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Carpet Cleaning Services | We Are More Than Happy To Help Others Like You!

Carpet Cleaning Services | We Are More Than Happy To Help Others Like You!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and this is complete Carpet Cleaning Services, your complete carpet solution. Uh, talk to you today. I continuing our ongoing podcast series about all of the different things that we could try and help you with the health and wellbeing of your carpet, who want to try to tag into these things, tie them together, bring them all to one round point to a lot of these. You’re saying, what is it that you’re trying to say? Why did we go through all these different topics and concepts ideas? Well, your home carpet is a very high definite progress through where you will get a lot of life and usability out of your carpet, but that’s typically okay. Only happen when you are dealing with something that is of, okay, good concerns. You’ll end up with something that you really like to enjoy.

You want to get to get the left most usage out of it, but this only happens by changing the mindset and figuring out what it is you’re about to do. So that’s why we’ve talked a lot about mind shifts and ideas and relationship ideas to code concepts that you have so that you can then say Carpet Cleaning Services, okay, what is it that I’m going to do next? And you need to focus in on the thing that you want to do next. With a lot of times, we’re only doing stuff because this is the way that we were seeing. Do you not care about your carpet? It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your carpet just means that up until this point, everything that you’ve done, everything you’ve seen modeled for you, giving you ideas and concepts of people that carpet didn’t matter that much to them.

And that could be because they, their parents didn’t care that much about carpet Oregon. A lot of times, it’s just because people are just not cognizant or aware. I had one couple great young couple, and it was our first time owning a home. They had rented someplace before, but at the rental place that they were at the owners, I think it was an apartment that they rent every six months. They cleaned the carpet. So they never want to themselves thought about cleaning the Carpet Cleaning Services. Cause they never had to. Up until that point in their life, the place that they rented from always did it by the time they did think about cleaning their carpet because something big happened and they tried to clean up themselves and they weren’t sure. And when we got there, we said, Oh man, these carpets really cleaned up nicely. They didn’t realize how dirty the carpet had become.

And once we cleaned them, they looked at the carpets as they were being cleaned and said, wow, that’s a massive difference. I didn’t realize my carpenter. It becomes so dirty. And I said, well, how long is it Vincent? You had to clean it all. It’s been about a year. I said, well, when you get to six months, look at your carpet, take a, take a clean rag, rub over the carpet with a clean white rag and see if the CR uh, see if the rag comes back dirty. If it does then give us a call. We’ve got a six month discount. We can get you taken care. If you go over it and it still looks great. Well then wait until year. And so they called us back at like three months and they said, wow, I didn’t realize that our two dogs and our baby, that our carpets were getting dirty.

This fast. We came back over to clean it. And it was a monster different. They really saw a strong, tangible difference in the way that their carpets looked right there. And so we took that opportunity to help to inform them, to instruct them. It wasn’t because they didn’t care about the carpet. It was just, they’d never done it before. They didn’t have anyone to tell them that this was going to be the process. Carpet Cleaning Services So let’s go over quickly. Some of the different averages that you can try to base yourself upon. But the question here is not just, what do you need to do? I can tell you what to do. You know, every three to six months, if you’ve got pets and kids every six months to a year, if you only have cats or only have pits kids, or maybe one to two years, if you have no pets, no kids and you travel a lot or you’re just not, you don’t spend much time in your home.

Maybe you’re a executive worker. You work all the time. You only come back to your house to sleep. And so there’s just one or two people in the home at all to generate or create dirt in the different problem. Areas. Other times people are retired and they’re home all the time and they need to get the carpet cleaned more often because the two of them are always on the carpet. You know, there’s, there’s no breaker downtime. They just, they’re always there doing something. And so the carpet gets more usage. Think of your carpet, like your car. If you don’t drive your car anywhere, you will never wear out the brakes or the tires or the engine. Um, I had a friend of mine who had a Mustang and it was a 1960s model Mustang. And this thing was in perfect condition, had like 25,000 original miles, just, just sick and ridiculous.

And so that car had original, almost everything. And the reason it could have original, almost everything, even though it was a 65. So that makes it close to a 50 year old car with original. Everything was because it hadn’t been driven. There hadn’t been anything done outside of just sun and where damage Carpet Cleaning Services and which it had been garage kept even at that. So just, it was just a few times without 25,000 miles over 50 years is only like 2000 miles a year. So that’s a, maybe every other, maybe a once a month weekend driver, but you’d get out there and you say, okay, if I used it, I took that same car and said, well, thanks grandpa for giving me this car, which was not, my grandpa was not my car. But if I did have a grandpa gave me a car like that, I was going to go drive that thing.

I’m not just going to have a trophy in the garage. I’m going to go out there and you actually get to enjoy it. I’m going to drive around and get, get the field road with that car. So I’d be out there putting probably 25,000 miles in the first year on it because I’d make it a daily driver. I’d use it all the time. And if I did that, the value of that car would plumb it really fast and it would need it definitely in that first year, it needed new brakes, need new tires, need new everything. Whereas it had been able to go 25 years of his life without replacing any of those. Cause everything was still original. And so in our life, we have the same process happening with our carpet today, for something to last a long time, you would need to not use it. But on the same token, if you have something you don’t use well, then you’re kind of wasting your money Carpet Cleaning Services. You’re kind of wasting the experience, the time the functions, the products that you have, you want to actually get used for you, put your money into it. So why not enjoy it? Otherwise I’ve had quite a few customers put something together only to give it away to the next person perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carbon. Give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.