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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Carpet Cleaning, Patching and Stretching

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Carpet Cleaning, Patching and Stretching


Once a small carpet cleaning service, Complete Carpet Cleaning Tulsa has grown for the past 20 years and has expanded not only their available service areas but also the services they are able to provide! Nathan, our current owner, assisted his father at a younger age by helping with carpet cleanings and eventually started assisting with carpet installations. These installation services are what highlighted his desire in the carpet upkeep industry. With this mindset, Nathan decided to offer multiple other services to help provide customers with clean, tidy, and flat carpets throughout their homes and businesses.

Other than being a Carpet Cleaning Tulsa service provider, we also offer carpet repair. Some repairs that we offer are carpet restring, carpet patching, seam repair and doorway transitions. overtime carpet tends to loosen up and cause wrinkles throughout the surface area. If you want a quick and easy fix, we are able to come to your home and help with these tasks. If your carpet is too far gone, we also provide a full carpet installation service. Some popular situations that demand repairs are messy pets, highly trafficked foot areas, doorway transitions and a few other examples.

Although our name might make it seem like we only provide Carpet Cleaning Tulsa services, we also provide furniture cleaning. From large sectionals to small couches/chairs, we can help produce a cleaner surface area on these pieces of furniture. Some examples of why this service is requested among our customers are pets that tend to lay in the same spot every day on your favorite couch, young children who are constantly spilling their food and drinks, and even to disinfect surfaces that are being used daily. By providing furniture cleaning services, you are elongating the life of your furniture and are limiting the replacement fees!

As well as cleaning, repair, and furniture cleaning we also tile cleaning services. This is for both personal and business inquiries and we tend to focus on those stubborn grout stains! We use specialized cleaners for these tough stains as well as steam tools. Tile tends to get dirty decently fast in high-trafficked areas including hallways, entryways and many more. When we clean tiles, our goal is to make it look as freshly laid as possible by removing that grime and buildup on the tile and surrounding the tile. This service has a flat rate per square footage so prices vary depending on the service area you want cleaned!

Our mission is to help families and businesses in our surrounding communities to stay clean and tidy to optimize business or just personal well-being within your household! Our community has provided us with many years of services and so we enjoy giving back. We work hand in hand with Guts Distribution Center. This organization provides an assortment of foods to families in need. For every carpet cleaning service we provide, we donate $5 to this organization.

If you want more information about our services please visit our website or give us a call at 918-494-7093! We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have and also provide a quote for your requested service! This is the place that will help you to get so much from what we do.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Affordable Carpet Repair Services

Here at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa carpet services, we strive to offer many different services that enable you to use your variety and furniture for as long as possible! By keeping up with carpet cleanings, patching, and repairs, you are able to make the life of your carpet last much longer. If you’re willing to put money into the upkeep of your carpet and furniture, you are limiting replacement fees for these items at a later date!

Other than carpet repairs and Carpet Cleaning Tulsa we also offer carpet stretching and patching. These services come in handy for those customers who have a very busy home, children or pets! What’s worse than living in a rental and your pet chews up parts of your carpet resulting in a big fee? We can help with those situations by cutting out the problem areas of the carpet and replacing them with new carpet that matches seamlessly. Another service that is beneficial for business owners or homeowners is our carpet stretching service. This is essential in keeping your carpet free of wrinkles and tripping hazards!

Our family business, Complete Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, thrives off on bettering the lives of local homeowners and businesses. The mission behind our business is to provide a wide variety of services to meet your needs! One service that we provide that most people are unaware of is our furniture cleaning! Our base cleaning service for furniture is we clean all the surfaces that we see without moving any parts of the furniture. At an additional charge, we are able to clean all surfaces of the pillows and couches.

Since our community has helped our business grow and continue to thrive, we love to give back to our communities. We work directly with Guts Distribution Center. This organization provides different foods to families in need. For every carpet cleaning service we perform, we donate $5 to this organization! Since the start of this in 2010, it quickly expanded. Every Friday morning, we perform worship as well as personal ministry. So our goal is to provide food and hope for all the families that come to us for help!

For more information regarding our different services, prices, contact information, customer testimonials and much more, visit our website, or give us a call at 918-494-7093! We can discuss what service you need and also suggest services that might benefit your business or home as well! Most of our services have a flat rate fee that is based on square footage or surface area. This can all be discussed over the phone or we can schedule an onsite walk-through at your home or business to establish problem areas and suggest the best possible service for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you