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Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | Carpet Maintenance in Broken Arrow

Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | Carpet Maintenance in Broken Arrow


For the past two decades, Complete Carpet has created a well-respected and much-appreciated Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas! Since a young age, Nathan has always been surrounded by the carpet world! He started by assisting his dad with carpet cleanings and even carpet installations! Nathan enjoyed this line of work but decided the Tulsa area needed a business that focused more on the maintenance and upkeep of carpets rather than just replacement options! This business is perfect for people or businesses looking for a cheaper alternative to making their carpet look like new!

Our services have been perfected over the years and because of this, we only offer the best cleaning products and tools at Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow. Our customers appreciate this because it shows our dedication to performing each service to the best of our abilities and promises visible results! Some businesses request our services because they want to keep that “clean” appearance for their customers and clients, which results in their business being respected and maintaining their image! We also provide services for rental properties for move-in/move-out carpet cleaning and repairs.

As the years have gone on, people have steered away from us just being associated as a Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow by recognizing we have a handful of other beneficial services. Another service that we have perfected over the years is our furniture cleaning. Carpets and furniture go hand in hand because you can’t have a home without them! Over time furniture naturally starts to discolor just by everyday use, but when children or pets are added to that, that discoloration and amount of stains tends to increase! No worries, we can clean it all! With our combination of cleaners, disinfectants and tools, we are able to work on almost any piece of furniture; no matter the size or fabric!

Our community has shown our company many years of business and continues to expand our clientele! Because we greatly appreciate our community as well as the people in it, we have worked with Feeding Families since 2010. This organization works with Guts Distribution Center by providing fresh groceries to families that are in need of extra assistance. We take pride in our community and great resources like this one, so we donate $5 for every carpet cleaning we perform!

We are continuously updating our website with current service information, contact information and accurate current discounts and deals. You can visit it at to review all of this as well as watch a few of our client testimonial videos! We have a page for you to type in your name and contact information if you would like for one of our employees to reach out about your inquiry and to schedule your on-site cleaning consultation! If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t answered on our website, feel free to give us a call!

Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | All Service carpet business

Here at Complete Carpet we have been serving the Tulsa metro area for over 20 years and have been greatly appreciated throughout the community. We are a carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow Through the years we have widened our scope of available services by offering carpet patching, carpet stretching, furniture and tile cleaning! These services are priced as a base-rate pay that is multiplied by the square footage. We also provide a decent amount of possible add-on services that expand our ability to help you as well as additional convenience! If you’re wanting to freshen up your home or business, we are the right fit for you!

We are well known for being a carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow service in the Tulsa, metro area and surrounding communities. We are mostly down for carpet cleaning services, but also provide a multitude of other services. Our carpet patching and carpet stretching services are beneficial to people who are looking for cheaper ways to fix and clean their carpet. We are able to cut out stained or problematic areas within the carpet and replace them with a new piece making it look brand new. By stretching the carpet we are able to use the most amount of current carpet, making the patch smaller. What are the most common areas that we do this is for rental properties due to the multiple residents and the wear down of carpet.

Another service we offer here at complete Carpet cleaning in broken arrow is our furniture cleaning. We offer cleaning services for all shapes and sizes of furniture and even offer multiple add-on services to make this as convenient as possible. One additional service that we can add is cleaning all surfaces of each individual cushion and pillow rather than just what is visible. Over the years, we have conducted many experiments so we can promise the best results possible. Between our high-grade cleaners, and high-tech cleaning tools we are able to promise you satisfactory results, without damaging your furniture.

As a family-owned small business, we show our gratitude towards our community by helping the feeding family’s organization. We do this by donating five dollars for every carpet service to the cause which provides fresh groceries to families in need every Friday morning. In addition to providing groceries, we also provide a short sermon and worship ceremony for all volunteers, people receiving assistance and anyone else in the community to join. We appreciate all the businesses that the community has brought us over the years and I’m more than happy to be able to give back.

If you sign up now for a carpet cleaning service, you’ll get the discounted rate of $99 as we are currently running a discounted special. If you look on the website up at you’ll be able to see a wide variety of information, including some of our prices, cleaning services, information on the Feeding Families organization and even client video testimonials. If you’d like to schedule an on-site consultation at the required service area, give us a call at 918-494-7093.