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Carpet Cleaning Services | What Are You Searching For Now?

Carpet Cleaning Services | What Are You Searching For Now?

Perfectly. And in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Services. Give us a call today at nine (182) 494-7093. Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And we’re going to continue to talk about how I’m doing and functioning and figuring out what the best thing is because navigate you or propel you into excellent getting to that next level of brilliance. Getting that next level of excitement, I think is important. Sometimes we put a halfway effort in and we say, I don’t know if this is my, my best, or this is my greatest that I have done, but we do at least want to have said when we look back on our life, that we’re proud of our accomplishments and actions. And so part of that proud of accomplishments and actions and part of that retraining, the habits that we have is coming up with an understanding of why we need to change the habit that we have.

And so one of the things we want to have been talking about recently is how about getting your carpets in the best shape they are. So you can get longer life out of your carpet by, um, cleaning them on a regular basis. So you’ll actually save money on the replacement of the Carpet Cleaning Services. You’ll be able to keep a carpet. You’ll save the frustration in time because you won’t have to move all of the stuff in your home, out to replace all the carpets you will to just keep the carpets in place for longer. And then next, you will have a, an environment that you are proud of. Cause so many times we’ve all been over to a friend’s house where their dog is the King of the roost. They have decided that they have been, they will potty train themselves to go on the carpet, the cat, the dog, the fair at the hamster.

One time I came into an area and they had a house funny. Now I know you’re thinking house bunny. It must be something to do with Hugh Hefner. Now this is not that type of bunny. This is a physical real bunny. This is not anything to be naughty and dirty with though. I have to say that, unfortunately, because they had let it roam the house. Things were a bit dirty, but they had tried to litter Mark’s training and they were doing a pretty good job. The problem is is that they had litter box trained it to a litter box that nobody cleaned. And so this litter box was literally just a pile of money

Mountain. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. Okay.

Let’s say that the rabbit after eating had gone over and left, plenty of deposits in this mountain of stuff, and these deposits were now spilled all over the floor

Room smelled. So, so super strong

And that room smelling so super strong, like rabbit mountain, who that now everything smelled that way throughout the whole house. Sort of like if you have a rotten banana in a room, the whole room smells like rotten bananas Carpet Cleaning Services. And so you’ve gotta be careful. I said, we got the carpet cleaner. In that case, we got them to be much better smelling, but because it was such a long drawn out suspended probe and the biggest Springer problem. There’s a lot of these things. We are getting you to a better place, but if you don’t change up the behaviors that got you there in the first place, well, then all we’re doing is restarting it. That’s not a bad thing because if you wash your car, you don’t ever stop say, well, I have washed my car. That is it. I never have to wash my car.

You know, you realize that each time you drive, you sent me rain. You time it rains. You send me to go anywhere and do anything. Well, then that car is going to need to be washed again and then wash it again. And then wash again as a, uh, uh, Jerry Seinfeld used to say once, and I just thought it was really hilarious. I think it was in the Netflix special. He said, I don’t understand why parents care about their kids. Um, losing their appetite. He said, because when I had kids, I tried to get them to lose their appetite. And guess what? That thing just came back. I mean, evidently multiple times a day, you have to keep feeding and watering your kids. And I think to a degree, sometimes we think that way, we’re like, well, I wish I could just take this pill and one time eat, but there’s such an enjoyment that you get from eating your food.

That if you just only did it one time, you’d miss out on a lifetime of other enjoyment and benefits. And it’s not something you have to do for 12 hours a day. It’s something that you have to do a couple of times here and there. So making sure that you maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet, as you’re working through all the different avenues and facets will help you to maintain that space. So the way that your carpets smell can dramatically affect your environment. And if you have carpets that just are just, you know, uh, above and beyond, they’ve pushed past the limits of regular information. You say, Hey, this is not what I expect. This is not the thing that I want to give to other people. Cause each time that dirt builds up in your Carpet Cleaning Services and it gives it some things you absorb and get new smells.

If I pour milk into your carpet, it will smell very sour. It will be very solid smelling. And then as it sits there, it will no longer just become sour, smelling. It becomes sour looking, and as it becomes more sour, looking, it eventually builds up and has more qualities and characters that just will cause you to feel nauseous when you come into the room or get around the different areas that are happening. So you want to make sure that you are maintaining the health and wellbeing of your carpet because it maintains the health and wellbeing of your home. You can get a Carpet Cleaning Services done and that can almost instantly dramatically change up the entire environment of your home and the way that you are perceiving your health in a way that other people perceive your house as they come to visit you and they will get there and you’ll see them and they’ll say, Oh, okay.

Now I understand that this is being come in an issue of things that I have dealt with for such a long time. And so, which is a long period, but you can, in one day make such a dramatic difference. It’s kind of like painting your home. Once you do make that choice, make you do make that decision. That quick paint job can all of a sudden change the entire function and dynamic of your home, to where what you had once had before no longer is there. If you had pink walls throughout your entire house. And I went through and painted them all blue, you have made a, a dynamic shift to the feeling and the culture of your home Carpet Cleaning Services Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.