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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Don’t Miss Your Appointment

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Don’t Miss Your Appointment

This is complete carpet and you are listen to episode 86 of our series that were continuing on what to expect and what the process is like we’re going to be covering spots that are in your carpet and our walk-through or pre spray and the importance of a pre spray in a good, thorough cleaning. We are complete carpet. You can reach us at 918-494-7093, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love you to check out our website at complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also can I put this on facebook that facebook.Com complete carpet carpet Cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings and tile cleaning carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. I. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at we’re going to cover in episode 86.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa here continuing with the processes like we’ve covered over vacuums and what you should choose recovered over the timeliness of arm or systems that we will show up when we say that we’re going to show upi will be there, not in a time window, where you have to spend the whole day waiting for somebody to give you a call and hope that you catch that call. So you do not miss your appointment for that. You will actually have somebody who is planning to meet you at a specific time. I will also show up so that you don’t have any questions that we can make it a bring a safety sense of sense of relief to the process that you can be to know that the person you have higher the person that you were expecting is showing up because they don’t have a logo t-shirts that, while the logo to ban-and we will show up at the time that we say that we will be there and if, for some reason something happens, you know life happens every now and then and then you end up a little behind her make the schedule doesn’t work as smooth as we’re hoping it would or, or we end up helping a customer do a little extra for them. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So we will make sure that we call you ahead and make sure that will you know exactly when we will be there if we happen to not be able to be there at the time we’ve already committed to going over some of the stuff that we’ve talked about. The last episode of the part that we’ve worked up to is coming inand doing a walk-through in your house. This is important to do the walk-through to build a cover. What it is that you know you you will to give us the autopsy report of your home you’re, probably the best csi of being able to identify what areas in your home needs the best attention on. We have. We have honed, rcs i, feel we have done our best to try to come in and understandable to quickly analyze.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa What is situation is and then play a sherlock holmes to go I understand what has happened to this environment and find the bus best thing. Then it is kind of fun specially on the places where somebody is already moved out every now, and then we as we’re walking through or somebody’s moving into a home for the first time that it’s big foot is completely empty and we’re getting the first walk-through of the home I carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve been through so many homes were, people are getting it have it for the first time or a renters moved out and they’re wanting to make sure they they do their best to try to get the deposit back, and so one of the things that we do, that I think is important, is thathow. We go through I walk through and we look pretty ass ass. What is going on in the house and-and it is a fun game-sometimes played of walking through and trying to identify what piece of furniture sat wear, because one thing you’ll notice, when you move all the furniture out of your home, where you move all of your moving, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa you will be able to go back through and see kind of, like a lego store images of furniture past. This is the area where the the couches sitting. Can you tell us a big 2 foot by 8 foot boyd where the carpet looks fluffy and it still looks nice and they’re kind of this wear pattern that goes around the front of it. Cuz people sit on the couch and they put their feet in front of it and they kind of the wiggler foot back and forth. They can move it back and forth. That’s why I love peter, just sitting sweatpants down fluffs up, damages that carpet more than some of the other areas. I need to look and see. Okay, we’ve got the same thing, but it’s only a two foot by 2 foot square and it’s got a small foot-and-a-half wear pattern right in front of it. So I will be a chair of the recliner. You would have a 5footlong opening with a real dark swipe right in front of it. Also seed have a love seat. Then you have other areas where you see a kind of a wavy pattern that sits right in front or big four big heavy dense that are in a foot or 4 and 1/2 by 527 feet. Long and they’ll be like address chest of drawers or dresser. Don’t come ashore. One? How are you see and a big 6-foot by 6-foot grid big big dent to go round in a square and they have a big clean boy? Dairy in the middle and so you. That must be a bed. That is only thing. I can be that big is going to bed, so you can kind of play this fun, sherlock, holmes, detective styles, you walk through at the house, and you can kind of visually recreate where each piece of furniture, what type of thing was sitting there.

The reason that this can help is that, knowing that this is where a couch set, that I can tell the customer right on right off the bat look, the couch was protecting the carpet, so it has zero wear on a deckkirby brand spanking new car, but I’ve had times where people have not moved there compton 10 years, since they have the carpet installed and they’re moving out of the house, and so the area in front of carpet has in front of the couch has 10 years were the people sitting in and rubbing their feet against it and they are directly under the couch, has zero years of anyone ever walking. On his never been touched, it is still brand spanking new carpet, nice fluffy, crimped, crinkly, individual fibers race right in front of it. It has these big tufted, matted down by africans, had 10 years worth of where put on it, and so you move that couch and all the sudden, you can see the difference between the two that we can clean out the dirt, but we cannot change the the texture of the carpet in this is one thing that a lot of lot of people will notice or or wonder about that if you’ve had somewhere, that’s just really gotten a lot of physical where and the texture of the carpet is change compared to the texture right next to it. It’s real evidence. You really can see it quickly. Now your walk past it go to the hallway, look exactly the same way:there’s just no specific line of demarcation of Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Carpets, look fluffy in the carpets, look worn because it’s only averaged out center! The hallway is pretty worn and done if you all with the wall and put her two away than the right along that wall at that first, two or three in the end looks like brand new car because nobody walks right on the wall right next to the baseboards, and so this is something that is long. As you know, in advance, what’s going to happen, I’m you be able to see. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Oh look, I did see all the dirt come out and now I could see how the weather patterns are different. They kind of standout also it helps to know who was in different rooms if this was an office or this was a bedroom with his of a playroom or if this is a dining room, or this is a food eating room or if this was a teenagers room who had a lot of makeup or without a lot of free, so I can get a lot of repair that helps to kind of see it. So you know the right products to get through, and we finish up talked to you last time about pre spray and I’m going to have all that point again, because I think it’s important carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 the one of the things that we do all the time that we pre spray all of the carpet, we’re going to clean it does to things and we willpre spray in a future episode with covered in the past. If you want to go back and fire episode of pre-spray i, think it’s a couple episodes where will cover the importance of the prescribed one of the part that really helps one. You want to build a break down the door to the carpet you want to break down. They can have it on the carpet with the second part, that’s important that you also want to break down the water resistance, everything as a natural water, resistance to it. It takes a minute for it to get wet, and so, if you soak, think I think of it. This way, if you take a plate with dried up, spaghetti and I take some water and a rinse. It over there the waters just got to rest right over there. I don’t spaghetti, just fall straight down at the sink, but if I take a little bit of hot water I pour it on the plate of spaghetti just a little bit, even if it’s just to do one or two sprays over it and i, let it just sit there for say 60 seconds at 2, 92nd, all the semester, I didn’t spaghetti will start to turn back into a liquid, because I’ll be absorbing in the water and I’m allowed to be rinsed out. Then I can just take it over rinse attorney at the sink, and just all of this stuff comes right off of it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We will continue in a red x episode. Are we oncomplete carpet carpet? Cleaning tulsa surrounding communities is 1998 if you’d like to find out more about our company or find out more episodes like this, then visit our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule or just like more information directly then give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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