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Carpet Cleaning Services | Showing You What It’s Like?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Showing You What It’s Like?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina. And we are talking to desc here with complete Carpet Cleaning Services. We were talking about your pets and what are some of the builtin costs that you will have just to kind of assume assumed damage to your home. That will happen. So scratching of the back door, very common. We see this all the time. You do want to teach your pet to go outside. You want to teach them to let you know that they need to go outside. But a lot of times that means that they go to the back door and they fought it. So he can, sometimes I’ve seen a couple of customers put a bell there, so that as a pod, it will make a better noise, easier for you to hear, keep them doing it. You can also put a guard on the door, similar to a kick plate that you put for, um, people.

You come into the door and you kind of push it with your foot. So you’d put that metal KickPlate above the bottom and you can put one vertically. So the dog has a trach want to do is sort of similar, like with the cat scratching Carpet Cleaning Services, post your furniture, that would be a real normal thing for your furniture to get torn up on its corners, because the pets are going to get in there. And they’re going to want two dogs, a lot of times roll or rub against the corners. Whereas cats will claw at it with the scratching posts or with their clothes. And so they will have both of those issues can be resolved with on a cheap way for packing tape over. It kind of blocked them from it on the other way is just to train him. If he he’s like a shot caller or something that will, when they get near an area, we’ll kind of give them a light buzzer jolt and a few, three or four times with that.

And they’re going to not want to go near there cause they’re gonna associate it with some type of a negative pain response perfectly and told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. So you’ve got your pets in there Carpet Cleaning Services. They’re in your homes trying to create the right environment for them. You don’t want them to seem out of place. So you want to try and keep them in the type of place or in the type of focus that you really are hoping would work well. So what you do, you set it up the way they do benefit to them. Uh, one thing that we see a lot of, a lot of people have run into is that, uh, obviously we kind of joke about scraps around the table so there to consume your scraps, but also the more then your honor, the more they’re going to be hunting for and looking for people, food as the old adage goes, don’t feed the monkeys because now the monkeys will rely on humans to feed them.

And they will come out looking for people because they will learn the same way that we learned or general habit patterns. They learn the instinctual habit patterns of how to get the things that they want. Um, also a simple part is a lot of times people don’t think about it, that you’re going to have a dog Carpet Cleaning Services. It’s good to put a couple thousand dollars into training your dog. You’re like, wow, that’s kind of expensive. Why would I want to spend that much money in time? Well, you have a dog for 10 to 20, 10 to 15 years on an average Dawn. And during that 10 to 15 years, which has gotta be a good chunk of your life. Either your dog was going to obey you or it’s going to disobeyed you. You’re like, well, I mean, I can kind of get by. Let me tell you if you have a dog that when you say come it comes, sit and sit, sit, stay.

It doesn’t go anywhere. It will just sit there until you tell it to release or go. If you tell it down, it will lay down. I mean, like if you could just immediate control, like Amanda and it obeys, then you have a dog that you really like hanging out with and doing Carpet Cleaning Services. So also people like coming over your house because your dog won’t come over and terrorize him. It’ll just sit there. We also can teach him some useful things or one participant to bark on command or to no go sit spot trick. That’s not all just tricks is also a lot of it is function for them. And there’s a lot of dogs in pounds because the owners got the dog and then somehow assumed that I would train itself. And when it didn’t, they gave it back because they didn’t know how to handle the dog.

And a lot of times this is because dogs are wild animals. They’re not designed off the batch to be handled in any particular way. So they don’t come with some preset label or preset Cody mechanism already built in to where they just know what to do. You’ve got to take the time to train them. You’ve got to take the time to tell them, this is what I expect of you. And here’s what I want you to do. And once you’ve gotten that training set down and they come to come to him, you could really have a lot of fun with a pet. You can train cats too. It just takes a tremendous amount of effort. Carpet Cleaning Services is in our fiber. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today and get on the road to enjoying your clean carpets. Again, we’ll have hairballs.

And so there are some, there’s some foods that you can give them. It helps us really break up those hairballs doesn’t quite form as much, but you are going to be careful because as with everything you want it to have something that works well with a stomach. Cause if you give specialist food to an animal, they are just as prone to getting sick as we are. And every now and then they get sick and they will throw up or they’ll have diarrhea and it will come out the front or the back end. And you want to try to get on top of that as soon as possible. So the best tips that we have is to try to remove and capture as much as you can quickly using either a shot back a paper towel, a paper plate, you know, something to physically remove. You can even use a Ziploc baggy you just put your hand inside and then collect this stuff or use a, you know, similar to like when you’re taking a dog out, walking, you want to collect its pool.

You don’t just leave it everywhere. So you’ll take a little plastic bag, reach out and grab it and pull it into the bag. You want to get stuff off the carpet as fast as possible. So it doesn’t sit there and soak it. And they can smell to make a couple of products, a stain and odor remover, and also urine destroyer, both by nature’s miracle. I suggest people use the same line of products for all of the pet products that they buy, because there are multiple different pet products. And if you get different lines of chemicals, you may just be buying the same product over and over made by different manufacturers, as opposed to different products that will achieve and do different things. You’ve got cleaning. You’ve got sanitation, we’ll cover all the different products in the next podcast, carpet cleaning filters. And thanks in 98, we are complete carpet to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.