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Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Are You Looking For Advice?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Are You Looking For Advice?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena. And today I want to talk with you about the importance of trying to keep your carpet in well, maintenance and health Carpet Cleaning Services. The main reasons that you want to do this is that you’re wanting to try to keep, uh, your carpets for a long time. Perfectly. He told us since 1998, our complete carpet to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on your road to enjoying your carpet again. So to get to the best life out of your carpet, you want to make sure that you maintain your purpose in a way that they’re going to survive. We’re giving this example many times that if you take you, take it, say it’s a nice fall afternoon. You’re wanting to go out into the crisp weather to light up a bonfire. You get next to that marked, you’re feeling a little coal chipper.

The weather’s turned to cold. A little brisk. Finally dropped down into fifties again, and then you’ve got your little scarf, may have a full jacket or sweater, but you get that chill. The shoulders kind of hit your bones. And so you start kind of have a slate shipper to your hand. So you rub your hands back and forth together, trying to generate a little bit of heat and you can sit there in front of a fire, rubbing your hands back and forth together, warming yourself for quite some time. Now, if I was to take that same situation where you’re sitting there in front of the fire, rubbing your hands back and forth together, and it was to cover them in sand and ask you to rub your hands back and forth together. Then how long do you think you could do that Carpet Cleaning Services? But before you’d rub your skin raw or for good, another good example, we got a slip slide for my daughter for her birthday, and she now has it’s up inside.

They went outside, they laid that down the bottom end of a silk like a boat Carpet Cleaning Services. You got a little retention pond filled forms there at the end. And they got in, they hook up the other end of it to a garden hose, which creates a long, the whole length of it. A jet of water that sprays across the slip and slide to keep the slip and slide wet so they can slip on the slide, amazing name technology there, where they broke down. Just exactly like, I wonder, what does this thing? What should we name this amazing new device we’ve done? Well, buddy, when we, when you step on it, you’re going to slip. Ooh, this is true. That’s that’s that is really deep normal. I, yes, but if you go once you’ve started the slip, guess what’s going to happen. I don’t know what will happen next.

What possibly happen on this brand new device where we’re creating right now, if you do slip on it, I’m afraid I’m going to, I mean, liability wise, I know that you’re going to slide, Oh my gosh, how will we warn all of our potential customers and make sure that they know that our new device has the potential to make them slip and then to slide. I mean, if that happens, they don’t know about it. They may Sue us. We may end up being sued for creating something so amazing, but also so destructive at the same time. What if they don’t know what our device does and they would start to use the device and all of a sudden, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Well, you know, what we can do is we’ll just tell people right off the bat, really? How will we tell people right off the bat, what our device did?

Well, we could just call it a name that will describe to them exactly what it w what name could we possibly ever find? You know, the, the thingy that you could hurt get hurt on. No, no, that’s not a very good name Carpet Cleaning Services.  The thing you could get hurt. Okay. What about the, uh, the accident machine? No, no, that doesn’t seem like a good name either. What should we call this thing? We will call it a slip and slide. Oh my gosh. That is brilliant. We know exactly what to call it now because everyone immediately will hear slip and slide and then realized that they know right off the bat, what this thing can do. And so here we are. We got the slip and slide. We set it up. And after going down multiple times, guess what happened the first time? Brilliant, second and third time.

Awesome. And then kid with kids with the dirty grassy feet, as they run around from one end, the slippery slide up to the other end of the slip and slide. I’m sure all of you are starting to think about it, your, your brain and your, your gears and your brain are starting to roll around. And you’re saying, what will happen next? What possibly could happen to a bunch of kids running through the mud and the dirt to get to the top of the slip and slide. They jump on it. They slide down the slip and slide. And all of a sudden they started to leave evidence behind that. They had been going down the slip and slide. This evidence came in the mud rinsing off of their feet. Well, next first to go down now picks up that mud that they different Stover. And soon it was no longer just a slip and slide.

It was more of a, a slip sliding grind as they ground across because they’re not picking up all of the dirt and debris is now kind of sticking to them as they go across it. And so they started to kind of get a bit of a, um, let’s say this way, if you’ve got a really tight in jeans and it’s getting to be a rather hot and sweaty day, eventually you end up with what we call Carpet Cleaning Services in the industry means when two things rub against each other to the point of becoming raw. And so if you imagine this happening to your carpet, so take all of the jokes aside, your carpet fibers to rub against each other, just fine

Until they

Get to debris and dirt and grime sitting in there between the fibers. And as, at that point, when it happens, they no longer are able to slowly or freely rub against each other. They will start to grind against each other. And this in turn leads to Carpet Cleaning Services is what we call Maddie. This is where you are carpet fibers, rub against each other. And they start to get broken down or where they start to wear down. And once that happens, then the carpet itself will start to unfree. Carpet is just little pieces of rope that are twisted. And either they’re in circles like a level loop, commercial carpet or a Berber, or they’re individual fibers like you would on your home carpet. And when that happens, then the fibers will start to unwind with the single fiber and started to widen together with the groups of fibers around them. And this is when you’ll get matting or blooming or where that happens down in your carpet to reduce this where blooming to Mattie, all you have to do is keep it that terrible dirt that’s down in your carpet. Keep it from building up there. You just need to go through and add more freedom to that carpet by removing that dirt and debris, don’t let it build up. Don’t let it become a irritant or problem with your carpet. Carpet cleaning told us since 1998, we are complete carpet.