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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 138

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 138

[00:02] This is episode 138 and we’re going to cover some of the journey for comp care, that 2001 the Odyssey. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa, and the surrounding community since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete carpet, Tulsa Dot Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at complete carpet, Tulsa or sorry,, forward slash complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Has allowed us to expand our offerings into cleaning, carpet, cleaning, carpet repair, restructuring and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. Now we’ve been talking in the last couple of episodes about some of the different companies that are different business things. I did as a young boy trying to find what it was that I wanted to do.

[00:48] What was that? I would separate me from what my dad and his business was so I could be different and sometimes you try so hard to find what it is that you could do that you can be different at that sometimes you miss the obvious of what it is that you’re already gifted at or what you’ve already learned. Um, what you’ve already apprentice to doing. And at this particular next one for the next few years I got heavy into basketball. And so I really had no time to do any type of extra work. I just, every moment I had available, I just practiced basketball. I was very terrible. I was, it was not very good at basketball at the time. And so I had to go through a tremendous amount of ketchup to get up to where old my other friends were so I could be able to get to where I could play the games and I wanted to then get to where I could start in the games and then wanting to get to where I could play the whole game and try to just do everything with the coach wanted. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[01:33] Because I, um, I was not a great player, but I was a good player, was the player that the coach would always want out there because whatever he said to do, I just went and did that. Um, I didn’t try to get creative out there. I didn’t try to find all of the, you know, I wasn’t the Michael Jordan style. You put me out there, you gave him the ball and I just create a bunch of points for you. But I was the type that you put me out on the field is more of a quarterback style, are you put me out on the court and the coach said here’s what we need to do right now. And I just went out and kept doing that and they go to like, oh, I love it because every time I say do this, he does it. He just goes out so he could just call it play every single time we get on the floor.

[02:03] And I just went, did that play. And I just keep doing that until they told me to do something different. And so I was great at it. And moving the orphans and instructing people, keeping them going through and staying where I was at a, we went on to win a couple of state championships and we were just, you know, it worked really well in that type of thing. So I would just focus all my energy into basketball for quite a while and then getting towards my junior year and into my senior year. During the summer I wanted to make some extra money because I had wanted to try to find us to, wanted to pursue my next, enjoy my next love that I still really do impassionate about just love computers. I’ve always loved technology and digital stuff. Even back in, you know, back before it was a big thing back when we had. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[02:42] I remember my first computer I had was a, was an sx 20. I’m now. We had a computer before then. That was actually a, um, a to 86, 12 it only 12 megahertz computer and it moved at the speed of nothing. It barely moved at all. It had, I think like if I remember right, like 10 or 12 meg of total space in the entire thing and had 46 K of Ram. This was just a, you know, one of the early ones. My Dad got it as a way to be able to keep some of his invoice. He was just working on the idea of doing digital invoices instead of physical invoices. He had a uh, uh, an invoicing system called pc file, your personal computer filing. And so, uh, before we started complete carpet and carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding communities in 1998, um, we were trying to start up a computer company by taking all of this personal computer knowledge that I’d had.

[03:40] I was always, everybody’s go to tech person because I just love it. I’d take a computer apart, put it back together. And I had upgraded all the way until I had a, a DX DX 40, if I remember right. It was in the [inaudible] 86 line. It was like, these were really advanced so I could play Oregon trail and you know, all of those games that were, those intro games you’re coming up with or doom or, you know, uh, we just have all of the different things that we used a PC, a file used a word perfect. All of these different intro stuff that you would had a using little small cad programs and high school I took a couple of programming classes and Pascal and c plus and basic. And so I just, I liked computers. They just, they just resonated with me. So I thought I would start a computer business and I would call it comp care. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[04:23] Uh, sure you can see that the care thing. We had lawn care, we had video care that we had comp care. Um, and so this is, uh, something that I thought I would do the next thing that would push for. And so I did. I took a summer and took for one month I decided I’d go get a job and now I know it makes sense. I should have just worked for my dad at all these times. I felt like I wanted to make it on my own and so I went and got a job at working for trugreen chemlawn as one of their intro people to walk out and make cold calls to people saying, hey, we’re going to have someone in the area. We would like to know. If you wouldn’t mind. carpet cleaning Tulsa They’ll come by and leave you an estimate for what it would take to make your yard look beautiful again.

[04:58] And so we just called everybody out through this phone list. Back when everyone had a phone in their home and it was just a. A regular home phone. Everyone’s phone number was listed in the yellow or the white pages and so you could just go down the list and you just call everybody in each area and if you ever got anyone to say, yeah, that’d be fine. Lisa, information that you just check off lists and up to the person they go into. It did that for about a week and realized I did not like spending eight hours a day calling random people, telling them the exact same thing over and over and over. And so I quickly moved my way up and say, hey, you know, what I can do is I could lay out all this call center, you know, it’d be a more efficient if we coordinated all these numbers together so people were calling general areas and that way you get, you know, blast this certain area, have these five or six people working on these areas. carpet cleaning Tulsa

[05:40] That way when you gave them out to the tech, they could hit all this whole zone all at one time as opposed to go into that zone and going into another zone, going back and forth as people work through different lists, let’s get everybody working on the same list in the same areas. And so I went and started coordinating and giving people come in and say, all right here, here’s 100 people you’ve them, here’s 100 people you call those and here’s another hundred people. You call those and let’s just make it through those lists. When you get finished with the list, go back and recall the people you haven’t talked because it took me four or five hours, maybe their home in the afternoon. Let’s try calling them again and so we set up a different operation where I could just be the person who printed off the things, handed to what everybody else and then went through and just check to see how everyone was doing so I didn’t have to actually do any of the work anymore myself, but after a month of it I had saved up enough money to build my first computer that I wanted to put together and that was the start of care.

[06:26] I will continue in the next episode and tell you what went on from there and where we went with it. This is complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We’d love for you to check out more episodes like this on our Or if you’re looking to schedule or would we just want more information directly then give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero. Nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.