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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 149

This is episode, 149 I’m, going to talk to you more about extra, going, beyond just carpet cleaning tulsa. Having that extra knowledge, we are complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 I give us a call today to schedule a service at 918-494-7093. I would love for you to check out our website at complete, carpet tulsa .Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com for the carpet carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings and a tile cleaning carpet cleaning carpet repair restretch in upholstery. Cleaning give us a day to give us a call today to schedule your next service, it’s more than just the extra knowledge of a more than just carpet cleaning, but that extra knowledge of what it is that we’re going to do and accomplish I think that once you can take with a task in the concept and idea, you can then grow. Potand, then I think the main idea of really getting something down, pat and say, for example, using example. We have before of doing your math tables and memorizing those the reason that you memorize those are so that you can move past just the addition subtraction multiplication of the division. You can get past that to where you can use. You now can go to application, I walk into somewhere and I say you know what I’m going to do. I need to buy, I want to buy this new toy and the toy cost. Fifty bucks and I can make $10 an hour boom insulin your mind. Okay, I got about 5 hours, cuz your my nose, 5 * 10 is 50 or I got 50 I need /, 10, I know its 5 and I can just boom hit that math really quickly. You moved past trying to spend time on that math I jump right into spend time doing the work to earn the new, the new remote control car that you were looking for as a kid or those whatever it is that you carpet cleaning tulsa were wanting to achieve that goal. Width of it is amazing how many times where, if you just put your mind to and I demand, you hear this all the time you know, if you just put your mind to itaccomplish anything that you want and I think there’s a small part of that. That seems like a misnomer, cuz. So many times we have gone and we’ve all had that opportunity. Where we put our mind to something and we failed, we looked at something and we said:nope didn’t get there and it’s not that you put your mind. If you just think about something, is that internally you have a y, you have a reason to do whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish and do until you, you know I’m in my particular case, with carpet cleaning just trying to clean the carpet is not a good. Why? If you hire somebody or you teach somebody that you know what you need to do is just clean carpet. You just need to make money. Then then you’re going to do at the cheapest in the worst way possible. Cuz you’re just trying to make money, but if you’re, why is that I want every customer to give me a 5-star review if your? Why is that I want every job to refer me to the to the next customer I want to see my personalized at every job that I go to I want this person to call me back Again:i’ve spent money. I put the time the effort into getting this customer to try me out for the first time and I want them to come back again. If they call me backyoung man, that is a that is my wife and if I can get them and every time I go out there. I know that this may be the last time they called me out. Cuz I could kick. You can take off anybody. We’ve all had friends that we were great friends with, and then we say that one wrong in an inappropriate thing at the wrong time, a week, done their kid or on there look for on something about their life or things that they’ve done and then boom. There’s not a friend and you sit there wondering scratching her. What happened, what it? What was it? What I do and so many times it’s because of you know we move on and things carpet cleaning tulsa change but other times it’s because we did something stupid and we didn’t own it and we didn’t apologize for and so now we’re having to live with the consequences carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve had so many opportunities to do great work for customers and times where you know I may have dropped the ball or didn’t do well with it and i. Think the difference between a company and a great company is not the company that does not drop the ball. Everybody’s human we’re all going to have times either day where we just you know where cloudy or mine’s, not thinking through or we’re just in a widget missingthinking. We can overlook a unimportant, a small detail, but an important detail. I think we’ve all at some point. You have been with somebody or or been the person that ran out of gas, and you know, maybe because you are not paying appropriate attention, but the most the time. It’s because you’re thinking about something else, you’re you’re focused in on some bigger goal in you. You know you meant glossed over the fact that you looked down and saw that you were down close to empty and your office and becomes an emergency. Now you got to get out the car and go through all the steps. It is to refill the car with gas, and so we ate weed.

We know the way that work our way back out of that, but sometimes we get ourselves into those small situation, so I think, and this personally I need any business that I ever deal with. This is the this is. My main stem me to this is my point of contact of saying whether this is somebody I want to do business with again is not. Do they never fail. Is that when they fail? How well do they? How well did they fix it? However, they correct the problem. You know I get it. Things are going to go wrong, stuff’s going to go sidewaysx, not going to happen the way they expected to. But you know:what are you going to do to correct it? What you going to do once you do realize that something’s off to go back out there and say you know I’m going to go the extra mile I’m going to go the extra steps of whatever it takes. I missed a extra late tonight, because I’m going to get caught up and whatever it is, that i, missed or whatever needs to be done. I think bad is the mark of a great business. In my personal opinion is that you get out there and you take all of the knowledge you take all of the steps. And then you tie that into saying that I’m going to go until I make sure that I have satisfied or made this customer happy and then I’ve fixed whatever. It is the core problem so many times as busy as I seen companies who made a mistake and they look at the pics of the problem as a cost loss, and they may make a decision whether they should cut their losses and just leave you high and dry, or whether they should try to fix it. And then they may look at it. So you know it’s going to cost too much money to fix this problem where you’re going to have to say sorry, we messed up and we’re going to lose that customer and then make the decision to lose carpet cleaning tulsa the customer to be able to save themselves some moneywhereas I personally, think that you know you really. Should you know if it’s your fault or there’s something that I’m so hoarse I need to be fixed or something and gets too difficult to hard that you know a good business gets in there and says you know what prophet go out the window, because this is about customer service. This is about connecting to being really well one thing that really stuck in my mind as a kid was walmart. How so many other places had just a massive amount of hoops to go through? If you wanted to return an item, where’s walmart said you know what, if you’re here, and your work and you’re willing to be in marstar store yet will give you a refund on that I’m sure. There’s people that brought in items that they made out about about to go to walmart, but they took that money I’m sure they just turned around and just bought another item with it and that gave them a connection with a customer to know that hey I got the coffin into buying anything here, because you know what I think I’ll go back and buy from walmart, because trying to return these other store, I can just be nightmares on. There were so many times in high school, getting given a gift and then you’re just stuck with the ugly horrific horrific yes, because either you don’t have the gift receipt. Orthe gift receipt was only foreign exchange and there was nothing. There was nothing there that you could exchange for his like it only exchange for like item they had to take it back in return for another one of the same exact title. But you didn’t like his begin with, but they say that’s the only way they allow the returns just the stuff that just seem like it forest the customer into going through these ridiculous hoops to where you not want to go back and deal with do business with that. Go with that carpet cleaning tulsa company again, because if I happen to get something back and don’t particularly like it or it doesn’t work out the way that I wanted to work or it’s not function the way that or have no need for it, then you’re just stuck with it. You know that you were going to hit the use, it’s like hitting a brick wall and you lose all of your desire to go back to that particular company again by we are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning tulsa and surrounding community since 1998, if you’d like to find out more about a company, buy more episode like this to visit our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule or just like more information directly then give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa over 20 years. We are complete carpet