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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 176

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Carrying Burdens

This is episode one 76 and we are continuing on talking about our history before we started complete carpet, carpet cleaning, tolsons riding community since 1998. We’d love for you to check out our website at complete carpet, Tulsa Dot Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Has allowed us to expand our offerings into the tile cleaning, carpet, root cleaning, carpet repair, restructuring, and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three. So continuing on from our previous conversation, we’re there at lunch or either at breakfast with my uncle and a Saturday morning and it’s cold outside and we’re just having a good time. And he gets that page or call with a um, with a call saying that it was an emergency and it was a water damage and that we needed to call the office as soon as we could find a phone.

And so we went to get a phone and back, this is back in the day when most, um, most convenient stores and most, um, food places, they would actually have a payphone right there in the store or you’d go over to the corner of any, any, um, quick trip and he, Texaco and he didn’t go in a circle. K and e, seven slash 11 would have a payphone right there on the side. And then you’d have the different types of funnels. You have the walkup phones that you just walk right up to that, that we’re right on the building. And so you’d park your car, get out of the car, walk up to the building and make a phone call there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa then you had the extra special phones. These are the phones that had like a 10 foot cord. And I was like that metal braided heavy duty cord, you know, it wasn’t just a little thing that was going to break, but you can pull your car right up to the payphone, open your window, and then put your quarters in, pulled a payphone handle into the end of the car.

And dial it in and listened while I sat in the car to call and talk to someone on the payphone. Especially on a cold day like this. That’s really the type of phone you’re looking for. You’d skip the ones that are outside because they’re just too cold, you know? You don’t really want to have to walk up there, stand outside while you’re freezing, touching the little metal buttons and the wind’s blowing by and you’re like, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, I’m going to pick the one I’m going to. I’ll go. I’ll drive the extra half a mile to find the next place that has an outdoor payphone that is on the edge where you can drive your car up just like those mailboxes where you can drop the mail in. You just drive your car right up to it, reach out the allophone, pull, pull the cord and kind of roll the window up a little bit.

So the car still blowing hot air on you and you can be able to do so. We call them. We’re like, you know what, there’s a, there’s a water damage and it’s just up the street. And so I’m with my uncle anyway, and so will you know what, let’s just, I’ll just go with you. He could just take me with, we’ll go get that one job done. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa so when he got there, that one job turned out to be that job and the one behind it and the one next to it and the one above it. And so we did those three or four and then another job got called in because another building had gotten wet and it was flooded also. So we did that job and we moved on to the next building that had been flooded. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa so we just kept going from one place to the next, going from one apartment complex to the next one, just sucking out water, setting up fans, getting them set up.

And uh, we finally get in and it’s a, it’s a round two or 3:00 in the morning and we’re still sucking water out. If not had a chance to go back to the office. Actually have called it a whole lot of extra guys. Everybody’s out trying, you know, it’s an all hands on deck. Everyone needs to get out there, get as much stuff done because we’ve gone through so many things were out of fans are just trying to suck water out. We’re just trying to help to maintain the different problems that all of these different areas and get all the water sucked out. And so it’s around two, 3:00 in the morning. It’s one of those cold nights. I mean just frigidly cold on unbearably cold. And since we’re always in these water damage situations, it’s always wet everywhere. And so your shoes are a little wet and your feet are just kind of almost icicle things.

You keep kind of moving them the keep the van running at all times because you don’t want to freeze up the van. But the, I sucking all of the hoses, the uh, if you didn’t go fast enough, the water would start to freeze inside the hoses and you’re sucking it into the machines. So you have to take all the hoses Kerryman side and todd follow them out if you had forgotten or not paying attention. And so we would go in. And one of the things I remember the most about that night after getting to spend the whole day with my uncle doing all kinds of water damage cleanups and you’re really connecting with stuff, is that it was so cold at night and each one would go into a few of the places. The pipes have burst in the walls and so there’s kind of like a little spray of water and the end of my pants had gotten a little damp throughout the day, probably damp up to maybe the knee and it was so cold that night is we’re walking back and forth between buildings that my pant legs had been frozen completely.

And so it became this like big bell bottom type pants. But it was just a salt. I mean you could knock on it. Let’s see what that hard. Now the upside is that it was keeping me warmer because it was creating this little insulating chill around me. But the downside is that my legs were frozen and so it was so cold. We get into the van and we’d sit there right next to the heater and put your hands next to it. It almost, you know, you get so cold sometimes that just, even luke warm air feels hot, do you. And so that was one of the things that I loved it. I got to be able to connect and really gave me some good gut wrenching experience and the gave you the capacity because it’s hard to tell or even know how to really stick things out.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Um, it, it’s hard to teach anybody sticktuitiveness I mean, you, you can’t really say here’s what you need to do to be able. There’s no motivational seminar out there that you’re going to say, look, here’s how it is that you get out there and your work when you’re freezing cold and you work for 12 to 14 hours straight and you just stick it out because there’s people that are expecting you are relying on you and so you just keep going, doing the best job that you know how to do. And you can’t really tell somebody how to do that. You have to get out there and have done it and you have to get out there and do it again and you have to get out there and do it many times and I think that’s the most important thing is sometimes experience can trump all of the great knowledge that you ever could have.

You could have tons of book knowledge and tons of just theoretical ideas, postulation about what might happen or what could work in a certain circumstance, but really you’ve got to get out there and actually experience it so that you can then say, okay, you know, what, nothing has ever been quite as hard or quite as bad as that one day where we went out and spent 16 hours working with frozen leg pants in the cold and no matter what I have to do now and nothing will compare to that. This, this is easy comparatively. Whereas, um, so many times you’ll have a serviceman, and I’ve heard this, you know, since we’ve been carpet cleaning since 1998, I’ve had so many stories from current customers talking about service men come out to their place and then they get halfway through a job or get through to certain place, run into something that’s difficult or run into something they’re not quite ready for.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa then just say, you know what, me just give up, you know, I’m not going to, not even going to try and I have to do this, this, uh, you know, good luck. Hopefully you’ll find somebody else who can do this for you. And you would think that wouldn’t be that high of a thing. But when we’re installing, I would have at least two or three jobs a month when I was at carpet installer of carpet, other carpet layers that had got out, started working on a job. And then for whatever reason they just quit. They just never would come back to do the job. I had so many times I’d walk out on a job. It’s half done, all the carpets, laid out, all the pads in place, but they just didn’t stretch and install it. Other times they did something and they made some big mistake.

They had no idea how to fix it and so they just bolted from the job and so I’d get there, look at it, and it helped me to really grow beyond because I’d have to look at somebody else’s mistake and analyze what it is they did wrong, why they walked off the job and is it repairable, how can I fix it and come up with a creative solution to help this customer get back on their feet and move again. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. If you’d like to find out more about our company or more episodes like this, visit our website and complete carpet If you’re looking to schedule or we’re just like more information directly, then please give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.