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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 168

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Putting Down The Floors

This is episode 68. We’re going to continue talking about the health and wellbeing of your carpet and different things that you can do to maintain the carpet. We’ll talk about our allergy effects in this episode. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding community since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete carpet, Tulsa and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Has allowed us to expand our offerings into tall cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet repair restriction, and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine. Three. One of the things I get asked often or that I think is kind of a misnomer that’s out there floating is, um, is about allergies and your flooring and your surfaces.

Um, any surface all surfaces that you want to put in your home, whether it be stained, concrete, whether you want to put in wood floors, you want to have tile, maybe would looking tile. You want to have carpet, you want to have Berber, you want to, you want to do a glued down, you know, there’s so many different surfaces and tile you want to put laminate down a linoleum and you want to put down a pergo. There’s so much that you could do to have carpets or to the flooring within any home. But all of those flooring in and of themselves are just coverings. Um, and they do not generate any type of allergy. They’re not an unless you have an allergic reaction to, um, nylon or unless you’ve got an allergic reaction to maybe porcelain or wood. The flooring itself does not create any allergies.

What people are allergic to is the dust and debris that’s in a house that just naturally settled or maybe the cat dander or the the dogs, the pets, and with carpet it has the capacity like we were talking about in our previous episode to be a container. It’s like a trash bin. It actually can collect a lot of stuff in those fibers and trapped in between those fibers and they will collect the stuff and hold it in place. Uh, anybody who’s had an all hard surface house can attest to this. You’ll know immediately if you leave it all hard surface. Each time the air kicks on, it blows around the house and you end up with dust bunnies and all of the corners because air flows throughout that house. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa There’s nothing to hold any of the dust and debris and dirt. And so it just goes flying through there.

So you’re more, you’re more noticeable. You’re more aware of the dirt as it goes through. Or if you walk in your bare feet across tile, if there’s any Santa Grid, all that tile, you’re going to feel it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa It’s going to collect to your foot and so you’re going to sweep on a more regular basis. You may mop on a more regular basis. You’re doing all these things to maintenance the hard surfaces that you typically most people won’t do to their carpets and so overtime the carpet can become a source of of allergy reactions because it has collected things that you are allergic to. The carpet itself is not a source of the allergy. It’s the fact that you haven’t maintenance and you haven’t cleaned it like you have in all of your hard surface areas. Same thing with your countertops. You really wouldn’t go a month without wiping down your countertops.

If you did, they would become so grimy and nasty. The you would be, you’d be ashamed to have anybody see your countertops if you just did all of your food stuff, but you never cleaned up and you just kept letting it build up. Um, and so in that same way, your carpets are exactly the same. And so most people, when they hit the point that their carpets are becoming a problem, it’s because they’ve chosen not to maintenance the carpet in the proper way. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa so it has built up amount of allergies. Um, these allergies are not from the carpet, that is just the stuff that is sitting on and in the carpet that has not been vacuumed or not being cleaned out. So as far as all of your surface is being considered equal, none of them will cause you any allergies, but you do need to be, as I’m on top of the maintenance of your carpet as you are of the tile and the wood and the other areas of your home.

Uh, so with that being said, what are some of the things that you can do that are going to help for the overall allergy? A reduction of your house, carpet, clean and Tulsa since 1998. I’ve had the opportunity to help many people to change the structure, to give them new tips and ideas on what they can do in their home to able to make it a better, more allergy friendly environment. Um, my kids are pretty pretty, uh, pretty strong allergies. My wife can be also be very susceptive and so I’ve modeled all of these practices in my own home and I’ve tested them out over decades to, to see what is the best cause, practice and where can you affect the quality and air quality control the most. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I think the first thing that anyone can do to be able to when dealing with allergies within a home is to find out what the source of the allergy is.

A, sometimes you have a pet or sometimes you have, um, maybe doors get left open or you’ve got a dusty vent system. There’s somewhere that the allergies are getting into the home. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa so maintaining that first starting at the first core of saying, okay, we know what areas are getting dirty, sort of like when you go through and find, assess whether the dirt zones within your home. Um, I know that if I don’t ever let the kids eat any food in any of the carpeted areas, they can’t have any food in their bedroom. They can’t have any food in the living rooms. The academy drinks that go anywhere else in the house, all of your food and drink, stay in your hard surface areas, kitchen, your dining room. Then the carpets will stay cleaner or just naturally because there’s nothing there to create new dirt sources, all of them, and so you can maintain.

You can do the same thing if a, the pets are in the house. If you don’t ever let the pets on too. If you never let the pets come into your house at all, then in your household ever smell like pets. If you let the pets and you’re going to have to just make sure that you maintenance the areas that the pets are allowed to go. Same thing if you have a smoker, you can smoke all you want to. If you smoke outside the house and then it never gets into the house, it won’t smell like smoke inside, but if you smoke actively in the house, the whole house is gonna. Smell like smoke eventually. So if you’ve got allergies and side of the House that are affecting your quality of life. One of the big things that I noticed on the carpet side and all of the different sizes, if you could let moisture buildup of moisture builds up in your closet and your bathroom a anywhere that you’ve had a water leak in properly taking care of that, make sure you’re getting the proper technician to come out and take care of that.

Um, after you’ve gone through and made sure that you’ve removed the sources of those allergies. One of the big things that really helps with air quality is going through and getting that five, 10, $15 filter from home depot, home depot or Lowe’s and getting the one that’s meant for allergies. I don’t get the real expensive one. I’d much rather replace the $10 filter, um, monthly or every other month. Um, but just making sure that that is also going through. Nothing can blow into your home unless it goes through that filter and that filter can grab and pull out all of those micro allergens that are really causing irritation. I can tell when my kids start to sneeze or cough, it’s time for me to replace the air filter. And that makes a huge difference, vacuuming on a regular basis so that you’re collecting it and then having the carpets cleaned on a regular basis, um, and having your title cleaned on a regular basis to can help to reduce all of those allergens because you remove it from getting into the home, you remove it once it’s in the home and then you filter it out as it’s going through the home.

And so those are the best ways of practices to help to maintain the allergy free home environment. Keep that envelope. Well, we are complete carpet, carpet clean since running community since 1998. If you’d like to find out more about us or episodes like this, visit our Or give us a call at nine. One eight, four, nine four seven zero nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.