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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Starbursts 99

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 199

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 199

[00:06] This is episode one 99 and we’re going to cover some of the different forms of payment that we accept. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning. Tulsa is in our fiber and we would love for you to check out our website at complete carpet, and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 is allowed us to expand our offerings into Tom, cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet repair, stretching and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine. Three. Seems like a fairly simple topic, but I have run into so many different times where customers are asking because, um, there is, seems like there’s a good chunk of people out there who just, um, they do not want to, to pay for their services or they’ve only got one specific route or type of way that you can pay for your services.

[00:53] And, um, generally I try to tell our customers that we will accept any form of payment that you have. Um, I have done, um, all kinds of different scenarios throughout the years, whether that be just straight cash, we do accept tips or it’d be a check. A good, good majority of people were probably one of the last companies around that still accepts earth or takes checks from customers. Um, I think a lot of times that’s because we’re there in the house and you’re ready to get us taken care of and paid and um, and a checkbook is your closest thing or whether it be a credit card or paypal bank draft. Uh, we’ve, um, I’ve even had people get a money order or cashier’s check a little, just run a quick trip and pick up something because they just want to make sure that it’s taken care of and paid right away.

[01:40] Um, or in other situations where we’ll have people that have, um, you know, we’ve got a business with a service that we have been using for a long time. We end up trading services out for, you know, um, get their carpets cleaned so they can get some more graphic design or something else done in our business that we’re needing. To me, whatever it is, we try to find a way to help people out. Um, and one of the things I think that a lot of people will be shy away from is I’m trying to make sure that they are giving their customer what it is that they need, but they’ve also been burned. Carpet cleaning Tulsa And I think that that part of it is difficult because you have to make a choice as a business owner, you know which areas are the least amount of risk and which areas are creating the right amount of value, the right amount of opportunity for your customer.

[02:25] We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We’ve had many experiences and examples of different ways that we can help to maintain the life and health of your carpet at. One thing that we always strive to try to do while I’m providing our services that we want to become an affordable. One of the things that I think a lot of people miss in having one company that can do it all, we can get the carpet cleaned and repaired at the same time, is that you can save a lot of money, whatever form of payment you choose to use, um, it can be, you can save a lot of your time and effort and energy because the, um, you’re putting the two, combining two surfaces together so you don’t have to separate service calls. You can be able to get it all taken care of at once.

[03:07] And this can save a tremendous amount of money, one of the main reasons that we can come in quite a bit cheaper than other other people doing the same services that we’re able to combine these two services together so that we now are able to provide both a fantastic cleaning service and a repair service at the same point of service. Um, one thing that’s real important to us is that you feel like you’ve gotten a great value for the money. Carpet cleaning Tulsa So no matter what type of form of payment you choose to use, we want you to build, feel confident that what you got was have a great value to you and to your home and one of the things that we could do to be able to help that is by using a really good equipment. Now high end equipment is going to cost them more money, but it also will allow you to be able to do a better job and so you’ll have a happier customer because you’re going to get a thorough more deep clean.

[03:54] You’re going to have a better looking patch because you used the best equipment, the best industry standards, but not just the minimum industry standard is you always want to try to excel and go above and beyond that so that you have something that’s going to last for a long time. I’ve seen so many times I’ve come in to do a patch where somebody came in and used. I’m like double stick tape or just use a hot glue gun with no seam tape behind it to try to just put a little piece of patch together. And the patch has come out the first time someone vacuum over it, we try to make sure that when we do something right the first time that it will last for you. And that’s not something that’s temporary, that will just fall apart quickly afterwards. Carpet cleaning, Tulsa’s and our fiber and repairing and really stretching, patching, cleaning.

[04:34] We want to make sure that we can serve as all of your needs, your complete carpet needs, however you may choose to pay for that. We want to make sure that we have off of the service and that you feel like you’ve gotten a good value for your money. And so one of the ways that we also try to help with this is by keeping our add on costs low, we got a flat rate cleaning service that we allow you to be able to know the price of the carpet cleaning before we’re finished so that there’s no surprise or hidden fees in there. Carpet cleaning Tulsa So, uh, one thing that’s most frustrating is that you think is going to be price is going to be the X. and so you write a check for x. and when the person gets there to do all of the cleaning, they inform you that x was only an intro that to get a real cleaning that you would need to have that is going to cost y and Z on top of x and so you’ll have to write a second check or if I have some other form of payment to try to make up the difference because they’ve now increased the price after they got there.

[05:26] And so we always try to make sure that everything is clear upfront that you know exactly what it is with our flat rate cleaning prices, that price to clean the carpets will be the same when we get finished as it was when we began. And so this is important I think for the health of the carpet, but also for the health of the customer so that they know that they’re getting the same deal that they got when they asked for it is the same deal they get when they’re finished. We are complete carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa surrounding community since 1998. If you’d like to find out more about our company and find more episodes like this, visit our website, a complete carpet Tulsa dot. If you’re looking to schedule or we’re just like more information directly, then give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. Carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete. Perfect.