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Carpet Cleaning Services | What Is The Best Reason To Find Us?

Carpet Cleaning Services | What Is The Best Reason To Find Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas today. We’re going to talk about commercial carpet cleaning Services since 1998. We are a complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. There are two types of commercial carpet cleaning that can be done. You’ve got your standard carpet cleaning, which is for say executive offices. I might have a Oh a corporate office where he, you do everyone there wear suits and ties. Uh, it’s a very formal place. You don’t have any direct business traffic. Uh, this is more for, um, office personnel phone answering. You might have a travel agency that you do out outbound and inbound phone calls or a insurance agency. And you’re trying to maintain your customer database by, you know, I’ve got a call center where everybody calls out and tries to receive stuff. And so this type of area typically has in place dirt.

Uh, the people are not and get it up and traveling around that much. Typically they’re sitting in their cubicle and the best way to maintain the carpets in an area like this. This is to a, do the three part system to maintain a dirt flow through the environment. So, number one, you need something outside to capture the dirt before it ever gets inside of your building. This will be your entry mats it’d be, or places around that will be only kept through your both entry and exit map. Um, so you want to make sure the backside or the front side of the building, that’s something there as you’re coming inside the building, you want to have a rug there to knock off some dirt and you want to have something inside the building when you get there also depends on the knock off center because Matt at times could be dirty.

Whereas the inside Matt can also be dirty. And so you want to make sure that you are maintaining the health and wellbeing of that carpet at all times. Perfect cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So those rugs are going to capture the dirt off of your foot before the Carpet Cleaning Services does. Now something’s gonna knock the dirt off your foot. The question is, what will it be? Will it be something small and easy to clean, or will it be the large carpet that goes throughout the whole facility? Uh, the next part that you want to try to do is that now the carpet, and let’s say the rugs did their best, but the rugs are dirty. As a now people see aren’t getting as clean on the rug. So obviously you’re now needing to come in and say, dirt and debris is getting on the carpet and it’s on a rug.

So if it’s on the carpet and more than likely already has gotten through or on the rugs. And so you then have to go to stage two, which is cleaning the rugs or cleaning the carpet with regular vacuuming, just a standard pick up the dirt that’s there and move it off depending on the traffic in your building. This may be every night, you need to have a cleaning crew, come in and clean everything up. But maybe once a week, um, I probably wouldn’t go more than once a week just because you’ve got people that are active in a building and they typically have choke points. And so you’ll have the point where everybody’s going to have to cross through. They make it all go to their individual cubicles. So their cubicle is not that bad, but the hallway getting to all 50 cubicles is going to get hammered because 50 people walk down that hallway.

Whereas only one person goes into each, uh, going up to the bathrooms, going up to the break room, coming into the building. Sometimes there’s only one access point into a building. And so that access point means everyone that walks in and out of that building crosses that particular access point. You want to make sure that that area is vacuum on a regular basis. And then at a certain point, there’s a third part to your PR process to try to get those Carpet Cleaning Services to maintain look well in your carpet area is two that you go through and not just have your access points and not just vacuum areas, but you’re never going to have to actually clean the carpet. That’s actually, what I’m working on right now is cleaning and industrial carpet area. So they, this particular case, they moved all the furniture out so they could get the carpets looking as good as possible.

And we’re getting the Carpet Cleaning Services is looking really, really great, but because it is more industrial, it has gotten a lot more grease. Carpet will react to grease. You can get it cleaner, but you can’t get it all the way clean. If you’ve ever been around, I’m a mechanic. They can wash your hands. You can staff orange, they can do a lot of stuff, but eventually that sustains their skin kind of thing. So until they grow out another layer of skin, that mechanics grease, it’s still sitting there underneath the fingernails and around the cuticles and kind of just down in their poems. And you do a really good job of cleaning it out. But after a while, those, uh, that grease trap stuff into it, or it starts to get like metal shavings or depending on what the type of places, a lot of dyes are made off of those types of things.

Anyway. So once it really gets ground into the Carpet Cleaning Services, it gets ground in there, but you can get a lot of it back out, or you can at least get it to where it’s clean and sanitary. The color of the carpet may be a different color, but you can remove the vast majority of the debris. So as you walk across, you’re not going to get dirty from walking on the carpet, the carpets will get clean your shoe. And that’s that inversion point that happens. We’ve all had that happen within, in a house or been in a situation where by walking across the floor, our shoe did not get clean. Our shoe got dirty. And so you’ll have a, let’s say a commercial kitchen. This can happen a lot in the commercial kitchens where they don’t maintain the cleanings. So stuff falls on the floor. They push it aside, they wipe it, they clean it, but eventually it gets this buildup, this cakey build up across it.

And so if you walk in there, you feel this kind of sucky sound, this sticky sound is your feet. Stick to the floor. As you’re trying to get across the floor. Now you can realize about bottom and your shoes are dirty anywhere that you walk afterwards with the shoes, it’s going to leave that dirt on him perfectly. He told us since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Services. Remember in high school, we had a gymnasium and it had been painted blue and yellow. And so the main part of the gymnasium was yellow. And the lines that went around, it were blue because of this. They use just standard paint. They did not use the proper paint that you’d use for a flooring surface. As we walked on it, the paint had gotten old and all of our shoes were white and they now were yellow. Cause the paint dust that we had walked on and we’re breaking down, was now getting all over our shoes and causing our shoes to be all messed up. So we had to go through scuff it all up and repaint that entire gymnasium, just so that we can get the flooring surface that we could play on again.