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Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | Family-owned carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | Family-owned carpet cleaning


With many carpet services in northeast Oklahoma, we strive to stand out as a multi-generational family-owned Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow. While carpet cleaning is our most requested service, we also offer carpet repairs which include carpet stretching and patching. We also offer tile and furniture cleaning. Our services are performed in homes of all sizes as well as businesses! With these multiple different available services, we are able to help you keep your home or business clean, disinfected, free from stains and even tears!

Our love for this industry started back when Nathan, our owner, worked alongside his father at a young age helping him perform carpet cleanings and carpet installations. Even though we are mostly known as Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow, this company’s foundation was installation. Over the years, Nathan saw a growing need for carpet maintenance and steered away from full carpet installations. He did this because he wanted to provide a more affordable alternative to a whole replacement. By offering carpet stretching and patching, we are able to help customers fix only the “problem areas” of their homes’ carpet, which is a whole lot cheaper! We charge an easy-to-understand base rate that is calculated with the square footage of the service area, resulting in a financial cost that is expected from the beginning with no surprises!

We have served the Tulsa metro area for the past two decades and have worked hard to expand our business and available services other than just being a Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow company. On top of our carpet and other cleaning services, we strive to stand out by showing how much we appreciate our community and the business it brings to us by donating $5 from every carpet cleaning service we perform to the Feeding Families organization which provides fresh groceries on a weekly basis to families in need in the Tulsa area. Our company loves to give back to the community and has continued to help our business be successful!

Another service we offer for both homes and businesses is our tile cleaning. Customers appreciate the strenuous work that goes into cleaning their tile and grout to the point of it looking brand new! Tile is one of those situations where you have no idea how dirty it is until it’s completely clean! Our customers are always in awe after we perform this service and appreciate the years of hard work and knowledge that we use to create the best, most efficient ways to clean these tough surfaces!

Our website provides a variety of information including pricing, services available, client testimonials and much more! If you would like to schedule an on-site consultation at either your home or business, give us a call at 918-494-7093 and we can get that scheduled! If you are a new customer, don’t forget to ask about our discounted rate for carpet cleanings that we are currently running and how you can receive it!

Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow | Affordable and Efficient Carpet Repairs

Here at Complete Carpet, we received the title of best Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow after nearly two decades of satisfied customers! We provide carpet cleaning, carpet patching, carpet stretching, furniture cleaning and tile cleaning for all sorts of homes and businesses, no matter the size! We aim to make this process for you as simple as possible all while avoiding surprise financial costs. We offer a base rate fee for each service and have add-on options available at an additional cost depending on your needs, which is calculated by the square footage. By doing this, our customers are aware of the cost throughout the whole process

Even though we are known as one of the best Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow our other carpet services also offer great benefits for our customers and these services are being requested more as time goes on! Our carpet stretching and patching is an easy and cheap alternative to replacing unnecessary amounts of carpet by focusing only on the areas that need maintenance. We start by removing the area that is either stained or damaged, stretching the current surrounding carpet as much as possible, and add a new piece of carpet that matches up perfectly with its surrounding areas, making it look brand new at a fraction of the cost!

Another great service we provide is our furniture cleaning service! In the past, clients have requested this service when they use our Carpet cleaning in Broken Arrow because it helps illuminate the whole room and all its accessories by removing those grimy discoloration spots and making everything smell fresh and clean! We have compiled the perfect combination of cleaning supplies and tools for all sorts of different fabricated pieces of furniture. This base service is only for furniture that is visible to our eye without moving or altering it in any way. We offer an add-on service, at an additional cost, that we will flip over all sides of the cushions and pillows ourselves and clean all areas! We also offer a “move out of the way” fee for furniture that you don’t want to, or are unable to, move off of the carpet that is going to be cleaned!

Our services have been used in our communities for 20 years and one way we show our gratitude for the continuous business we are brought to, we give back to the community by donating $5 to the Feeding Families organization. This organization meets every Friday morning and provides fresh groceries to families that need assistance. This all started in 2010 and takes place at the Guts Distribution Center. This is typically followed by a sermon and prayer session for any volunteers or “customers” during this event that we have!

If you would like to schedule an on-site consultation for your home or business or discuss any questions or concerns please give us a call at 918-494-7093! We also have a website that showcases our efforts within the community, client testimonials, service information, and much more!