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Carpet Cleaning Services | What Is An Even Better Way To Find Us

Carpet Cleaning Services | What Is An Even Better Way To Find Us

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host and Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning Services. And we’re going to be talking to you today about tile tile. Cleaning can be one of those things. We just have a lot of mysteries and question marks. And gee, I wonder about these things. So we’re going to help to unravel those mysteries. Those question marks. We wonder about these things in a world where everything is changing, ever meeting. Sometimes we get a lot of stuff that we know is just propelled it at us. I want to give you some good advice that I got from someone long ago. He said always weigh the maintenance cost of everything that you do. And this is an important thing, because a lot of times we don’t follow this advice. We just, we see new, we see shiny, we see a thing that we’d really like to get.

And then we don’t think about what the maintenance cost is. We’ll go over just a few things here, and it’s not an extensive list. It’s just a few highlights to try to help the people that are dealing with stuff as they go throughout their lives. If let’s say that you got a weed eater, so your weed eater will work great until it doesn’t, obviously that sounds a little simplistic, but nothing lasts for, you’re not gonna have a weed eater you’ve used for 40 years. You know, you’ve got that weed eater and you going to use it for a while, but if you bought the weeder purchase, the waiter never used the weeder for I’ll give you a good example. Here. I went and I bought a Jeep and I’m rebuilding the Jeep. I’m doing a lot of stuff to the Jeep to make the new Jeep amazing and awesome Carpet Cleaning Services.

It needed a lot of work though. Like it wasn’t, you know, it was in condition that I bought the whole thing for a whopping $700. And you’re like, Ooh, man, the reason I got it to 700 from 900 to, I told the guy, I said, look, I really want to buy this. But unfortunately I’ve only gotten 900 bucks and to go and get your Jeep, which doesn’t run, that doesn’t move right now. I’ve got to rent a trailer Carpet Cleaning Services,  I’ve got to rent a truck. I’ve got to drive out four hours away to come get it. And so I would love to buy it. I promise I will buy it from you when I get out there, but I need, this is all the money I’ve got to do this way. So if you can,

You can let me use this cash. Okay.

$900. I’ll use 150 for this. And I get all the rest of money to you. And he said, okay, deal. You just need to get it gone. He didn’t have anybody who was really interested in. I was the first person I’m interested in. So sometimes you’re just having a deal and getting something done is better than waiting for the proper moment. And there’s a lot of times in life, we need to make that decision. We sometimes want to wait for the proper moment. If I have the capacity to wait. And some of these are not pressing Carpet Cleaning Services, I’m not going to give up any price. I’m going to wait for the person who really finds value in the thing I want to give away. But I think I want to sell so that I make sure it goes to the right homes, but there’s other times where right now I can not do the next thing, because this thing is in my way, for example, if I need to move for a job, let’s say there’s a job called me and said, Hey, we really need you, Nathan, you’ve got your skill sets.

We need that skillset, but we need it here. And name your state Carpet Cleaning Services. Let’s say I’ve got to go out to, uh, all the way to Florida. We’re going to all the way down to the South East, all the way down into the Gulf. We’re going all the way down to Florida. And so that house that you own there in, you’ve got two options. When are you going to sell it or two, you’re going to rent it. And I decided I do not want to be an out of state renter landlord. So I’m going to definitely sell it. But if I could just Mark it at normal market price, I know that houses in my neighborhood can take six months, two years or so. And so if I want to try to get full price for it, then I need to wait a while to find the right buyer.

Who’s going to come in and buy it. Now on the same token, if I just drop it by 10 or 20% from the market in the neighborhood, I may make my neighbors a little upset, but somebody is going to look over and say, Holy crap, I going to save, let’s say $300,000 home. I could save 30 to $60,000 off the price of that home. I’m gonna be taking a bath. I’d lose a lot of money on that home. Yes, there’ll be a financially. That’d be a bad idea. But if I’ve got to be in Florida in one month and I have no other recourse or choice, because this new job is going to pay me double, then I can’t sit there and just hold onto the house. Cause how much will the house costs me per month to maintain until it’s sold? Even if I paid somebody as a house sitter to come over and check on it, just to keep the lights on the gas, the utilities, to keep the, uh, uh, to pay, keep paying the mortgage on the house and keep paying the taxes and interest and the insurance.

And you’ll make sure it’s insured. Um, I think it all comes out to about two $2,500 a month, roughly. So if you’ve got $2,500 a month for 10 months, you’re looking at $25,000 to try to maintain that home that you’re not going to be in. And so, you know, you’re looking at it from that perspective and you say, wow, it’s okay for me to take a $30,000, cut down the price of the home. If it can sell right away, if it sells right away. And I don’t have to spend another 25 or 20,000 or 15,000 or 10,000, however much money to keep the home and have to keep worrying about it, maintaining it and caring for it. And I can just go right onto whatever my next thing is. Well, then I’d be willing to take that discount. There’s other people who are going through a divorce and they have a, they’ve got a certain amount of time to divvy their assets so they can go through the divorce process and they can’t get divorced until all the assets are divvied.

And so they may, you know, more of a fire auction. So I’ll just say, Hey, whatever we can get for this, almost get it as fast as we can because whatever leftover we’ll just go to, we’re just gonna split between the two of us. And so you may want to try to get out of there because the goal is not to make money in the house. The goal is to finish dividing the assets so that this divorce could be over with because a lot of times divorced by the time you get to the distribution of assets, it’s not like it’s not something you just now started to think about it. Typically it’s something that you’ve been dealing with and fighting over for a long time where you finally come to some type of solution in which it could be years in the making. And now you’re saying, okay, Hey, we need really to move on to that next phase of our life Carpet Cleaning Services. I don’t want to just keep worrying about it, dealing with this it’s time for us to partner our ways and move on. So I’ll just take whatever offer we can get perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. They’ll give us a call today at nine one eight four nine four seven 309 three. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, carpet DMCs, your clean carpets today, or give us a call today and find out what we can do for you.