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Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Are We Helping You Learn More?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Are We Helping You Learn More?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Supria. And I’ll give you a brief tour today about some of the things that we do that come into the process of your home. When you’re getting your carpets, clean Carpet Cleaning Services since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your home. Again, we talk about this all the time, but I think it’s a point that we should just drive home. Every single episode is that your home is your castle. So enjoy your castle. Enjoy the life that you have and you live in and also enjoy your work and your job. Sometimes that means that you really enjoy the things that are happening to you. Other times. It means that you happen to enjoy life, regardless of the things that are happening to you.

There’s plenty of times that I have had the perfect life. Just the way I like it. And guess what? Everything is almost a little bit too idyllic, a little bit too. Perfect. And so, you know what I do as a normal red blooded male, who is, should be happy about all things. I start to invent stupid stuff to complain about. We’ve all been there at times where everything’s going great, but we just want to be in a bad mood. And so we just crouching complain and grumble about something that really doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. But for that moment, boy, since it’s like, we’re just looking for things Carpet Cleaning Services. There’s, there’s a press, the mystic, there’s the optimistics and the neutral people who are kind of like the peacekeepers who don’t really, you could say, they say the realist maybe, um, and all of these different three groups have to somehow align to get a project done or get things accomplished your pick out. And the more I delegate, everything is going, the more aggravates the pessimists and the more frustrating things are, the more difficult and contrary they are, the more it aggravates the optimist, because there are just looking for the reason why things can be good. And where’s the pessimist always looking for the reason why things aren’t going well. And so if you just have all eternal optimism, uh, they had a

I’m famous, uh,

Scene in the matrix and it’s towards the, I think it was in the third, second or third movie. And they’re talking to the architect, the designer, the computer program, that computer programmed, all of the major can design this whole world to try to keep placate humanity in this mental scape. I apologize if you have not seen the matrix, I just ruined it all for you. But so here is the, the scene they’re talking and he says, well, so what is going on here Carpet Cleaning Services? Why did you, why did you do this? Why did he create? He said, well, the first thing we did was we created a perfect world. Like nothing was wrong, everything was happy, everything was good and said, and nobody would believe it. So the minds craved or needed some type of problem, some type of thing that is wrong or they need to fix, or that they could improve upon.

Or they’d like their mind did not believe that things could be perfect. I dealt with it. So we actually had to start programming in errors and programs and things that just go against the very concept of beautiful programs. But somehow your crude minds needed have a, something, a problem to a thing to complain about it, something to strive for. And on one side, obviously that’s not entirely true, but I emphasize it is a good peek into what it is that drives Carpet Cleaning Services. It motivates us. Uh, and I believe that it is the very core of being a human on the earth, that there was a God who created us, put us here on this planet on purpose and in that creation and inputting us here in this world, he also created a world that could not operate in and of itself. It does operate without people needing to be involved in it.

There is a lot of autonomy and things that happen all on its own, but everything that we put our hand to can improve, it can get better if we can improve the world around us. And by that we have a necessity or a value. We now have a value proposition that we give to the world. You can leave your garden. Cool. So you can just leave the garden there, which is a garden, but have you tend to that garden Carpet Cleaning Services? If you do something in that garden, if you take and say, this is the garden that I have made, hi, my hands have groomed it. That garden will respond. It will respond with pruning. It will respond for the right amount of care, making sure that you have the right plant for the right environment or creating an artificial environment to get plants, to grow in places that they weren’t designed to grow.

We have an amazing capacity to do amazing things. I tell everybody each and every day be amazing. Today is your best day. They’re like, well, no. I mean, I remember someday I’ve had, that was better than this. And he’s like, yes. So go ahead, capture whatever you remember is your best day and recreate it today. You’re like, well, I can’t because, and then whatever you fill in there, I’m going to tell you hogwash because of whatever you’re going to fill in there is somebody else creating a day that they want. Then you could say that, Hey, the world just happened. Maybe I’m in the middle of a storm. Maybe I’m in the middle of like, Hey, if I’m in new Orleans and it’s hurricane season, or has a good chance, I’m going to end up underwater. But the reality is is that you already knew that just the fact that you’re creating and telling me the excuse, it means that you have already deduced and reasoned out what is going to happen.

So knowing that now you can prepare. Now you can just say what would be amazing if I was in a situation where it’s all water, what would an amazing day look like in that scenario with those qualifications? And then you go out there and you make that amazing day happen. Some things just are not simple and cut and dried. Some things are dynamic where we just get out there. We respond on the fly to the things that are happening around us. Some of those things may not be happy. Some of those things may be, but the question is that if everything was candy, if everything was sweet, then nothingness sweet. And what does that mean? How does that affect you in your life? Well, let’s see if everything is sweet, you don’t know what a sour, if everything is happy, you have no idea what a sad, there’s no point of reference references. The only thing that we have, for example, there is no Hotch and there is no cold. A lot of times we say, Oh, yes, that is hot. Or yes, that is cold, but you have to have a reference. Well, could it do this in the next podcast, Carpet Cleaning Services since 1998, we are complete to carpet.