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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 344

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 344

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 44. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Uh, wanted to talk this podcast about, uh, the importance of keeping track of what is important. Uh, the, uh, one of the seven principles that Stephen Covey had talked about in his book, seven for the little highly effective person is to put first things first. And, uh, sometimes we allow, he’s a, another part of this that sometimes gets done wrong would be to put second things first or third things first are, but first things, third, a fourth. A lot of times we let the things that are important become at the mercy of things that are urgent. In other words, things that are not that important end up getting done first just because someone else has an urgency to it. Um, and uh, we end up missing the thing that actually really do matter in our lives because we didn’t get done the things that actually should have been done.

Speaker 1: (01:02)
And so I thought I’d give a story that I thought really encapsulated this idea. This concept is, I think we’ve all had a time where we are wanting to get out and to go with our friends. Maybe it’s high school or maybe as you’re in college. I mean we’ve all been to a water park and we’ll get to that waterpark and so many of them have at least the one here in my hometown of Tulsa. I used to be called big splashes now h two o and they have a large, um, they call it a wave pool, but really as long as the waves aren’t running, it’s just a really giant bathtub. But half a football field size bathtub that at any one point in time you’ll have, I don’t know, 50 different people all kind of floating together in this large bathtub, one in shallow, like a beach and the other end goes deep.

Speaker 1: (01:55)
Um, and so for the most part people kind of just mill around the park and, but no one really hangs out in the wave pool when the waves aren’t going Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Cause it’s just really, it’s just a giant bathtub and you kind of look around and think, oh, don’t, you know, really feel like floating in this communal pool together. And so you go out through the rest of the park, but there’s something that magical happens and you’ll probably be there with your girlfriend or your children. And at a certain point in the park, they allow, they let everyone know that the waves are coming. And so that’d be a nice ringing of a bell that goes across and everyone turns and they kind of, you notice a little change in there. I cause like, oh, they’re about to turn the waves on. I need to get in there.

Speaker 1: (02:36)
And then you get my spot in the wave pool before the wave start a rollings. I need to get this. All of a sudden this giant bathtub that people are just milling around him before now becomes the focal center of attention for the whole park. If people quickly start moving across there. And of course, as I was a teenager feeling like I was master of the universe, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Um, I never wore those, uh, water shoes cause I wanted to look cool. So I was always the one or the one of the guys that was walked around his bare feet Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Like that was kind of a badge of honor to say that I need shoes. And the problem with that is there’s the wet areas and then there’s the concrete that connects the wet area to the next wet area. And as you start to traverse across the concrete, at least for Tulsa in the summer, we used to play a game when I was a kid and it was called hot lava.

Speaker 1: (03:26)
So you tried to get across the living room without touching the floor here. The floor was hot lava, so if you stepped on it, the idea was at least imaginarily that your leg would just melt into the ground. And so you no longer like you’d have to, you know, that leg that touched the ground for ground was just melted off the, I’d use your other legs and arms to keep moving, to try and get across the room without touching the floor, which was hot lava. Well, we actually play that game for real and Tulsa during the summers because the concrete on a hot summer day becomes close to the surface of the temperature of the sun and the, uh, so you hit this point where as you’re walking across it, you look down and you realize, okay, I’m just going to man it up. I’m just going to just going to make the, go for it across this concrete and you know, I can do this no problem.

Speaker 1: (04:13)
So you get out. Then I start walking and I realize I feel like I’m losing layers of skin off the bottom of my feet. And it started to like how you can get past the first, second or third step and then the heat starts overwhelming to where you’re not quite able to keep it up and then kind of sniff a little bit think, I think that’s a smell of burning skin Carpet cleaning Tulsa. And so you start kind of picking your pace up a little bit and then all of a sudden you’re, you’re whole paradigm shifts and you switch to the game. It’s no longer am I going to look cool and walk across the hot concrete while all my other friends are in their flip flops or their water shoes cause it doesn’t bother them. You then go, oh we need to change the game and now we need to sprint because I’m trying to get the first one.

Speaker 1: (04:54)
We always make up the game. Remember the first one into the water is the winner and everyone else’s is a rotten egg. So then you go into full on sprint mode trying to get to the water as fast as possible so you can just get your feet into the coolness of the water. You’re like, oh, I need you to kind of, your feet feel better again Carpet cleaning Tulsa. But once you’re there in that water it, I’ll see the waves come in and you try to get out there as far into the way it flows you can to try to enjoy the big full swells of the water. But if you’re not paying attention to what is important, you will get out there in the middle of the waves and realize, I don’t know where my girlfriend is or I don’t know where my child is and if you get out there and the full wave, we’ll has gotten a packed out because now the waves are going, everyone is congregated into the wave pool and you’ve got hundreds of people now getting swelled up and down, bub them shoulder to shoulder.

Speaker 1: (05:46)
You look around. If you don’t have the hand of your girlfriend, if you don’t have the hand of your child with you will, then there’s a good chance you’re not getting back out of that wave pool with whoever you went into that way before with and you can. It’s a good chance you walk out at the end of the way, pull off the wave, stop it Carpet cleaning Tulsa. You look over and your girlfriends now with some other guy, I was like, well, I’m sorry. I mean it was the way. What happens to the way it will stay in the wave pool or like Howard? I mean, if you cared about me, you would have kept me near you. This guy helped protect me, so I’m going to be with him instead. You know, it’s the idea that the 12 to 14 year old mine has is that whoever I’m closest to is the longest, is who I’m with.

Speaker 1: (06:22)
And I think sometimes going into a situation, we live our life, like that wave pool, something catches our attention. The bell rings and we think, Oh, I need to run and jump into that wave pool. And yet we forget to take those that are close to us with us. We forget to grab and make sure we have the hand of the child or we have the hand of the significant other. That’s that’s with us so that we stay connected with those that we care about and not get distracted by the thing next to us. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 complete carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.