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Carpet Cleaning Services | More Than A Place To Go For Carpets?

Carpet Cleaning Services | More Than A Place To Go For Carpets?

Welcome to the cover DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to talk about, uh, here with complete carpet. We’re going to talk about the importance of a checklist Carpet Cleaning Services. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. And trying to get your carpets looking good and trying to get all of your house looking good. The checklist is an invaluable resource so that you do not have to try to memorize with your brain. Every single item. We try to do that, but the problem is that we are creatures of habit, but we also are creatures of attention. So the intersection between your habits and your attention is where, what you accomplish and get done happens. You got to have it of what you’re normally going to do and tell something, grabs your attention. We all had this happen to us, where we are sitting there.

We put something that we know how to make the, uh, boil the water. We know how to do the toast. We know how to cook the pizza. We don’t have to do whatever the thing is that we are doing. We are watering the yard and then we did it and something catches our attention and it holds our attention just long enough. We’ve seen every single, uh, spy movie or heist movie out there. They get out there and they, they run a elaborate con and the con is designed to 45 minutes of time. Distract the attention of the guard, distract the attention of the bank manager, distract the attention of somebody so that the second person can sneak in behind them. Do what they need to do. Change up some security codes, grab, make a copy of their key, do something that they’re going to do so that when this is all said and done, they have achieved the actual, the goal of the person that the gatekeeper was.

It proves to be there protecting problem, but they do not because they have let their attract their attention, distract them from their habits. The thing that they’re supposed to be doing carpet cleaning told us since 1998, we are completeCarpet Cleaning Services. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to getting your Carpet Cleaning Services, your castle back into a beautiful scenario. So here’s, you’ve got your attention. You’ve got your focus. You’ve got your practice. You’re trying to stay on top of what it is, but you need to merge the two, because if you’re just purely focused without letting your attention get to something, we’ve also seen the guy who everything’s on fire. Everything is burning down around him. All this stuff is happening. His and his he’s had his focus on, uh, he said his habit dictate what he’s going to do without letting him take his attention off of it.

So you put your attention on the things you need to be attentive of the things around you, so that you can be reactive. So you want to find the right balance. And a checklist is one of those things that really helps to make bridge the gap between being attentive and keeping with a habit. So I want to have that habit. You’re going to do it so blindly that you know, you’re running over sprinkler heads while the sprinklers going, and you’re still mowing the yard, topping all the sprinkler heads off. It’s like, Nope, that is not the price. That is not the proper way to handle that procedure. But at the same token, you also don’t want to be so focused and avoiding getting things done that you forget to ever turn the sprinklers on.

And so the sprinklers never get run because you forgot on the checklist to go turn them back on while you were mowing. So the checklist is invaluable because it gives you a set of proper. Like if everything on this checklist gets checked off Carpet Cleaning Services, you know that the basic, the core of it gets accomplished. Then as you go into each item, you can look at the single item and then start being attentive right now. I need to go turn the water, the sprinklers off. Okay, cool. Check. I’ll check that and go check, turn the sprinklers off as I’m paying attention to the world around me. Well, that was the secret. Once I’ve finished with the one thing to do, I then can look around the world to me, pay attention to things that are there. And then I don’t have to rely on my habit memory to know what needs to do next.

I just look at the checklist and then right there on the checklist that says, next thing to do is to mow the yard. Okay. I got it. All right. So what’s the pattern. How do I mow the yard? I get, do all the motion of the yard. And when I look at the checklist, I’m all finished. Yeah, I am done Carpet Cleaning Services. Let me look at my checklist, make sure I’m done. And I don’t have a check box next to turn the sprinklers back on. Well, drat, I forgot to turn the sprinklers back on. So you will then go over and turn the sprinklers back on and you’ll complete your checklist. Now you’ve knocked out everything you need to do now, you know, those, the whole process been done from beginning to end that you were able to pay attention to the things you’re working on without having to remember about what was the next thing to come, the similar we wouldn’t get up there and just wing it on a play or a, when you’re trying to shoot a movie, you don’t just get up there and think, ah, I think I know what the character might say.

No, no, no. There’s a specific lines that are there that you need to read and there’s a flow to it. Otherwise everyone would just show up this day on each day, that’d be like, Hey, what are you trying to accomplish or do today? And be like, Oh, I don’t know. I’ll just, whatever comes today. I’ll just fly by the bootstraps. And we’ll just, we’ll shoot that scene. No, no, no. They’ve got a plan way in advance. I have a checklist of all the things that need to be there for that particular scene to be effective. What cameras do they need? Where do they need to be set up? Who needs to have all the props in place who needs to have the mics set up? Where are the cameras going to be? Like? There’s a long list of checklist. Things that need to be done and accomplished before you can get on and start saying, okay, now we are going to start shooting.

So just to get up to the point that you would even have someone say cameras roll. Now the actor needs to have gone through a large checklist also saying, have I memorized my lines? How have I learned to see what emotions needed in this particular scene Carpet Cleaning Services? What is the music going to be like? What’s the tenor of the scene? What are, how are the other actors going to play this scene? How can I play off of them? And there’ll be lots of takes, but each of those takes needs to follow through. Otherwise you’ll have wasted takes where people don’t know their lines, uh, the prompts aren’t in the right place. They’re like, you know, reach behind you to grab gun. Where’s the gun. There’s not a gun in the scene. Okay. Well, as soon as the prop guy that forgot to check off the list, is there a gun in the scene?

I need to just pick up the hold when I’m going to Rob the bank, because it looks silly. If I try to Rob a bank and I’ve got no gun, I’ve got no way of being forceful. And this next scene, I’m supposed to take a shot. I take a drink from this glass. There’s no glass to take a drink from. So how can I clear my throat to make this impactful scene? Well, you need to make sure that your checklist has on there. All the things that you would need before you get started so that your critical thinking can take over.