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Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Go Online To Learn More?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Go Online To Learn More?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s, and want to talk to you today about, uh, things that you can do to get the most out of your carpet. What are some tips and tricks? We are complete Carpet Cleaning Services in Tulsa since 1998. Please check us out, or you can find us on Facebook at, at complete carpet or Facebook forward slash complete carpet. So what are some of the things that you can do to maintain the health and wellbeing in your carpenter fire? Through here, it’s gonna be a pretty extensive list. I’m not going to give you a lot of back end detail because we’ve already done plenty of podcasts that have a lot of that back in detail. I want him more give you right now an overview and a quick overview to give you all the insight that goes in behind what it is he needs to do.

So instead of getting deep into the why, which we have always done a great job of right now, I just want to give you a checklist of things you can do around your home to help to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet. Your carpet is important because it’s one of the most extensive things that you have in your home. It does last a long time. You should be able to get Carpet Cleaning Services, Oh, anywhere from 10 to 50 years of life out of your carpet. And you say, why such a big range? What could, there is a large range of different types of carpets? So for example, if I have a, a, a cheap apartment grade or a builder’s grade carpet that costs seven or $10 a yard, um, it could last a decent amount of time, but it’s not designed with enough, um, carpet to really, um, stand up to save 50 years of wear.

Now on the same token, if you go in and you’ve got, say dealing with an issue where there is, um, you’ve got a lot of really big stick carpet, and it’s going to have a lot of extra wear and tear on it and you may get it and get it to design, to build a last for a long time. It will also on the same token cost more. For example, if you had, Hey, um, if you wanted to have a situation where you’ve got your tire, so we’ll lose our tires, we’ll be a good example because everyone has dealt with buying tires. We buy a tire and it has half as much rubber as the other, the next tire that you’re thinking about getting well, then you’ll immediately know, well, okay, I can get probably twice as much usage. That’ll be tires that have twice as much rubber on them because they will last twice Carpet Cleaning Services.

As long since I’ve got more that can be used or worn out a way before we actually get into using up the core competency of that particular tire. So when you’re dealing with all these different forms and functions and ideas, you end up with a lot of different competing thoughts as to why these things happen. So let’s break it down real simply, and just say more fiber in your carpet, longer, the fire carpet last, because it has more than 42, where with and deal with then, um, carpets with least less than it. So if you only got a carpet, that’s only gonna say, Oh, 10 or 15, let’s say 20, 20 ounces of fiber in the carpet per, and you went with a carpet that has 50 ounces of carpet in the area. We’re going to go back and look at it. If you go all the way back to Houdini, Houdini used to be famous for taking a bed of nails, putting it on his chest and letting somebody break a brick over his chest.

I mean, I gotta tell you right now, if you just thought of that and I just immediately say hard pass, I am not going to get into that realm of the idea of just breaking a brick on top of me to begin with does not seem like, I mean, there’s some things that are fun. Like, you know, we get in, I play with my son and then every now and then he’ll do something and he’s, you know, it’s, it’s the bull, it’s the bull in the China cabinet. It is the Matador type of a, a mentality that men get some times where they all of a sudden just get some thing in their claw. They get something there. Then it just says, I think I can escape danger Carpet Cleaning Services. And yet you can’t escape danger if you don’t actually find out for sure, whether you can escape danger.

And so you start putting yourself into increasingly more difficult situations. It’s the, it’s like the hero effect where you go in and you say, okay, if I can keep from putting my hand into that alligator’s mouth without the alligator biting down and ripping my hand off, then I was successful. But of course, if it’s a, if it’s a dead alligator, there’s really no excitement left in there. So you, you might practice with the dead alligator and just say Carpet Cleaning Services, Hey, you know, I wonder if, how fast I can put my hand in and out of the mouth before it gets bitten. And then you go out and you say, gee, I wonder if the alligator was not dead. Would I still be able to have as much success as I am right now? And then you go out there and you try and you say, Oh my goodness, I was successful.

I need to try this a little bit more. And you eventually get to the point where you realize, okay, I’m, I’ve taken this too far because now I’ve got live alligators and I’ve really ticked the alligator off. Like I, I punch it square in the nose first. And then I try to put my hand in that, I’ll get it back. He started to upping the danger factor. And so my son will do this every now and then with me, desperate pretend I’m the alligator. So I’ll do something he’ll kind of come over, razz me, tease me about something. And then he, he’s waiting to see if he can get a rise or a reaction from his dad. And if he does get a rise or a reaction from his dad, then the question is whether he can escape before the wrath of dad comes back.

Now, this is very different than say, star Trek in the wrath of Khan, which was a completely different movie though. Not too terribly dissimilar for what might happen. If you aggravate the Papa bear for too long, you sit there and kind of like, poke them, do them. And then you swipe at it and he Dodges back. He’s like, Oh, Whoa, Oh, you missed me. I’d be like, yes, that’s true. Okay. You do realize if I did try to hit you and I was connected that you would be in a world of hurt Carpet Cleaning Services. So I chose to hold back my entire strength just to like, make sure that you were having fun here. I do wanna enjoy it, but you are starting to get on my last nerve. And he turned around, swinging in the swing out and you, and you just barely cook them. And he’s like, Oh no, you, you got me that time. But man, next time, next time I’m going to be ready. You me ready? And of course now you’re prepared for it. You’re like, okay, I got to teach us a little whippersnapper lesson. He ledges in your swing for it. And we’ll also see end of our podcast here. So catch us next time on red carpet.