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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Delivering Only The Best Service

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Delivering Only The Best Service

We are complete carpet. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com I learn more about us and what we can do for you. You also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings into tile clean carpet, repair restretch in an upholstery clean. It was a call today and schedule your next service at 918-494-7093. This episode is episode, 50 golden anniversary and so I thought I’d. Give you some information that actually didn’t have, such as. If we do it carpet cleaning but had more to do with a little bit of history a personal history, my grandparents they had them, they pay for their 50th year anniversary. They got a mantle clock on all the their children. My aunts and uncles got them a is one of those old-fashioned wind up in ojai, end nice, mantel clocks, and they inscribe a plaque on the side and as a golden anniversary 50 year, I’m present to them and remember as a kid seeing that clock and then eventually my dad got the clock and had it on our mantle as I was growing up and it was just a young. It was just a beautiful clock and kind of had that old ticking sound on the our half hour. It would have the the bells and little bit of a chime that we just kind of made you such a warm feel throughout him and i.

Remember thinking that and I think we’ve all have this at some point in our life, where you have something happened to you and you know that you really kind of brings you back to nice home feel. But you also think, if I get the chance, I want to be able to do that for myself, but I want to do it sooner, but that was a 50 year anniversary, so it spring at the end of your life and I wanted to go with something a lot sooner than that, and so I always in my mind, when they had about a 10-year anniversary. I wanted that to be my my big gift to celebrate my marriage and my wedding. This is long before I started Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. This was while I was just a kid, is growing up those still learning the business for my dad cuz. He was in a similar field. That way we could both connect together on the same general. Topic, practicing, you could say I just didn’t know it at the time, and so when I got to 10 years of age of marriage, myself, I went through and finally been able to fulfill a dream of getting a wall. Clock wind up clock had the full bells and an hour chimes, and the one thing that I hadn’t thought of doing before then is that I had never really talk to my wife, specifically about how important this was to me or how I’m heading built up the concept and idea about I just knew like this is what I wanted to do, and this is what I thought would be a great thing and so I just assumed that other people had the same appreciation in the same love for a wind-up grandfather wall clock as I did well. So it is our 10-year anniversary, end and I’m, going through and I plan some of the different things that I want to do, and one of them is a special thing of being able to get in there and pick out a really nice wind up three three wind.

So they call a schoolhouse clock that would both show you the date and show you the time and actually had the westminster chime that went off on the quarter and half hour and on the hour and so I found a local store that just made it had been tastic well-made wall, clocks and so I called the wife. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I said:hey I want you to meet me and it was kids are out of school at the time and so I said bring the kids with you. Cuz I have a surprise for you and I genuinely thought. This was going to be a good surprise. I genuinely thought this is going to be something that she’s going to come here and she’s, going to have same appreciation that I do about. You know what an awesome gift this is now as I’m starting to think through this. The one thing I had also not done was to research. The cost of these types of clocks, i, just in my mind, I had a number that I just assumed that they were, and so I was I was ready. I was prepared to go and get this taken care of until I go over. There, I’m really cryptic about what they need to do and where it is, and the kind of just in the farm and you can meet you’ll, see my van parked there, a big complete carpet than where is it Carpet Cleaning Tulsa on the side, and so you can just come right in meet up with us and-and you will get this great anniversary gift that I have I’ve worked on and I went and it had a a little plaque made a little one by tupac I said happy anniversary, 10th celebrating 10 years at together, nathan and tony and I guess it was just in my mind. It was perfect and I could see the car that pulled into the parking lot and they drove over and I can see. The kids in the backseat kind of looking over the seats try to figure out where they’re going what’s going to happen here. Why do dad to have us run all the way out here right now with the super special present until they pull up next to my van and they’re looking up and down and around at all the shops in the farm trying to figure out which mystical shop it is that they were going to get whatever this amazing present.

Is that we’re going to get for anniversary, and so as they pull up? They look over and realize that they’re pulling in front of a clock shop and so I can see the disappointment in my wife’s face as she walks up to the door and she realizes that we’re pointing to a clock shop, and so she thinks maybe I’m going to get her a watch or a lucky she’s trying to process in her mind which of the things inside this clock shop is anniversary worthy now. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa In my mind, I already looked at the clock and I realized. Oh, this is anniversary ready. This has history. This is something just like my great-great-grandparents and grandparents did, and my parents had this clock on their mantle going forward that our kids would be able to inherit this clock when we passed away, but instead of us getting at the end of her life or we never as an opportunity to enjoy it. We would get it at the beginning of our marriage where we get to enjoy it throughout her life. Her kids can grow up listening to it being around it, and then one of them can be able to inherit it. When we passed away sometime the future or the grandkids, you know, whichever way it works out and so they’re looking up and there they were the realizing that this is not what they had bought of. This is not the big gift. The big anniversary saying that they were hoping to do. One of the reasons were talking about this particular story is that this episode, 54 are podcasting and so weird.

Why did you join with us and normally cover business carpet, cleaning topics? Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Questions frequently asked questions, but this time I just felt like sharing a little bit more of a personal story, and so they all came in, and out of, you ever bought one of the wind up grandfather clocks, but they are there in a different price range that I had expected, like most blocked I ever been associated with more of a walmart level of clock that went on the wall that had a battery operation, and so these much more high-quality wind-up clocks have a I’m, much better craftsmanship. This particular one that we picked out exactly german, and so they have a different price point which, when my wife saw she felt like there was something a lot more precious or good that we could do with that for a 10-year anniversary and so I then realized the biggest mistake I had made in. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That is in communication that when you’re passionate about something and there’s something that really means a lot to you, you need to make sure that you communicate that passion to those that are round you so that you don’t end up with this surprised, look on everyone else’s face if they go really. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa This is what what we are all and what excited about that long story short in the years since then, and since we’ve gotten it. If I forget to wind the clock, which I jokingly, told my wife I said:i bought you a gift that keeps on giving cuz every week. I need to make sure that before it hits the 10-day mark I need a wine that clock backups. All the bells go, but all of my kids now love the sound of the westminster chimes, as it goes on the hour hand of a bing, bong, bong bong and the sound that it feels throughout the house. And it’s amazing when your environment doesn’t have it. How much you’ll start to miss the sound that a a nice windup clock and have how we are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa area and surrounding communities since 1998? If you’d like to find out more about our company or find out more episodes? Just like this visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com, if you’re looking to schedule or with just like more information rekkles and please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning tulsa for over 20 years

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