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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 148

This is episode 148. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998, going to continue talking about the importance of knowledge and work and really becoming a master at what you do you, if you’d like to check out our website for find more podcasts like this, when you can go to the flea carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you or give us a call at 918-494-7093. You can also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com forward, slash complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand our offering to talk cleaning carpet, cleaning carpet, repair restretch, an upholstery cleaning. It was called today to schedule the next service at 918-494-7093 I’m continuing on one of the things that just really I find the joy answering the question that we’ve been going over this the kind of those long series here on the importance of working with kids and liking, what you’re doing and more than just a carpet cleaning, but that extra knowledge is that I’m anytime, you take a crap and you really work on it until it becomes. Second, natureimportant thing that we’re running through on this is getting things to wear their second nature, so that you can do two things with that knowledge, I’m one. When you get something to be in second nature, you then have more confidence and what you’re doing you’re able to grow from that point forward. I’m, if you give your things, are not second nature, then you’re still in the learning curve, there’s times where my children are working on their multiplication tables over there working on their addition, tables are going to work. At least it was always a struggle they would go through in until they had that completely memorized. Olympic came second nature. Every time you ask him a number there was this this point of a pause in there and their mind. They did to stop. They look you seeing how to stretch your face, updated kind of look, the side that bring up the fingers that start kind of phantom, counting things in the air with their nose. Is there trying to find some way to solve this problem because it doesn’t pop in their head? They still having to solve the problem. Everytime and pretty much all adults now, if you said what is 2 + 2 you just blurt out for their there’s, no mental process that goes through it. You there’s nogymnastika, where you go through. Okay, I’ve got two, so that’s one and that’s too, and then I got another 2 on my go-to size, one. That’s too that’s three and four for the answers for the other there’s no long process where you feel like I know you did that on every single question had to answer it. We just do this for perpetual all my goodness. It’s so difficult to jump into the next concert in the next idea that you were doing and you we would just you know, there’s a part that you need to have memorization, where you become just a master at it, become second nature to where you can say:2, +, 2, 4, 3, +, 3, 6, 10, +, 10, 20 hundred plus hundred two hundred thousand plus a thousand 2000 concept of what these different ones are. We can change it what the numbers are, but we know that it’s a one thing for the one thing, or it’s a two things of two things and that we can insulate the fire off numbers quickly back so that we can move on to more important things cuz. Once you can mail that importance of the small things where you can get the repetition where you can get the concept of what you’re running through very quickly, then you can jump into what the bigger things are of saying:okay, how do I apply that? Where can I use that at somewhere? Okaythat is going to help me so now, I know how to separate the sheep from the goats. I know how to separate the marbles from the rock’s I need to know how to count out the cars I know how to mail to figure out. Why? How much money we have I’m going to look, create a budget I’m going to be able to expand our business in the offerings of what I can do, because I have now made sure that I have probably figured out what it is that we have where? Where is that we can go and how much that’s going to cost and it all comes out from carpet cleaning tulsa get to starting the very basic core of just memorizing twoplustwo. So you have that basic thing down so you’re not having to go back and pull out a calculator or double check your numbers. Every time you do it, you just got that part. I. Think everybody’s working everybody’s thing that you do once you get to that point. You then have joy. It is then fun to do the different things that you do, because you now know what it is that you were doing carpet. Cleaning tulsa 1998 I have run into all kinds of amazing different circumstances, things that have push my talents to the edge things that have time I’ve had to throw my hands up and say that you know this is beyond me and I’ve had to call and getmother people that you know I friend, so many different things and I’m sure I will run into something still had that I feel like at this point. It takes 6 months to a year in a my high points of things that I have not accomplished  on, has really goes farther between them, because I’ve done so much of the other ones. Already I’ve already got so many amazing experiences, an amazing story to tell from everything that carpet cleaning tulsa happened from you know, of cleaning up from a lizard that, from you know how they they destroyed the carpet in one area or how I found a little dog who actually chewed perfect circles and finding yahoo patching a dozen different circles in the middle of the living room, because this little dog keep chewing out these little quarter and dime sized holes.

He wouldn’t. Wouldn’t you up the carpet, just pulled each viber out and so going through and trying to figure out what it is why this is happening in on one side:i want the dog to keep doing it. Cuz it’s it’s working, a person could call me up at the, other side by my curiosity, wants to know okay. Why does this happen if I run into againfor another customer or can I help this customer so that they can find a solution to this particular problem, then, in that particular case, I happen to come over one time looking around and see that the dog goes into this exact spot. He takes his shoe truck, treats and that he would always use or grab and bring them in. So, while they’re watching tv hits it at their feet and he would show on the phone while in the place that they would chew. On his phone to his saliva is is drew? Would you go through the bone? If it’s okay, we would like drool bounce oakley’s eric these little circles on the ground carpet cleaning tulsa and so those little circles. He come back later smell the bone in the carpet and paul the fibers out trying to get out the bone. Left in the carpet cleaning tulsa carpet because that’s where he chews on the phone, they change the place that he chooses bones, move to the kitchen and instantly all the little bald spot, stop happening in their living room, and so I continue to clean the carpet, but they no longer do I have to put a new patch in the carpet every time I come over, because the dog is no longer chewing up the carpet because you don’t got the bone flavored carpet to go afterand those little small things are. You can take all of the knowledge all the skills that you’ve done. I can be great at patching carpet, gray, cleaning it, but then because I already mailed those things out and I would think about it. I can go on to think about okay. What is causing some of these things to happen and what is the? What is the backside of it? Until I’ve tried to and I still try to every time, I go out, there fine see if there’s some little bit better way, there’s some other function of form that we can do to be able to make this an even carpet cleaning tulsa  better experience, and sometimes it self-serving carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve run into so many things that I can do better and it helps me to be able to give a better experience so that, if somebody looks at it may say wow, this is what they did. Then I’m able to have I look better in their eyes. They will be able to refer me to the next person x customer quicker, because they say you know what the man you just nailed. This particular thing:where is if I just do the bare minimum or i? Do it the fastest way possible that almost always leads to somebody that really doesn’t want to call you back, because I felt like they got cheated, they felt like they didn’t get the value for their money and i. Think that’s the most importantnothing in any type of worker job that you do is that you look at it and you say, am I giving them the value of their money. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. If you would like to find out more carpet cleaning tulsa about our company and buy more episodes like this to visit our website at complete carpet, tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule or just like more information directly than please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet