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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 128

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 128

[00:04] This is episode 28. We’re going to talk a continue of our story from last time about helping people in their houses. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa the surrounding communities since 1998 and we love for you to check out our website and complete carpet and learn more about what we can do for you. Also, give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine. Three. Also connect to what you also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Has allowed us to expand our offerings into tall cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet repair restriction and upholstery cleaning. Continue Our story from where we’ve picked up where we left off last time. We had just gone in to help a new customer. She just bought a home and it had been.

[00:48] She’d only been in there just a few days or maybe a week. And um, she was wanting to get the carpets cleaned up because the previous people that she’d bought it from had not cleaned the carpets before they left. And so there was a lot of spots throughout and because of that, her own pet had left a few spots of its own in the carpets throughout the areas. And so we were there to try to help to maintain or restore the general functionality of the home. And while I’m filling up a bottle of water, I noticed that the faucet in the kitchen, it only stays on for just a short amount of time. She believes the previous tenants had told her, oh, it’s a, the people that sold the house to her toilet to have water efficient faucet and that, um, it just doesn’t pour water for very long. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[01:24] And so she just believed that was true. And so she went up to the Faucet, she would touch it and turn it on and they would stay on for like five or six seconds. And then it turned back off. And so she reach up, touch it again, turn it off, turn it back on. And then it would, it lasts for up five or six seconds, then turn off. And so I pulled out the battery pack, it was a touch faucet. So we opened a battery pack, replaced the batteries, put those back in there, and now she can turn the faucet on and just stayed on and you touch the faucet, turned on, touch the faucet turned off. And so I’m sitting there while we’re talking, kind of giving her some tips about how these types of faucets just have you ever noticed it? Acts Weird.

[01:54] Just replace the batteries. You will be back and good to go. I’ve got it on the hot setting, waiting for it to kind of heat up. It’s got a little light on it that’s kind of shows that purple light. Um, and it’s just sitting there and it got my hand under it and slowly kind of goes from like a, a bright blue to kind of have like a purple color. And so blue meant it was cold. I got that. And when I went to purple, it kind of sounded like it was not cold, but it was never got to like a red where it was warm and so I couldn’t quite figure it out. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. I’ve ran into many times where we go into a house and they’re just as in any hot water because it’s been winterized or the water is off or maybe the gas is off, it’s a, you know, they’re in between tenants or something like that.

[02:30] But this lady has already moved in. She’s bought the home. She’s been in the home for a week. So I assume that everything should be in working order or at least that somebody did an inspection to walk through the House and tell her what she needed to do. And so I’m trying to talk with her and said, well, you know, the water just really isn’t getting that warm. She’s like, Oh yes. She goes, this is another part of the energy efficiency of this particular home. And I said, really? I said, that seems like that’d be kind of frustrating. And she goes, it is a little frustrated, it makes for showers are just awful because they just never really gets warm. It gets kind of warm, so you kind of have to, but it never gets hot. It’s just kinda like mildly warm, but it’s supposed to save a ton on electricity and a ton on gas. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[03:07] And I said, well, that just doesn’t seem right on such a big nice house, a big two story house that you would only ever get lukewarm water. How do you wash your clothes? How do you wash your dishes? How do you take a bath? I said, there’s just no way you’d take a bath in lukewarm water. I mean, this isn’t even warm enough to really warm my hands up. And so she said, well, I mean that’s just, that’s just what they told me. It’s just a very energy efficient house. And I just assumed that’s just the part of it. I said, you know, I, I know this is really a big ask, but do you mind if you could take me upstairs and I could look at your hot water heater? Because I just really feel like there should be a way, if you want hotter water, you should be able to change this.

[03:40] Like I know I’ve been in all kinds of houses and I know on a general water, so I’ve replaced water heaters before and I know that this can be, this can be done differently and so we go up into the attic space and they’ve got the hot water heaters up there. The first thing I noticed is that it’s actually got a research relating pump on it, which means that at some point somebody had put a recirculating pump which makes hot water on demand, just keeps the water hot throughout the entire house. So someone did care about hot water and I looked up and it had been unplugged. Obviously the pilots have probably been winterized, somebody unplugged the thing and so it wasn’t pumping hot water throughout the house. It was actually slowing the water down. So I showed her how to set the timer on it, plugged it in so they needed to gay.

[04:16] It just would keep all the faucets as hot as it could. And so that was one smaller and then as I looked down and actually look at the front of the hot water tank and it is still in vacation mode whenever you’re selling a home and nobody’s there, obviously one of the things they do to save electricity while it’s being shown as they turn the hot water here down to, they turned it down into vacation mode. Well it’s just sitting until someone buys it. And so we turn it over to normal heat and almost instantly hear the heater fire on it, starts heating up and within like five to 10 minutes we were downstairs and there’s piping hot water coming out of the pipes. And The lady was just completely ecstatic. She’s like, I just, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just didn’t know how I was ever.

[04:54] I just thought I’d have to just get used to taking luke warm showers all the time. I just couldn’t figure out what I was going to do. And now he was finally was hot. It was finally a good solid hot water. And there was no. I mean, I spend an extra 30 or 45 minutes walking through these different things, checking out stuff in our house and we’re not home inspectors. We’re not going to go to do this to every single person’s house, a carpet cleaning Tulsa, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. I don’t go to every single person’s house and check out all of their stuff, but if I notice there’s something off, there’s something wrong. I do try to make sure I leave people feeling better about what I could do sometimes that’s in our carpet cleaning process and what we can do and then sometimes it has something that has nothing to do with the carpet cleaning process.

[05:34] It just has to do with the fact that we saw problem that we could fix and we helped her out. There was no additional charge. You know? I didn’t charge her extra 30 minutes worth of time and labor. I just did the work that we were asked to come in there to do and that was just a bonus because I think if you make the lives of those better around you, then your life will be better. It goes back to the golden rule. I think it’s just the circle of you give and it will come back, pass it on and it will be passed back to you at some point. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa running community since 1998. If you’d like to find out more about our company, go to our website at complete carpet, and find more episodes or podcasts. Just like this. If you’re looking to schedule, are you looking for more information? They give us a call. Nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.