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Carpet Cleaning Services | No One Can Really Get It Right?

Carpet Cleaning Services | No One Can Really Get It Right?

Welcome to the carbon DM podcast. And I am your host, Nathan Sabrina. And we’re going to continue today with the bleak carpet. We’re going to talk about how to maintain the wellbeing of your commercial. Perfect, perfect cleaning for since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Services to give us a call today (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. And in your commercial space, you need to set up practices in place to be able to get the purpose, to maintain the life and wellbeing of a farmer. Cause it was really disrupting the business. If it goes to replace all the carpet, because you have to move everything down for a day or two, and it costs a lot less money to maintain the carpet than it does to come in and replace the Carpet Cleaning Services. Especially if you’re a restaurant or something like that, because you’d have to on a yearly basis, replace carpet.

Cause it’s just going to get worn out. Some things you can do on most of our commercial places, especially like residential. We’re cleaning them every three to six months, as opposed to your it’s probably similar to your house because of your house. You got pets, you got more things there. They’ve got a larger stream of traffic and the traffic is not as cheering. People that come into your home typically are going to try to care a little bit more because it’s your house Carpet Cleaning Services. But then people in a commercial space, it’s not theirs. They’re renting the space, they’re borrowing the space. So, you know, they will try to maintain it. So you’re going to have to do a lot more upkeep and maintenance on your home than you would or on your business. And you would on your home because here people come in and they don’t think what is intrinsically best for the system.

Now you do have a few people like that for the majority people like, Hey, how can this business serve me? So if my kids still something on the floor, I’ll tell them about it, but I’m not going to do anything about it every now and then you’ll have that rare person. The kid may make a mess or a mistake and they go and they fix it. And I’m like, Oh, thank you. I’m so glad. There’s not. You gotta be like foot trip where they have every 10 to 10 to 15 minutes. Somebody makes the rounds to make sure there’s nothing out of place or off. So their facilities, their gas stations never get to a point of utter disrepair. They’re always being constantly maintenance so that each customer comes into that place has the same experience. So the three things that we’re going to advise you to do is to maintain two, keep, keep up, maintain and repair, keep up, maintain and repair.

So first you got to keep something up, which is just saying, as we go around, have we put processes in place that can naturally automatically on a systemic level, keep the flow of stuff going well, let me entry mat. They are going to capture dirt. She’s gonna to waste baskets around to make sure that people who have the throw, something away, have a place to put it. And it doesn’t just get set out and left out. We have no food, no shoes, no, whatever our policies are that says, Hey, if you’re out in the shop and the greasy shop, you can’t come into the property areas. Maybe you are, you know, all these different things that we do, make sure that we put in a process in place. That would be your, uh, the case of maintain the flow of dirt throughout the place. Second is our maintenance cycle.

And so this is where you’re not just having a process in place or a procedure. Now physically doing something about the dirt and the debris in the Carpet Cleaning Services. So this part, you’re getting into your maintenance side and take once a day, once a week, we a vacuum, those maps, we claim the trash bag. We clear out the trash receptacle. As we vacuum in the cubicles of the offices, we pick up the word move and we maintain our facility. Uh, we might clean it, say once a month or once a year, once six months, whatever the proper cleaning time is, we’ll have a carpet cleaner come in and get that taken care of. And then finally repair everything is typically only maintained in this aspect and when she was given to them. So if you get in there and you say, okay, here’s the deal. I’m going to give you this thing.

It’s got three rows of windows, but don’t worry. The windshield’s still intact. So I guarantee you, when you get back more glass, most broken windows, they’re gonna be gone because nobody’s gonna really care. How would you know which part of the glass is broken when the all the windows are broken? So if you give someone a perfectly good car with all the windows and casts, I guarantee you, the odds of them coming back with a broken window are next to zero because they knew they were given something that was in good shape. And so it’s very obvious that if they, they muck it up and they don’t give it back in good shape, who was to blame. And most of the average person does not want to be blamed for something that happened. We are definitely not generation Carpet Cleaning Services. Something happens. And even if it’s, even if it’s a tube, even if you just make a foul smell, most people won’t claim it they’ll blame it or they’ll hide him.

I don’t know what that felt like right there. Who are you looking at? Me? Where are you where you are you smelling to my direction? I don’t, I don’t remember what happened here. Not something I did. I’ll tell. You’ll have people who want to blame shift or Dodge the blame because they intrinsically want to try to cover their own track. So you want to get somebody, something that is already good. If the broken windows theory, that means if somebody walks by a business, they are very, very unlikely to pick up a rock and break the window. Uh, you know, unless you’re in some foreign riot, people don’t go around breaking windows. But if you walk by a business that has windows already broken and there’s a rock lane there, good chance, you could probably pick that rock up and throw it at the broken window because the window is already broken.

What would it matter if you throw one more correct? Because nobody will know it was you. And you’re just curious what it would be like to break a window. And so if you go through and fix all the windows in an area, then nobody will go through breaking the windows naturally. Now of course, some people will break the windows because that’s how the windows get broken to begin with. But normally with people watching people, aren’t going to do that. Cause they’re gonna maintain something the way that they repeat it. Carpet Cleaning Services since 1998, we are complete. Perfect. I get a call today at (918) 494-7093.