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Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Can You Go To Find Us?

Carpet Cleaning Services | Where Can You Go To Find Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to continue our talk with the complete carpet we’re going to hit you or talk about what are the different steps and reasons for getting your carpet cleaned. So we covered in the first one, the financial side of it that typically Carpet Cleaning Services last about half as long as they’re not cleaned on the second part of it is the sanitary side of it. If there’s a reason, if you hit a point so bad that you can’t clean them, that means that you were living on something that’s so bad that you’re just not going to get it restored back to normal. She means for some period of time, I’d say two to three years or four years, you would have to sit there on your own grime and dirt. Be kind of like in not quite the same, but similar to, if you were to just go around and not change your shirt, we’re not changing shoes.

Or if we’ve all had that kid in high school. Oh my goodness. We’re oblivious to the smell that the shoe’s created. So that every time they took their shoes off, everybody around them kind of went okay. Or if you go all the way back to the old style with Charlie Brown, you’d have a, uh, you had pig pen and he was just this dust ball everywhere. He went. And the idea of giving him a bath. So we kind of avoided him because he just kind of exuded dirt everywhere. He went. And sometimes we do that with our own homes into a place. And you’re like, Oh my goodness, we’ve been over at a friend’s house. And they’ve got a pair of dogs and the dogs are not house trained as they, well, I guess you could say they are house trained in this particular scenario.

They are house trained because they do pee inside the house all the time Carpet Cleaning Services. They’ve trained him to be in the house. And so you’re saying, what, how do you train them to peanut house? Well, by not letting by not stopping from someone from doing something, you allow it to happen. This is difficult because a lot of times we were like, Oh, well, I just won’t say anything. And sometimes you should, like, if it’s not your position and you’re not in a place of authority and this isn’t something that matters, then you shouldn’t say anything. Now on the other hand, if you notice something, there’s a reason that you notice it. If you see something happening, a lot of times, there’s a reason that you’re supposed to become aware of it because it’s up to you now to do it. There’s times where if you notice that somebody is there abusive to somebody, or if you know someone is hurting.

If I see a little kid fall down on the floor, I shouldn’t be like, man, you know, someone should help that little kid up. Or if I see a lady walking along and she drops everything, um, just force her whilst in there in a pretty dress or in a pretty secure, I have to squat down or bend down and try to pick everything up. You know what? I need to be a gentleman. I need to go over there and help a lady that old lady try and get across the road. And she just can’t quite get there Carpet Cleaning Services. Or you see a child stuck and they can’t get free and they can’t get out. And you just think, man, why isn’t anyone around that could do something about that? You know what? There is somebody around that can do something about it. It’s the person who just said, yes.

I wonder whether it’s not even within the realm, it could do something about you. You just saw it. If you see it, you have the power and the capacity to do something. Think about it right there. And so there’s a lot of things in our life. I tell my kids. I said, we do the, uh, the trash theory. Where are they? If you go and you put something in the trash and you can not close the lid simply, or if somebody else put something else in there, if you put something in the trash must be room for more in the trash. Otherwise you need to take the trash out. So right then in your life, as you’re going through different situation, look at it and say, is this something, am I leaving work for somebody else? Always leave everything that you deal with complete. Do not leave it with work for somebody else.

Sure. You could say, well, I’m just going to fill in the blank. And I’m only going to do this much. Why it’s not finished. I mean, we do decide when things are finished, we decide when we’re going to stop doing it, you got all the way to there. It’s like running a race, but then not crossing the finish line Carpet Cleaning Services. Like I ran the race, halfway that halfway through the race, I just kind of bailed out and said, well, you know, I’m not going to do anymore. Hoping that maybe somebody else will take over for you or do it instead. The reality is, is that to build the character, building that confidence, that you are a great and good person, you should get out there and say, okay, I’ve gotten this far. Let me do the small amount to go to the next part. We’ve talked about this many times on podcasts before, but it’s the bathroom theory.

If you go into go to the bathroom and you’re sitting there in front of the stall or in the urinal, you will not come out of the bathroom with your pants down. I know it sounds silly and ridiculous, but the reality is is that we all know that we’re not different. We’re not finished going to the bathroom until we’ve put our pants up or zipped them up. We’re close this barn door and we’ve made sure that everyone knows that we are finished in here and we’ll go in most of us every now and then we forget. But most of us will also flush the toilet. We shouldn’t be flushing this further. We realized we’re not finished going to the bathroom until we’ve flushed the evidence away that we have been in the bathroom. And then some of us go to that super extra mile really far step of actually going over and washing our hands.

So we are finished with the bathroom. We know that we are finished because our hands are washed. We counted two happy birthdays to finish up. So we’ve got like what an extra 20 seconds of work and effort put in here. But we know that we are, we’ve really gone that extra mile. So now not only are our pants back on, we’ve removed the evidence that we have gone to the bathroom, but now our hands smell fresh and clean and we can touch anything we want to without worry about us spreading germs to other things. And we still need to worry about other things spreading germs us, but at least as far as whether we would shake hands with somebody coming out of the bathroom, we are now set and golden and ready and good to go. Carpet Cleaning Services Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet.

So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your Carpet Cleaning Services, the gay. And then by all means is you need the restroom as you go through our life, make sure that you are always washing your hands and it doesn’t have to be these direct act of washing your hands. It needs to be the metaphorical after the idea, the concept of washing your hands saying, okay, I have done most of this project. Have I finished it? I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but did I put the peanut butter and the jelly away? Did I put my knife and my things away? So make sure you finished what you started so that your brain can go on to the next great task and be awesome.