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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 333

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 333

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode 333 it’s episode three 33 and today we’re going to talk about, uh, the proper way to remove a spot out of your carpet Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call a day at nine one eight four nine four, seven zero nine three. Uh, one of the things I notice on a pretty regular basis is someone will have done their best to try to clean a spot and then they’ll call us out because either they couldn’t get it all the way out or they did try to get it out and it doesn’t look the way that they were hoping it would look. And so we thought we’d give you a couple of tips and advice on how to clean the carpets, um, in a way that doesn’t leave it looking worse than what you want or to spread it or make it, um, uh, not in the same area. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (00:44)
So first we’ll start off of the things that you should avoid or just not do altogether. A Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we’ve seen this many times. Um, certain things. If it’s topical on the carpet, then you should not try to clean or remove it. It’s better to clip it or trim it off, kind of scalp it off the top of the carpet. If you were to look at your finger, look at the length of your finger and look at your fingernail, the white of your fingernail. Um, if the contaminant is something that’s just like the white of your finger and the rest of your finger is the fiber itself, then just kind of clip the nail off. But that top little part off, use something sharp, a razor blade or fabric scissors or hair scissors, something that’s meant for fiber. If you use a regular paper scissors, it just won’t be able to clip them cause they’re not sharp enough.

Speaker 1: (01:27)
It was kind of mall, the fabric just kind of squishing it back and forth. So you want to make sure you use something that’s very sharp to be able to get that thing out of the carpet. Some examples of these things. It could be in the carpet that are just on it instead of in, it would be a light iron burn. Maybe currently an iron or a cigarette that had fallen down or a little bit ash that fell out of a fireplace, a drip of paint. If you got somebody who’s doing some paintings route and as they’re walking along the kind of walk through the place, they got little trips here and there or um, somebody did some hair dye and the kind of drips of hair to here and there just kind of frosted the top of it. Sometimes you’ll have a situation where a box or a, um, kids art project is sitting in.

Speaker 1: (02:09)
It’s just created some transfer to the top of the carpet. Didn’t soak all the way into it, but it didn’t transfer on the top of it. A pot that you move or a basket, they was sitting somewhere and you move the basket. Uh, typically easiest way to tell if this spot is going to be able to be taken care of in this way is that you get in and you pull the fibers to the sides. If you can pull the fiber to the side and you look down, you see good fibers underneath the spot that you want to go ahead and just trim it off the top. If you pull the fiber to the side and you see all the way down to the bottom, it’s dark. They either you’ll need to use a product specific to that spot or just patched the whole thing out at some point.

Speaker 1: (02:43)
Um, so if you do run into this, another good good one we run into is a fingernail Polish. Um, all of these different ones, if you tried to break them down or clean the spots, um, you break down the save us use finger nail polishes and example, do you use some fingernail Polish remover? You’ll break down the Polish itself, releasing the color and the color will actually soak farther into the carpet and make a bigger spot or staying. You’ll find as you start to try to rub out the spot and actually starts getting bigger and growing because now you’ve broken it down and got it back into a liquid form and now it’s continued to spread. So it’s best to just trim it right off the top so that it can’t spread. It can’t go any farther and will go any deeper into the fiber itself. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (03:20)
Uh, the next category that we run in that people are trying to remove spots out of our, your organic spot. Something that is, uh, currently just happened. A brand new fresh spot, um, might be food, it might be pets, it might be something from outside, some dirt they walked in. I mean, you can get something that’s fresh that’s just happened. More than likely you’ll be able to rent it right back out, even if he’s still a little paint on the carpet. If it’s fresh and it’s wet and you start sucking it up with a shot back and rinsing it with a little bit of water, you should be able to get right back out. And here is one of the things that we run into that people will inadvertently do it, that they get aggressive on how they’re trying to rent instead of just purely renting something out.

Speaker 1: (04:00)
They try to scrub it out. Um, if you think of little carpet fibers is pieces of rope, carpet, stretching, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. If you think of them like little pieces of rope, every time you rub on them, you’re untwisting the rope a little bit. And so you’ll have an area compared to all the rest of the area that you’re rubbing back and forth to say a rag or issue or a sponge and you’re actually, um, frame the fiber so that it becomes more puffy. So it becomes more as you have finished scrubbing in an area after five or 10 or 15, 20 minutes and now the whole area looks really puffy and fluffy compared to all the fibers around it. You create an abnormally um, agitated spot compared to the rest of the carpets. So it’s best if you blot or just let the water just put some water in and suck it back out.

Speaker 1: (04:44)
Put some water in second back out or um, kind of Spritz it. Don’t ever pour the liquid in cause if you pour it it will spread. If you spritz it it will stay. So just kind of Spritz over the top, get it damp and then use a rag and just stand on the rag. And that way you can absorb it back up and it’s going to take a long process and expect it to go slow as you’re trying to rinse it because you want to rinse it with multiple passes. Kind of like adding paint to a wall. If you get a spray can of paint and you want to paint an area, you want to do a bunch of light coats if you, one heavy code is just going to drip and run. And so you don’t want to have the same thing happened to where you put too much liquid into the carpet area where the stain is.

Speaker 1: (05:17)
And you spread the stain and it gets bigger and wider. He want to put just enough to get it wet so they didn’t, you can absorb it into a towel or a shop vac or something that you can reclaim the stuff. Once you’ve got it back into suspension, back into a liquid form so you can get it back off the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Uh, we always advise people to do these three or four steps when you’re trying to get a spot out as one. Remove as much of the spot as you can get just by removing any contaminant right off the top of the surface. A number two, try to rinse out just with straight water, hot water and a rag or a shop vac and strata rinse out whatever is remaining of the contaminant that’s in the carpet. Um, third if whatever left, whatever, won’t just come out with water. Use a soap or carpet cleaning agent that is specific for using on carpets. Uh, so that is matches with that type of stain. And then thirdly rented again with water to remove the remaining product. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.