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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 124

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 124

[00:03] This is episode one, we’re going to talk about this time of why we love by. I personally love Tulsa. Uh, my name is Nathan. I’m the owner of complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa as Ronnie community since 1998. If you’d like to find more about our company, you can find episodes like this then, uh, then you can visit our And if you’re looking to schedule or we’re just like more info directly, then please give us a call. Nine one eight four nine four seven zero nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet and one of the questions I get is, um, you know, why I’m a, why we’re here in the Tulsa area serving this particular, um, a grouping. Uh, I actually grew up in Tulsa and so I have grown up around here and I enjoyed it so much that I, I’ve just decided to stay.

[00:49] There is so much to love about the Tulsa and the surrounding community. One thing that just really connects with me that I like here, and this is not a knock against everywhere else. I mean, everywhere else has great people too, but this is just more of a praise for this local area. The green country areas that the type of people that live around here are a lot more congenial and a lot more kind. Um, I’ve noticed that whenever something happens, you have a lot more openness to help out your neighbor, help out those that are around you. And this is Mo, uh, uh, mostly evident in say you stopped at quiktrip and as you go in there and it can be somebody more than likely somebody’s going to hold the door for you. Um, and I think I look at this as obviously this is the golden rule. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[01:34] We should always do unto others as you’d have them do unto ourselves or as a, I think it was zig ziglar used to say, if you help everyone else succeed in their life, then you will eventually find success for yourself. And so the key to life is helping everybody else succeed. And so you’ll go up to the door if and if nobody happens to open the door for you when you’re walking into a grocery store, we’re not that obviously, just that just gives you that opportunity to be that person to go over and grab that door to make a couple of other people’s lives a little better, a little bit happier for it. For example, quite a few years ago, probably maybe a decade ago, we had a big ice storm that covered all of the Oklahoma area and it, it broke down, delivered a lot of trees, is like nature’s way of pruning all of the Tulsa area and surrounding.

[02:19] We had just piles of leaves and trees everywhere with branches that had broken down just from the weight of all of the ice. And the one thing that I noticed, people were down for weeks up to three weeks without power because I’m all these branches, came down and took down tons of power lines all over the place. I’m personally, we were down I think a week and a half without power. Um, some areas had, did, have a couple of bits of power, other areas didn’t. Uh, but the thing that I saw that really just touched my heart really touched me about the type of people that lived in as I was going through jobs, going through doing places, helping people out is that you would see neighbors going across the street who had power going to the people who didn’t have power to ask them, hey, um, you know, do you want us to help you hold some of your groceries for years, you know, help you open up your fridge and take some of that stuff out so he doesn’t just go bad in your fridge sitting in the house and you can keep some of your milk over at our house.

[03:07] So it doesn’t go bad. You don’t have to buy new cars. They were a lot of places that just couldn’t get supplies into the Tulsa area. So you had to use and consume what you had. And there was this sense of a commitment to your neighbor and around one thing I noticed that afterwards, that the amount of crime was almost nonexistent during that time period. You know, normally if business are out of power or, or the whole city lights down, you’ve got, you know, sometimes you have people that are going to be up to no good, they’re going to get out there and do it. And there was obviously some people that do that type of thing. But the number of problems, we’re just almost nonexistent compared to other big cities of similar size. If they have a large catastrophe where the power’s out or the police forces is constrained or can’t get to stuff. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[03:49] Normally as a lot of looting businesses get destroyed, people go out and just take stuff, um, you know, they, they need food so they just go and take it from whatever grocery store to places. And whereas here we just had lines. People just went in and got their stuff taken care of it. And that comes down to the decision that people just to say, you know what? It’s not about what I need. It’s about what I can do to help other people’s needs and I really enjoyed that general old boy, good old boy type of a feeling around here. It’s not strange. It’s not weird for someone to just kind of come up to you and to start talking to you as you’re at the grocery store have as you’re pumping gas at a, at a place or for some something to happen and somebody just come over and say, Hey, can I help you with that?

[04:30] And it’d be genuine. carpet cleaning Tulsa You know, there’s somebody that actually does care about what it is that you’re doing and what you’re going through. And they just, you know, they look at as a, as an opportunity to help someone around them. And so we want to try to operate our business in that same general way of saying we want to give back to our community. We want to get back to the people that are helping us in ways that we can do. And so the small way that we tried to on every job is that we have created a flat rate pricing system. That way. There was no intentional greed of what the job that we were doing was that we were always trying to upsell something. That way we could just know that we were gonna make a certain amount of money on a job and then anything we did that was beyond what was asked from us could be just a bonus, could be just a way to give back to the people you know, if we helped to set a door straight or maybe do a little extra, something that we noticed that can be fixed up or if we go a little little above and beyond.

[05:19] It’s not because we’re trying to make a little extra money. It’s just because we’re trying to make the life better of those around us. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We’d love it if you’d get in touch with us. You can give us a call directly at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. Or you can find more episodes like this on our website. More podcasts at complete carpet,, a carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet. We going to continue this series on connections and why we love the Tulsa in Tulsa area and why we’ve been here for so long that spent the last 20 years in the Tulsa area serving all of the great people here in the surrounding communities. carpet cleaning Tulsa um, I think it ties in also with our last episode of doing a job right the first time. If you’re in the same community for a long time, you’re going to have repeat customer. You run into people that have already used you. And so you have almost as obligation to do a better job because you know that you want that positive word of mouth, but you also want people to want you to come back to do your work. Again. I think the, the core of any business is that when you’ve done your job, I’m the person should want you to come back and do that again because you’ve done such a good job.