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Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Learn More About Complete Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Learn More About Complete Carpet?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine (184) 940-7093. And we’re going to continue a podcast talking about perspective versus reality Carpet Cleaning Services since 1998, we are complete carpet. Uh, so check us out on the web at complete carpet, And when we got talking about this particular topic, a lot of times people get a little automated to come on. We’re talking about something extremely boring, um, processing the thoughts of reality versus reality itself. And yet everybody gets down. We all feel often down, but you know what? You’re supposed to feel that, and you’re not always supposed to feel good. If happiness is always your state of mind, then how do you know that you’re happy? You wouldn’t know what happiness truly is without getting an opportunity to send some sad. There is a scripture verse.

The Bible says that you either hot or cold. If you’re lukewarm, I’ll spit you out of my mouth Carpet Cleaning Services. Now of course you can go into the depths of what that particular scripture verse means and the context of the people that he’s talking to. But if you just take it on a very surface, superficial level, it’s talking about the fact that hot or cold is a comparison. It is not a thing. You cannot say this is hot because anything that you would consider to be hot and cold to something else that that is higher temperature than this, that you thought was cold, hot, uh, and important example. We’ve always done this with kids in their schooling, but if you take your hands and you put them into a bucket of ice water, they’ve got this bucket of ice water, then you take another, another bucket and it’s got almost, you know, just as hot as you possibly can stand water.

So we’ve turned the temperature up to a hundred degrees, 105, something like that. So it’s like a, uh, like extremely steamy bath water. And then in the middle between those two buckets, you have water that seals at room temperature. Like it has no heat. It has no cold. It just is what we call lukewarm, but it is only hot or cold compared to the temperature of the room. So it is actually even temperature of the room Carpet Cleaning Services. So the room is at 72 degrees. The water is at 72 degrees. So we’ll have at room temperature. Now, if you take your hand out of the hot water and you put it into the at room, temperature, water, what happens? What is your response? What will you feel when that happens? And those of you who’ve ever done this experiment, you will know exactly that you will, right at that moment, feel a tremendous chill you’re at you will may even shiver.

There’s probably the hair on the back of your neck. Stand up a little bit. Your arms will probably get some shipper bumps. It’s very weird sensation because you are going from something that is much hotter to something that comparatively as much cooler. So you’re going to cold water. The water of the room Carpet Cleaning Services. Temperature is now cold water. You would consider that the cold cause you put your hand in there and it will feel like ice it’ll feel like almost a cold burning sensation, which is weird. It will feel so hot, but I see cold. And then if you take the other hand, had the same time and put it into the same room, temperature, medium water. You know, you, then the ice hand has been in the house. Physical stuff, we’ll have the reverse side. It will feel like it is on buyer. It will feel like you have just put your hand into boiling water.

It is this the weirdest thing your brain can not really truly discern between the two, because it will have said, okay, wait, hold on a second. This hand says, is this water feels like it’s freezing cold, but this hand says that it’s boiling hot, which one is true. And the reality in that situation is neither one is both of them are right. And you say, how can it be hot ankle? The same type of, because hot and cold is not a definition of a state of current reality. It is a comparison versus another reality. So to the hand that was in ice water, that is really hot water because the ice water was at 30 degrees or maybe 40 degrees. So it’s actually 30 degrees hotter than it was. So that’s a huge temperature jump. You just increase the temperature for him by 30 degrees going up to 70 degrees.

Now, if you go into a hundred degree water and you want to drop that temperature down to 30, that is a giant drop you’ve dropped a 30 degree drop instead of a 30 degree increase. Now you’ve got a 30 degree off Carpet Cleaning Services. You got a 60 degree difference between your two hands and your brain can not distinguish between those two and figure out what it’s supposed to truly believe. And a lot of our life is like that, where we have this 30 degree difference down or 30 degree difference up. And I think to me, that’s what that verse is talking about in the Bible where it breaks down and says, Hey, you’re either hot or you’re cold. If you’re lukewarm that you’re allowed. In other words, you stand for something you can pee. If you wouldn’t be noticed, if you’re in a room, if you’re a chameleon that matches your surroundings, no one would ever notice you, but he stand out as a bright blue or as a bright yellow for your hot or a say a cold blue.

Cause you’re cold. Either way, you are different than your environment. It can be the warm or cold and not like warm or cold, like a cold shoulder or hot fiery temperature. But just as a form of comparison, because hot and cold are comparisons. And so you need to be able to look and say in my life, how am I comparing things? Do we need to have those comparisons? I want to have a really dreary, I love to have jury rainy, wet days. They’re like, why do you like the wet raining Dreyer day? So because the days that it’s not raining, I can then go back and say, Hey, today is awesome because I didn’t like the rainy day, but maybe you like the rainy dreary days. And if all you have a rainy jury days, you won’t like them anymore because it’ll be too normal.

It’ll be like the room temperature. It’ll just become something that you can’t really taste it since healed because there’s no difference. There’s nothing to differentiate each day. They all run into each other Carpet Cleaning Services. Whereas if you have a really, really rainy day and then a great sunny day, and you’re used to the rainy days, you get that pallet cleanser. I call them pallet cleansers. I love the days that cleanse my palette, whether you love cold, I love hot and whatever you want. If you get that day, that’s a pallet cleanser, wipes out the constant normal that you feel and gives you that opportunity to, to sense some other things you didn’t know, Hey, do I like this other thing? Or am I more appreciative of the thing I already had perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.