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Carpet Cleaning Services | What Are You Looking For From Us?

Carpet Cleaning Services | What Are You Looking For From Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast for continue continuing our process, talking about Carpet Cleaning Services and getting your carpet clean in both your home. But also now we’re focusing more on the commercial space. We want to go back and review some of the things that we talked about before, because commercial spaces can be maintained. They just needed to have more work and care put into them than you would in your home, because your home is simple because you have more control over the people that are there. Whereas in a commercial space, it’s duplicated do not have the same type of control. Yes. Would you like them all to do the better at the stuff that they do? And when you ask them to do something there that they will do it. That would be the optimal path. But the reality is, is that most places, when the PA is a way the mouse will play is the old adage.

So when you’re in a commercial space, as somebody is coming in and out of the office building, unless there’s a gatekeeper right there, keeping Eagle eyes on all of them. When somebody looks away, then somebody goes, ah, I don’t normally like if you don’t have a habit of normally washing your hands and nobody’s making you do it, you won’t jump over there and just be like voluntarily, Hey today, decided they’re gonna do some extra hand-washing no, you’re going to say, Hey today, I’m not going to wash my hands because nobody’s here. I don’t have to not, you know, some people do stuff because that’s the way they are other people do because they have to. And the moment that they don’t have to, they’re not, it’s not an internal motivation. It’s an exterior motivation.

I think it’s important as you’re going through your life. I have to make sure you keep those two together because the interior motivation, extra motivation. We want those to have the same effect on our lives so that we live a life. That’s easy to remember Carpet Cleaning Services. Otherwise we’ll be flipping back and forth. Trying to figure out is things that I’m going through. Um, am I acting consistently? And is it something that I can make sure that whenever somebody asks me to do something that I will be recalled reliable or trustworthy, and trustworthiness is a hard thing to earn and an easy thing to lose. And we are very skeptical at nature. And so we typically will look at something as a, we just assume that we’re going to be screwed over that. We’re going to be taken advantage of. So most of the time we will not let somebody get that close to us until they have spent a sufficient amount of time earning our trust.

Now, children, on the other hand, they, they trust very easily. They get in there and they say, because they have not been scarred in a way that adults have over the years. The problem is, is that typically as adult now, should you be very cautious and leery about who you let into your life and who do you connect with? Absolutely. But this, everyone that you connect with is, are they all gonna screw you Carpet Cleaning Services? Absolutely not. Because in the most part 99, nine, nine, nine, nine virtually to infinity percent of your life, you will have good people doing what they said. And then very rarely every now and then you’ll have somebody in the parish come in and take advantage of your trust and do it. Everybody. At some point in their life is going to get Robbie. We don’t want that to happen, but that’s just a fact of life.

It’s unfortunate. I’m sort of like, everyone’s going to be get a, some type of a automobile moving tickets. You’re getting a speeding ticket at some point, or they’re getting an accident. Something will happen where you go through. There’s a few people is that unicorn they’re like, I’ve never had an accident when the reality is everyone else, at some point has had an accident in their life, whether it was their fault or they were in the car that got into an accident. And so you now realize that’s just the flow of life, but most people do not have more than one accident in a year. If you do, you’re going to get into some definite trouble or be overruling the situation. So you can’t base all of your processes and fear and say, I’ll never get into the car because I’ll always die. Every time I get in the car.

When do you know that the reality is that 99% of the time you get in that car Carpet Cleaning Services, you are doing just fine. Others. That one little time that something happens that we need to make sure that you are paying attention, keeping those things in mind, as we do stuff and building up that trust cycle with somebody is one of those easy ways to try to do that Carpet Cleaning Services and told her from 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying clean carpet again. Perfect diem, seize your thing, purpose today. So in that aspect, make sure that you choose habits that are repeatable by everybody in your office, but you know that if you’re not paying attention, they are not going to follow them. You need somebody that will follow up. Somebody that comes in and says, okay, here’s what we’re going to do.

Here’s what we’ve got designed. And here’s what I expect from everybody to try to get, uh, get this accomplished. Well, people want to do it. Of course. Now we always want to do the least amount possible so that we’re we’re efficiency beings at heart. You can also say that we’re lazy beans at first because he wants to try to get something for nothing. But we also go work hard for the things that we know that are matter, but giving yourself something to try to help get you into that point where you understand the why they didn’t want to talk about it. You don’t tear it up with longevity of the Carpet Cleaning Services, never clean it and just replace it. I’ve got some people that that’s the way they live their life. They’ll get a car, they’ll enjoy it. And then once they’ve enjoyed it, they will then take and use it until, you know, then two or three years. And they just turn it back in. They don’t do any work to it because they don’t want to have to worry about cars at all. And so they spend new money all the time to maintain a car that they don’t have to care about. Anything happened to it, then send it back to the dealership or they just get a new phone. Other people maintain their phone. They keep them for 20, 30 years. I’m going to be right on top of this. I’m not going to waste my time.