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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 216

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 216

[00:03] This is episode 2:16, and in this episode we’re gonna talk about how to get wrinkled out of carpet. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa community since 1998. We love to hear, have you check out our website at complete carpet, and learn more about us and what we can do for you and you can also connect with us on forward slash complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offering to detail cleaning, carpet cleaning, carpet repair, researching and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. I’m one of the things is an important and maintaining the health and the long, long w carpet carpenter that you’re maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet. That way there’s not dirt and debris that are sitting down on the carpet because that will break down and destroy the carpet quicker than normal.

[00:47] You will accelerate the amount of usage that the carpet is receiving. We put a lot of sand and grit and they’re one person walking across there. It can give the same where as 10 to 15 or 20 other people walking across clean carpet, so you want to make sure that you’re maintaining the health and wellbeing of your carpet and I’m one of the results that happens if you do too much walking across the carpet on really gritty, dirty surfaces or if the humidity changes to high, low or you just have too much functional traffic, cross it. Another thing that can also cause the wrinkles is that you people do not create a frictionless motions or dead lift their furniture. They just pushed them across the drag them across the room and this can cause a stretching of the carpet because the the weight of the furniture pushes against the carpet and drags it into place and does not end up lifting it up.

[01:34] Say create big wrinkles or stretches or abnormal poles in the carpet. I’m one of the things I think that’s important is that you maintain the stretch of the carpet also, so maintaining the cleaner the carpet I think is foremost and first because this will keep carpets to last longer and stay flatter for a longer period of time, uh, but also maintaining the stretch matters. Once those carbs are broken down, you do not want to leave them loose for too long. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is and our fiber, but stretching carpet is also important part of the carpet maintenance process. And one of the things that we can do for this process is that we get out there and we tighten the carpet backup to the way it was originally when it was installed. Once carpet is loose, it, it moves a lot more. The tighter and flatter the carpet can stay, the better and the longer it will last.

[02:19] So if you’ve got carpet that had been in place and it is not, um, for been in place for a long time, it has not been held tight that entire time. That will then eventually start to buckle. And I’ll, you’ll almost always see this for our customers that will say that once I saw one wrinkle, it seemed like they’re wrinkled, just grew exponentially. carpet cleaning Tulsa And a lot of this is because once the carpets loose, every time you walk on it, it will move even more, which caused it to become more loose. Think of it like a, um, um, like, uh, if you’re driving down the road and you’ve got a tie strap or a rope hanging from the back of your vehicle, as long as it’s tied up and it’s tight and it’s in place, then you could drive down the highway and it’s not gonna have any problems.

[02:57] But once an edge of it starts to get free and flapping, then it’s going to wear really fast and over just a few miles or, or a few hours, that rope could be completely shredded and freight apart because now that it’s flapping in the wind, it’s now getting all of this extra of abrasion and extra. I’m breaking down of the fiber as it’s moving back and forth. A carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. One of the things that we saw I see on a regular basis is um, carpets that are really loose, also move up and down, similar to taking a coat hanger coat hanger can hold your clothes for 20 years in your closet and you have no problem at all, but you take that same coat hanger. carpet cleaning Tulsa You can untwist the top of it, take that wire coat hanger and then move it up and down, up and down.

[03:38] Just bend it up and down, keep kind of going up and down and eventually it breaks in half and it doesn’t really take that long. It’s not going to take you 20 years to break the code and a half. It just take you a couple of minutes of bending up and down and eventually that metal is stressed beyond the carpets of the same way at the back. He moves up and down, up and down too much. Eventually that back and we’ll break down and then the carpets get wrinkled and then now the carpets are wrinkled. It’s now even moving up and down even farther. Every step you go on, it’s got a big, huge give pattern in that breaks down that backing faster, allowing it to grow or to relax more, and then it just ends up being a systemic where it just continues to go. A lot of people don’t realize their carpets are wrinkled or as wrinkled as they are because the wrinkled normally will buckle up at least point of resistance.

[04:22] A lot of times that’s in your walk path, but sometimes that can be up against the wall because the excess carpet is gone until it doesn’t have anywhere else to go. It kind of expands out like an area rug, but then hits the wall and so it buckles up just like if you had an area rug sitting in front of your couch and then it kind of hits the couch or the foot of the couch moves forward and creates that little buckle about where the foot of the couch is pushing against that area. Rug. Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we we’d love for you to check out our restructuring services that we offer to be able to get that carpet tightened flat. Again, most of the time, once you have a carpet restretched ones, it doesn’t need to be restricted again. It’s normally, once you take that extra carpet out, it won’t just continue to grow forever.

[04:59] It will then be tight flat again and be able to stay in place, um, industrial places like restaurants or offices or a, a, a, um, another good uses of, of carpet is also used in theaters is that they will glue the carpet straight to the floors. The carpet just can’t move at all and that way it won’t wrinkle. A, another quick side note that carpet is great at in is the sound deadening properties. And we will talk about this again in the future. In another episode. We’d love for you to check us out, give us some more feedback, connect with us and be able to answer, answer more questions that you have. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa. Uh, it since 1998. We, uh, if you’d like to find out more about our company or find more episodes like this, visit our If you’re looking to schedule or we’re just like more information, give us a call directly at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet, carpet dmcs your clean carpet today.