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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 327

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 327

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 27 and this time we’re last episode, we talked a bit about, um, is it safe to clean your carpet on a regular basis and the dangers of, um, of improper cleaning and how it can cause damage to your carpet because of not enough suction or not enough on things. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. We’d love to hear from you. So give us a call at (918) 494-7093, we’re built to service all of your carpet care and needs. Uh, but one of the things that we want to talk about this time is a, what is the benefit of cleaning the carpet on a regular basis? We know talked last time, what is the danger of cleaning the carpet on a regular basis. But now we want to talk about the benefit. What is, uh, what are the main cause or push for you to get that done? Carpet cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (00:47)
And, uh, we know this from just general uses as we talked about other flooring surfaces, all flooring surfaces really. Um, these are the same applicable things apply to all of these, uh, since 1998 Carpet cleaning Tulsa has been one of the things we focused on and making sure we take care of all of our customers in a timely manner but also in a maintenance way so that they can be able to keep the health and longevity of the carpet. You can get quite, quite a long life out of your carpet and also a good valuable life. Some of the things that some people miss or think about is what is the quality of the life of your carpet? Do you enjoy getting down and sitting on your carpet? Your would be your title or are you like, it’s kind of, I’ve gotten sticky or dirty or gummy and I got to stay on, you know, the furniture.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
Are you ashamed at people over because you’re, you’re not quite sure what they would think about the way that your carpets look. Um, and so that we can come in and help you with that to make it back to, it’s a nice presentable, healthy look. Again, Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. And we also help people because we want, we know that the better the carpets are cared for, the longer they will last. Which means in the long run, by spending a couple hundred dollars on a carpet cleaning, you can save thousands of dollars on replacing the carpet and get it to last a nice long time. All flooring surfaces really is not unique to carpet cleaning Tulsa. But one of the things that is, uh, should be remembered or noted of the reason of the why it should be done on a regular basis is the dust is the universal sandpaper.

Speaker 1: (02:19)
So if you take your hands and you rub them together and you’re sitting in front of a fire, you can pretty much sit there for quite a while and just keep your hands warm by just kind of ease a little friction on your hands. Just rub it back and forth cause you just your skin rubbing against your skin. And for the most part, that just creates a nice smooth ride and it rubs back and forth. You have no problem. But if I took and I rubbed, poured sand over your hands and told you to rub the back and forth, um, it would get, you’d wear the skin off of your hands very quickly. But one of the things that’s important to remember is supposed to use a car as an example. If I was driving down an old dusty dirty road or you had a beautiful corvette and uh, and there’s just really windy, dusty day and he came out and grabbed a dry rag and you went up to that corvette with all of that dust on there and you started to try to just rub that dust off, the owner of that corvette would come out and just stop you instantly because they know that if you grab that rag and you rub across the finish of that car, you’re going to pick up all of that sand and dirt and grit and dust onto the rag and now you’re going to mar the surface cause it’s going to scratch it all up at the same thing happens if you are, you’ve got dusty.

Speaker 1: (03:32)
If you get a rock in your shoe or if you get a subtype of a hard material initiation, walk across the floor, you’re gonna leave little scratches and marks. Or if you drag something across the floor, if you don’t clean the wood floors of the tiles, you can. Um, and as people run a rock across it, it’ll keep gridding and rubbing off the surface and creates friction and higher points of where on the carpet or on the tile or on the woods. So they make sure that you want to clean or rinse or mop or sweep those surfaces on a regular basis with carpet cleaning a house to rent out the stickiness in the carpet that’s trapping the dirt. Uh, as long as the carpets are fresh and clean, you should be able to just vacuum any dirt right off the top of that dirt, starts to stick to the carpet.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
If you then need a carpet cleaning to be able to rinse out the part that’s making it stick. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is one of the things and the surrounding communities. One of the things that we excel at. It’s one of our specialties is keeping carpets healthy and well. We want to try to help you keep your carpets healthy and well today by removing that Dustin debris out of the carpet. Now the fibers can just rub against each other instead of the dust and debris that’s in the carpet. Wearing that carpet down, helping it to last a lot longer life because now you’ve removed the source of grit. The sandpaper, if you will, of the carpet has been extracted or removed out and now you’ve got just a soft fiber on soft fiber allowing it to last a much longer life, extending the time before you need to replace your carpets again.

Speaker 1: (05:03)
I’ve had carpet that we’ve cleaned that were 10 years old. I’ve got clean carpets that were 15 I’ve giving carpets that are 20 even 25 the oldest carpet believe was 65 years old. Very old carpet that had just been well cared for, well maintained. But I’ve also taken care of carpets that didn’t get cleaned at all and after five years the carpet was pretty much done because they had all of this grit and sand and dirt that it just compiled impact into the fiber and if it still walked on as it compiles and backed into fiber and then we’ll pile and pack in to the uh, backing down below. And the next thing that you know that now that’s packed in the back end below there, it starts to get down into the pad and the sub floor below that and now you’ve got a perpetual source of dirt coming in and out of the carpet and almost no matter what you do, the thing is chewing itself apart in the ones that backing gets too much dirt in it, then the layers will start to separate and you’ll get de lamination. And at that point the farm fibers start either crushing and flattening or they’ll actually start falling out. We are complete carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 if you have any questions or would like more information, give us a call at (918) 494-7093 we’d love to talk with you and get you on the schedule and get you on your way to healthy carpets. Again, appreciate you checking out this podcast and we look forward to the next opportunity to serve you. On Facebook @CompleteCarpet Carpet cleaning Tulsa.