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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Best Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Best Carpet Cleaning

So I know what to expect when I’m trying to clean it and part of that is that you go through and you are pulling out of the carpet what you put into the carpet a lot of the chemical that people use over the Shelf. The carpet cleaners, which is good, I want people to use them, but you need to make sure that you do them by label use to measure, got paid attention to what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. I one of the problem that we run into on a pretty regular basis of that somebody is gone in and used Too Much chemical. I just keep putting a chemical on and keep scrubbing it in and eventually a certain point builds up so much chemical in the carpet that that now is your source of dirt. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I keep Sarika crane, you keep getting more gray or dirt. Stuff sticks to it because you’ve got chemical there, so it’s important to make sure that you get out what you put in part of that is making sure you break down that chemical. You some type of rinse method. I’Ve always wanted people to take care of the carpet at home, but also remember that, whatever do you use, make sure use at least two to three times as much water to go right back out. I know that a lot of the label say that you just put it on there scrub it in let it dry, and then you vacuum it back out and in a perfect world that does work is in a capsulation method, and so what it does is that The chemical gets in there, it breaks down whatever they can have.

It is and then there’s a crystallizer in there that will then break crystallize, the chemical to turn it into powder. And if you have an exact one to one ratio, they’re just the amount of contaminant to the amount of soap that you used and nose mixed together and break it down. And then it gets it all into solution. And then the crystallizer them hard and that solution than break that up problem is that most of the time would you end up? Having is that the either too much soap and so it break? Can someone can have it and there’s a lot of extra soap, and so it can’t crystallized everything or there’s not enough soap until they can have an absorb the soap and there’s not enough in solution, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and so the crystallizer doesn’t have anything to crystallize cuz the contaminated Sold all of the the agent that would be crystallized, as I end up with something that still just a sticky, even though you try to vacuum over and doesn’t vacuum out like it should have been so you need to come back over and do a thorough rinsing. I’M at a secondary Point carpet: cleaning Tulsa since 1998. One of the things that I added I found it made a big difference on the people, know this in their own homes, with water, qualities that you have a water softener harder water already has minerals and has stuff in the water to begin with, and you don’t See it on a real name is not hard war. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa When I point out some water – and it comes out, Falls I can break, but there is hard water and there is soft water in the harder water already has minerals in it.

That’S why it’s harder! It’S already has some of those minerals feeling the space fill the empty Gap in the boys with in the water, the H2O. That’S that you’ve got now. You take a softer water for the water softener. Are you you’ll see this and I will jump back a second. If you go to take a shower and you taking a shower for long time, you got hard water in the area. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You notice up around the shower head that you start to get these kind of white crusty deposit, that’s the hard water. That’S the scale of the line with building up I’m in the water. If you put a water softener on your house anyhow, it has water softener on it, I’m all of your faucets for last. I think almost twice as long, because that hard water never builds up on the faucet heads or running through all the pipes, and so you no longer have all of that extra stop it sitting in there until it actually is able to flow through a lot simpler And easier, I’m in so we go through and using hot water, hot water. With a with our hot water. We use a water softener on each truck. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I’M it also increases the cleaning power, because water that does not have any minerals in it is going to absorb more minerals that also will penetrate deeper and quicker into it. Anybody, what does a water softener goes to take a shower knows that your skin just feels softer and cleaner.

Your hair cleaned out easier and quicker. The soap is more powerful because it’s not being it’s not combat. Fighting with the minerals are already in the water. It actually can just dissolve right at the water cuz the waters open, it’s ready to receptive for something else to be able to be absorbed into it. So we use a water softener on the on each truck that helps the water to be able to flow quicker. It penetrates deeper, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa it stays hotter and it cleans much better. You got a much better Action, cleaning power and cutting power, so these are all the different steps that we go through to try to ensure the maximum water quality and for every single job, because it has two things one. Yes, we will spend more money on all these different steps and all these different processes could try to increase the quality of the water’s going in but to it, creates a better clean and a higher-quality clean so that every clean we do will last longer, and you Will be more pleased with our service.