, society people, uh, pressures will try to change that to their own making. And sometimes it’s a great benefit as we add in internet, as we add in, um, different ways to maintain communication and connect with people, it can be a great benefit. Uh, there’s also, it could be a massive trategy as you get in and you start seeing that, Hey, this is the way it was done before, and now it’s getting changed, but there’s no good reason for it to change, except for frustrating or irritating people or to try to control them.

If I tried to come in and tell you that, Oh, if you were to go back to, um, uh, Orwell’s 1984, and the guy holds up four fingers and asked him, how many fingers is he holding up? And the correct answer is five. Otherwise he gets shocked. Otherwise he gets, you know, some type of immense amount of pain. Eventually the guy becomes delirious and they’re like, what, what answer do you want me to give? Do you want it to be too? Do you want to be four? Do you want to be three? Do you want to be five? I don’t know. You know, whatever it is, I’ll just tell you that. And we can actually reshape our reality. Uh, yes. On one side on a high level thought, if you tell me that something is, well, then whatever word I associate with it is that word.

Now, if I try to take that word and change its meaning though, now the word is meaningless. It is useless. And you’ll just come up with a new word that creates four fingers. Even if I said five to four fingers. Well, now we know that one, two, three, four. With, if you have four of your fingers up, we’ll just call that five. Well that’s five fingers. It still counts the same. It still means the same. Does it mean if I added another one that it, that is now not five Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow, but we need to sometimes hold certain meanings, hold certain truths to be self-evident hold the line as a, the sort of like in the 300 where you look at it and there’s an onslaught. And a lot of times we want to just back away and just capitulate and just go along with the system just to get along.

But other times we need brave men to stand up in the face of danger as, and say, no, I’m going to make sure that this is something that is worth fighting for. This is something is worth holding onto. This is something that’s worth saving for the next generation. And we find these nuggets. We find these truths. We find these areas. Not because we’re going to fight them, not because we’re going to go out there and aggressively try to tear something down. We’re going to stand for the things that need to be stand for. We’re going to stand up and hold the line for the thing that need something to be held the line for. And there’s, uh, parts of our lives that really are immense and it can be malleable and can be changeable. There’s other parts that need to be rock solid and not and become immutable Carpet Cleaning Broken Arrow. So carpet cleaner told us since 1998, we are complete carpet.