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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 119

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 119

[00:02] This is episode 119 and we’re going to cover, um, pet chemical this time talking about the disinfectants. We are complete carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love for you to check out our and learn more about us and what we can do for you or give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three. You can also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 is allowed us to expand our offerings into cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet repair, restructuring, and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you. Continuing on our last episode, we talked about, um, how they carpet pet cleaning chemicals can be so confusing. There’s so many different categories. We’re going to break them down into five different categories for you.

[00:50] Um, and we’ve gone over some of the different important steps of anything that you do with your pretreating chemicals in making sure that any pretreating chemical, you make sure you rinse out one chemical before you try or use the next one. If you try a chemical doesn’t seem to have the effect that you’re wanting to and you want to try another chemical, make sure you go through the process of renting that first chemical out and then trying the next. Also, always read the label directions. Many chemicals are instant effect. Many chemicals required, well time many chemicals require a long dwell time. Many of the enzyme type products actually require up to six to eight hours or a day before you will see the full effectiveness of it. And you may sit there, scrub on it and wanting to see an instant effect. You, you need to pour it over there, let it set and then wait and come back and check on it either hours or days later to make sure that that product has done or accomplished whatever it is that you were trying to get to with it.

[01:43] Um, so we’re going to continue on here. We’ve talked about first, the first pet chemical was the, um, was your stain remover. I’m not going to clean, it’s not going to disinfect, it’s not going to deodorize is just going to try to remove the yellowing from the pet urine. It’s typically what the, therefore it’s also the, these products typically work also on tea and coffee. Anything that’s going to kind of yellow or discolor your carpet. And so you’ve already cleaned it. You’ve done everything in Canada is still a yellowing there. As you put some of this product on, it always has a dwell time. You don’t put it on a, rinse it out, you don’t put it on and see an instant change. You put it on there, you put it on strong. Typically you don’t dilute it and you let it set for five, 10 minutes, maybe an hour.

[02:23] Um, so that you let it have its full time to take effect and see if it will come out and make sure that after you’ve let it dwell for an hour or two or whatever time that you come back later and rents it out, even if it feels dry, like it’s dried out, there’s still some of that product, there’s, you want to remove it so it doesn’t keep having effect. So the next one we want to talk about is a pet chemicals. We’re going to go with the disinfectants carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet and we’re breaking down the different processes that you can use to be able to get to work on the pet spots in your house. But this is mostly about trying to demystify the chemicals. There’s so many different. There’s so many different ones. We always tell you not to use the all in ones.

[03:02] Try to use something specific for what you’re trying to accomplish. Uh, the disinfectants work just like they sound, they disinfect the area, they sanitize the area. And so this is the hand sanitizer of your house. A good product that I like using in my own house. That’s a great disinfectant that works in this particular category is a product called Auto Bam, Odo, b, a n you can pick it up at home depot or sams and it’s a great disinfectant because it doesn’t. It’s not bleached base so it won’t pull the color of your carpet. It does not have any soaps in it, so it’s not going to clean. It’s not going to remove stains. It’s not an enzyme Z, so it doesn’t have a dwell time and you don’t have to clean it out after you’re done with it. It’s more like hand sanitizer for your house. Carpet cleaning Tulsa

[03:40] And so we really like recommending and using audubon because it’s a quick, easy, safe thing to do. You can use it on your, on a diaper genie, you can use it to clean up stinky laundry, you can use it to clean up, vomit on the floor, you can use it to clean up dog feces or dog and pet pee. You can use it all over the place for different things. You just mix it up to the bottle labels direction, but these type ones are going to kill off the organic. They’re gonna make an area sanitary. Again, a good example of what these products do. The disinfectants for pet disinfectants is, think about your countertops. Um, let’s say you’ve got a large, a bit of chicken, a raw chicken, and you’re afraid about potentially getting salmonella somewhere else, so you take that raw chicken and you did completely covered in and a disinfectant like Lysol and so you could completely the cover with the lysol and it will be disinfectant DC disinfected at that particular time, but as long as that raw chicken stays on the countertop, it’s still going to have bacteria that’s going to continue to grow. Carpet cleaning Tulsa

[04:34] That lysol is not going to remove the chicken. It’s not going to clean up the grease from the chicken. It’s not going to clean up. The countertop is not going to remove the chicken. Carpet cleaning Tulsa It’s all it’s gonna do is disinfect any bacteria that’s left from the chicken. And so you’ve got to go through first and remove any contaminant that you that you want. And so they use the disinfectant, you don’t use them first, you used them last year of around the same time you try to use as a stain remover side because you want to remove all of the contaminant first. If you’ve got a big pile of dog proof sitting there and you put a disinfectant on it, it’s going to disinfect the outside layer of the dog poo. And then once that dries off, it wears off. The dog poo is still there so it’s still is, know, gross and disgusting.

[05:12] And we need to remove that dog poo and remove as much of this stuff. You can clean it so you’ve removed all of the contaminate, clean that countertop, remove all of that chicken, get rid of all the fats and the greases and stuff so that now you’ve just got a clean countertop, but it now probably has bacteria on it. So you want to use a disinfectant, kill off that bacteria. And so that’s where your disinfectant type of chemicals for your pet products will be used is after you’ve cleaned it all up, they’ll, after you’ve removed everything that you can remove you. Then going back to sanitize the area to make sure that it’s safe for your baby or your kids to walk on again so you’re not running into any bacteria that may have been present from whatever that contaminant matter from the pet was. We are complete carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa cirrhotic community since 1998. If you would like to find out more about our company or find more episodes like this, visit our website and complete carpet, pulse dot column. If you’re looking to schedule, we’re just like more information directly them to give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. Carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.