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Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Visit Our Website For More Info?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Can You Visit Our Website For More Info?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s, as we continue on this thing of telling you why you should do what you should do, I would like to instill in you the concept of the importance of something that you do, because I was listening to a podcast recently for somebody who is trying to talk about the reports, by the way, I am Nathan with complete Carpet Cleaning Services. And this is a carpet DM podcast. We want to help you to give us a call today (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again. But getting back to what we’re talking about here is that if you have a plan, a, uh, let’s say a project and you’re going to go to Disney world and to go to Disney world, you must pack your clothes. You must get an agenda. You must have planned out, have taken time off of work and make sure that you got your tickets, got your hotel set up.

You’ve got all of the arrangements. You’ve set all these details up and you are working like 15 hours a day to try to earn the money, to make sure you can pay for all these things. You can afford this amazing vacation to Disney world. And so you get there and you, you would be excited throughout the entire process. Now, if you had a speeding ticket or if you had some big thing that you didn’t plan on doing, wasn’t your thing. Somebody came in instituted some big fine on you. You weren’t expecting well then trying to do that. Same amount of preparation work would be daunting and frustrating Carpet Cleaning Services. You’d never get it done by people dread their taxes and drag their feet and almost never get it taken care of because it’s not something that excites you. Something excites you. You’ll put all the extra time and effort in.

If you remember being in high school and you’ve got the boy or the girl that you’re supremely, you could stay till like two in the morning, just listening to him, breathe. You’re just talking and just want to be on the phone with that person, because everything about them just throws you and makes you excited. And then you get married. And the two of you talk like once a day, almost no one ever talked, but when you were dating, all of a sudden you had this thing, you could, you could stay up til three in the morning talking to this, the person of your dreams only to turn around and wake up at five in the morning to get ready for a heavy test or for school the next day. And you’d be happy to do it. You wouldn’t grumble and complain and be like, Oh my gosh, this person keeps me up.

So late talking, you’d be excited. You’d be like, man, I can’t wait until tonight Carpet Cleaning Services. Cause I get to have this marathon talk session with it, with her again. Cause you’ll be looking forward to it or the day of a, an exciting trip. If you’re going to get to go to summer camp and you get up there and you wake up and you say, no, ma’am what am I going to do next? What will be my focus for today? And you’ll say, wow, let’s I am going to get to go to an amazing summer camp and whatever you did the previous night, doesn’t matter because now you’re waking up and you go to that summer camp. They wake you up at like six in the morning, every day. And you’re just like, who are you excited to get up? And you just jump up and you’re ready to go. Cause today is going to be horseback, right? Today’s going to be swimming. Today’s going to be a shooting. Bows and arrows today is going to be canoeing, harassing or you know, whatever the day is going to have for you. It’s going to be there for you. But as soon as you get back, your mom tries to wake you up at even eight o’clock in the morning. And all of a sudden you’re like, Oh my gosh, mom,

Tired. I am just so tired. It’s been a week at camp. And I had to get up at 6:00 AM every day and then get up. Well, cause it was exciting. You did it with energy and excitement. Whereas now there’s no energy and excitement because you’ve decided that you have to be. So I would encourage you to find your, why find the thing that you’re trying to do. And I’m wanting to give you a bunch of different, good reasons for why keeping your carpet is in good shape is a profitable adventure for you, or also to give you an excitement for what is trying to accomplish and do. So. Carpet Cleaning Services told us since 1998, we’re going to go over quickly. The last couple of minutes here, I’m just going to go over the top reasons for getting your carpet done and what you can do and why it’s so exciting.

I know that you’re thinking how canCarpet Cleaning Services be a super exciting endeavor, but really it can be when you start thinking of what it can do for you. So the cost of carpet replacement, it’s probably one of the simplest reasons why you want to get your carpets cleaned is that you have to replace your carpet about 50% faster. If you, uh, if you don’t clean your carpet on a regular basis, carpet will probably last for, I don’t know, four to five, maybe six years, if you don’t clean it, cause it’ll eventually hit a point that it’s just so worn out and so dirty and so broken up that it’s very difficult to get clean. And if you do get it clean, it’s going to be very broken down and not looking great to anymore. And so the first thing is to save that money.

So if you said you put $5,000 in carpet in your home and it only lasted five years instead of 10, well then that’s a $2,500 loss because you got half of the value of the carpet out of it. Now you could say, but every year I’m cleaning my carpet. That definitely gonna cost some money. That’s true. It’s I say it costs you $200 a year to clean your carpets for five years. You’re looking at a thousand dollars until you say, okay, well then if I don’t clean my carpets for five years, I spent a thousand. If I cleaned my carpets for 10 years, I’m going to spend 2000. That’s more than likely, probably true. And then you’re like, well then that just averages out the same amount of money from a fiscal standpoint that I can either replace my carpet every five years or I can clean it for 10 years.

And I ended up roughly breaking even like, you know what? That is absolutely right. You would roughly break even over a five year or 10 year part. So just purely the money game of it is not something that will motivate you directly. Now it can, because if you could get 20 years out of the carpet will then shoot. You immediately start getting into really good territory because the pain and the frustration of replacing carpet can be a mince. Especially once you have all of your stuff in place. And then you come through to try to replace your carpet and realize I gotta disassemble the entire house to put new carpet event. That pain point all in one of his own can be a problem. So step part, number two. And the one I think is even more so, so you’re going to tie in that money.

What do you get for that money though? So you’re going to get at the end of the four or five years, you’re gonna have carpet it’s so nasty and so broken down that you cannot clean it or save it that you must replace it. Which means that for all of that time period, going up to the carpet being there, you are on top of carpets that are so bad and so nasty that you eventually, you just can’t stand to even keep them, which means you have to live a life on carpet that are so bad and nasty during the whole time. So quality of life, that is our second phase that we want to try to address it. Talk about here is the quality of life that is given to you by having keeping your carpets clean and doing a well good and well job with them. And that quality of life is an immense amount of stuff. Cause if you’re just walking around and your house smells funky and we’ve all come home to a house that smells funky, then you do not want to have any friends over. You don’t want to connect with people. Carpet Cleaning Services since 1998, we are complete carpet.