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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 154

This is episode 154 and we’re going to be talkin I can’t even talking about. If you were paid more, would you do more wanted to continue the siri carpet cleaning tulsa cuz I just feel like there’s so much good information that could be had here and what you can do and accomplish. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 or love for you to give us a call today to schedule next service at 918-494-7093 or check out our website to complete carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, forward, slash complete carpet, carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand our offerings and a tile cleaning carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule next service I were talking the last episode about how you can do more. You will get paid more and so many times that we do it the other way around. If we were paid more, we would do more and it’s very simple switch and it’s very simple things you need to do, but if you consistently over produce, you will eventually get overpaidi mean it’s a small thing carpet cleaning tulsa and I think it was listening to rush. Limbaugh was talking to lisa decade ago or something, but you made a comment, or maybe somebody was telling me about the comment that he had made saying that anybody who is well paid anybody who has a higher learner, they always feel like they are worth more than they are getting paid, and so many people, if you feel like you, are getting paid what you’re worth then you typically will quit working as hard as a member story and I don’t remember if it’s a the all the details of it, but I did, but the gist or the meaning of the story was is the important part in this particular thing? Is that I think of the xerox back in the 80s was hiring their executives and they were trying to grow. They were trying to expand what they were doing. They wanted to get people that were high earners, a high standard people into all of the all of theresumes that they received for somebody put down a specific number that they wanted to earn money through all of those out. Anybody who left that number open for their high-end executive positions that didn’t put down how much they wanted to make those the people who they hired, because the theory of the time with that, if you say i, carpet cleaning tulsa only want to make let’s just make up a number 50,000, then once you are able to make 50000. If that’s your life goal of making $50,000, then once you make it and then you’re only going to do enough work to maintain that. If your goal is to make $50,000 in right now, you’re only making $10,000, then you were going to work your ear off. Trying to get to your goal you going to try to overproduce cuz! You want eventually grow up the ladder you’re mentally want to move up to where you’re going to be carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 and I’ve tried to make every job that I do not because I want to make a huge amount of money off every customer, but because I want to give them a customer experience. That is, above whatever they think that they’re paying for I want to overdo the right thing that you should always under-promise and over-deliver come in and saying you know, I’mmaybe we can get something done and then, when you do it they like whoa, you actually were able to do it I think people who promised the moon but can’t deliver it. They almost always go to ruin because people feel disappointed if you give them such a high go. Oh yes, this will be exactly like this and then you can’t make it there. Then you got to eat crow and realize that you’re out there and so I think an important part of what you need to do of. If you were paid more. Would you do more? Is that you need to look at every job every situation and we die. Do this with complete carpet i, try to look at carpet cleaning tulsa everything, i! Don’t care what I’m getting paid on things, but I did we have the tulsa housing authority contractors, a very low budget deal and I really could the previous guy had to go through it done them all fast and then really left a sour taste in the mouth. I thought man from you know for the amount of money that were willing to pay. He just did the very minimal amount of work that you can be done to be able to earn that I have to get those things done, just enough to pass inspection and while I was there theare the five or six years that I have the contract for the carpet cleaning there. That was there, they stayed. The both of the managers are on the pier from properties that I was there to help through. They said this was the first time in a decade, but they were under budget every year. I actually hit the end of the year and they would have their coming to say. Look we need to match the rat get the rest of our budget, because if we don’t get to our budget this year, they’re going to take it away from us next year since you’re doing such great quality work. But if you don’t win the the the, if you don’t get the contract for next year, we get. Somebody else would, like the previous guy said:we’re not going to be able to get the same quality of work in the same way. Knoxville save, as many carpets were able to save with you doing it, and so far next year our budget will be so much higher because we’re going to have to have her place so many more unit that you were able to say that the previous guys have never been able to do, and so they actually would get hit the end of the year and asked me to do a whole lot of extra work throughout the property, carpet cleaning tulsa anything that they could find just so that they could get to their yearly budgetnumber that they were carpet cleaning tulsa.

They were averaging so that if I ever didn’t win the contract that something text me I would they would sell the budget to make sure they could get everything accomplished and so I would hit the end of the earth. Look like i. Just can’t do fake extra work. I said one thing that you can do that I have lots of other customers. Do is that at once, a year for all of your current customers and all of your current people are in the place. These two things will really help to extend the life of all the carpets within the property carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve had so many different stories, this chicken ones about the tulsa housing authority and how we were helping that them to maintain their apartment complexes that they have. That managed and I said he. What you do at the end of the year is go through and give all of your carpet cleaning tulsa current tenants give him a free carpet. Cleaning go through and clean all the property of those two things:one they’re not going to clean the carpets on their own they’re on the low income side and that you know you were there, it’s just it’s it’s a struggle, sometimes for them just to make the rent of this this place even with the subsidies. That’s why they’re here and so give them a big benefit:go through and clean the carpets, they’re not going to do it themselvesand that will extend the life cuz if someone’s in there 3 to 5 years and they’ve, never clean the carpets, and then they move out you’re going to replace that carpet. But if you’ve been cleaning them every year and that customer that helmet is in there for 3 to 5 years, you can end it end and about five years the carpet still look good and I still can move on to the next 10 it was I’ll. Have it always replace the carpet at the end of the thing? So during that timeframe we saved him almost half the money. They were doing up. The I finally made a decision that wanted to move into residential and go with a different direction. Instead of a large contractual things going to have more scheduled appointments, it’s alright I chose not to bid on a contract, are fine and somebody else took the contract and it was 4 months into the contract for months they gone through and the person I was doing that had won the bid and actually hit the budget amount that a $25,000 per property budget amount. That was, they were max out of hit that much about you in the contract, because you’ve used up all years contract budget I and this 5sears carpet cleaning I’ve never once got close to the budget amount in every year of carpet cleaning and in spore month. This guy went through and somehow arrange this building in some way that he acted capped out the entire contract in just four months that she called me back and said:hey, please, our contracts are done it’s up early for months and we’re done. We tapped out our our maximum carpet cleaning tulsa loud. We need somebody that we can trust to come in and be our temporary carpet think we can’t trust this guy and he’s he’s a we. Let him go one more month. He could. You could use up almost another thing of for 3 or 4 months worth of our budget process, and so they had me come back in two and I spend another 3 or 4 months, just doing temporary on a temporary contract to cover their carpet cleaning stuff, while they work to try to redo and I help them set up new processes. So they wouldn’t have this happen. Againbut there is a I think there is a strong part of saying I’m going to over deliver every job that you’re going to do and that you don’t sit there and try to get out every customer that you give them the capacity cuz I love, the quote of saying I do I would rather make a hundred percent of my own effort or I’d like to make 1% of of 100 people, effort and i. Think part of that to me in the business and I like doing all that for myself, but part of that is i, don’t want to make a hundred percent carpet cleaning tulsa of my money off of just one customer I’d. Much rather have a hundred or 200 customers that I make a little portion of all of my money. Cuz that way, I can get out. There really affect and help more people. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities in 1998. If you like to find out more about a company or find more episodes like this, then visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com. If you’re looking to schedule or just like more information directly, then we give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet