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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 152

This is episode 152 and we’re going to continue from the last episode about carpet cleaning tulsa. If you got paid more, would you work harder? We are complete carpet carpet. Cleaning tulsa surrounding communities since 1998 I would love for you to check out a website complete carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with some facebook facebook.Com forward. Slash complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa, since 1998 is allowed to expand our offering and tile cleaning carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. It was called today to schedule next service at 918-494-7093 continuing on her next episode. You were going to pick up from where we left off in the previous episode about. If you got paid more, would you do more or would you work carpet cleaning tulsa harder than I was giving an example of a high school getting down the steps of how to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich and he went through a net over 4,000 different steps of infinitely. You should be able to make up steps for the rest of your life. You should be just you should be preparedwe thinking of new steps in new ways in the nude process of the go into that take a break down the entire hiring process of quality control for the people. That would take the night that you would venture used to spread the peanut butter and jelly on to the bread and how they made sure that that knife would just break in your hands who, eventually, in crete, created the smelting process that created the metal that created the that was used in that thing, haha, who perfected the way to bake bread in to begin with what this particular loaf of bread? How was it packaged? What factory was it made and who runs up actor? Who paid for that? Doctor who started that business who originally carpet cleaning tulsa harvested that grain there. So many questions that you could just keep repetitively just continuously go all-in through who are the grapes to make the jelly was the jelly grape? Was there variety jelly? Was it a composite jelly who came up with that process of jelly? Who created the process of canning? Who and what are all the things that steps that lead into this, and so many times we are we’re just compared to say you know what I took peanut butter I took bread and I put jelly and I just finished my togetherand. Sometimes we work that Way:i’m getting paid $10 an hour, I’m getting paid $15 an hour, so I am going to only give you the peanut butter and the jelly. If you want me to actually mix that with the bread that you can have to pay me like $20 an hour carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998 I think we’ve all been guilty of this running into a process where we know that we could do more, but we don’t really feel like we’re getting paid with on the incentive,. Like my story about going to your mother, carpet cleaning tulsa asking you to clean the bathroom and you run in there and you just paper towel wipe down everything, you don’t actually get in there really clean down and find all of the parts that need to be done because of your try to find your bare minimum to get by and and sometimes you know, there’s a need to get things done efficiently. You need to be speedy at a process. You need to try to be quick and what you’re doing is also i. Think I will talk about previous previous 10 episodes about housing, a macaron, a desire for your work having knowing what that work ethic can lead into the joy of working and part of that joy of working atsaying that, to you know what I’m going to do:i, consistently great job and the money will eventually follow. You know if you diligently what you’re doing you will my my dad used to say that and one of the favorites, and he said, is that if you work hard-and you really know what you’re doing you will get rich quick overtime at leo’s kind of the flip on the get rich quick. Is that you really you put in lots of hard working, hard effort and you will get rich quick over a long period of time and that you as long as you do more and you become more excellent. What you’re doing you will always get paid more, because somebody eventually need your work in your processes. I. One of my favorite stories that I heard is a business seminar. carpet cleaning tulsa M paraphrasing i, don’t know the story exactly, but it was talking about henry, ford and his that he had a processing plant that he was working and as one of the first assembly lines and they was going through. Everything is working great and then something happened. One part of theworking in the way they’re supposed to until the entire line had to stop, because nothing could go past that point. If they went in there, they tried to fix it that flip some switches. They they going to reset some of the stuff. They try to fix the equipment and turn things around. They spent 2 or 3 days, working on it and hold machine was down until they finally called in the guy who had created it and help them design. The whole process and his friend came in there walked in looked around at the different thing, was walked a couple of machines tinkered with the machines, flipped a couple of switches and then went back and said:okay, try fire at all back up and so couple hours later fired all back up and everything ran perfectly and so a week later he sent him a bill for $10,000 and it this time that was just a tremendous amount of money and so henry ford go back to his friend said how on earth? Can you charge me $10,000 to flip a couple of switches in tinker with a few? A couple of machines in your only option for half a day.

Just that is not $10,000 worth of work, and so his friend saidopen blind, said you’re right, I’ve corrected are bill, and so he had a bill for $100 for tinkering with machines and flipping some switches, and he said another $9,900 for knowing which machines tinker with and which switches to flip and I think so many times that we do not ever get ourselves skilled and pushed into the capacity where we have or we can get out there and know and have that skill-set, because we’ve only worked up to the level we’re going to lemay car $10. We haven’t made ourselves valuable enough to wear worth anything more than that, because we never will produce more than that. We’re waiting to get paid more than that before. We will produce again carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve had plenty of jobs where I walked on the job and I had the impulse that first temples of looking around saying the carpets. Don’t look that dirty I can just blow through this as fast as I can and I can move on to my next one or I can get home and I will build, watch movies or go to a play with my kids to do something other quickly in and I have to stoptake. That opposed to say you know what I need to do as good a job here as I would, if these carpets a really dirty or another time where you know that this particular job but carpet cleaning tulsa you’re not going to get paid the same amount. You quoted the job too low, and this is probably the biggest thing in any any industry. Did you run into it that you walk out on a job, and you realize that you quoted the job too low? You gave me a quote of a hundred and dollars and there’s like $200 worth of work here to be done, and so you then start shortcutting trying to make up the difference so that you can make this $200 job happened in the hundred dollars is supposed to say you know what just eat it. It’s my fault:i need to do a $200 worth of job, even though I only paid $100 here, I’m out in the next episode of give a couple of examples of things where I’ve done that and I’ve seen no reward at all and other times, I’ve seen a great reward. This is, we are complete carpet. Carpet. Cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities is 1998. If you like to find out more about our company and buy more episodes like this, then visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com. If you’re looking to schedule a rich like more information directly, then please give us a call at nine one. Eight four nine47093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet. We love for you to check out checks out on facebook at facebook.Com forward, slash complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities. We are complete carpet